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We Did It!

We Made it Through a Deadly PlagueCovid Finally Released from Us

I love it when I get the mission to give you good news (you have no idea)… And today – I get to do that. :)

After battling a deadly disease, an actual plague, for three years that took over one million lives in the U.S and six-and-a-half million lives worldwide (according to, I am happy to tell you that this threatening virus is finally being released from us.

Not only did we have to suffer the grief of losing so many lives, which were painfully taken. But we also lost so many privileges. We were stripped of privileges such as companionship when we were forced to keep six feet apart and lost the ability to socialize, work alongside others, eat at restaurants, work out at gyms, go to salons, etc. We had to experience long periods of solitude when we were sent to live in home confinement conditions – just like a big ‘time-out.’ The lack of connectivity with other human beings and forced confinement caused many to suffer from anxiety and depression – another painful, negative outcome of Covid.

Then there were the days that we lost the ability to have basic supplies. Getting toilet paper and cleaning supplies became a huge challenge when they were taken from us at times. There were days that we were forced to get up at 5 am to make it to Walmart by 6 am, so we could be first in a long line to ensure that we got that toilet paper. Remember those days? Ugh.

We were forced to keep our distance, six feet apart, from each other – to save lives! We had to wear uncomfortable masks and live in a state of anxiety, fear, and dread trying to protect ourselves and our loved ones from getting a deadly virus. Covid was no joke. It was very serious and very stressful.

It was nerve-wracking to see the doctors and nurses working in hospitals, risking their lives to save the sick.

It was heartbreaking to see people suffer and lose their loved ones from this horrible disease.

We were humbled. We did not live in a privileged state with opportunities and comfort that supported us. We did not live in a state of joy. We lived in the opposite conditions. We suffered.

God made us live in conditions that showed He is in control of your ‘circumstances.’ God showed us that He can and will bring us to our knees at any cost that He deems necessary to enlighten and remind us that He is in charge of how we live here. Your Heavenly Father used Covid as a lesson to teach the ones who had grown unfaithful to Him, as well as showing us that there are consequences for behaviors that He is unhappy with. God used Covid to teach His unfaithful children how much they do need Him; and that they should be grateful for the gifts He brings to them.

I was overjoyed to receive this message from God – that finally, enough people who had turned away from Him had, at last, dropped to their knees, changed their stubborn minds, and turned back to believing in Him and Jesus, and showed Them respect.

Here is God’s message that He has asked me to tell you about the status of Covid (which includes its variants). In a powerful, firm, and loving Fatherly-sounding voice, God said to tell you:

“You’ve (mankind) survived Covid. I am extinguishing Covid from Earth.” I then saw a large fire extinguisher spray planet Earth and put out a burning fire and embers that were burning around the globe.

“Tell them that I am releasing them from this deadly hardship because the mission is finally complete…. ‘Enough’ of My children have turned their belief towards Me during their times of trouble and restored their faith in Me and My Son (which was the primary goal that the punishment of a plague was intended to, hopefully, accomplish - teaching and humbling the unfaithful to believe in God again).

However, because of their mistake of unfaithfulness and turning away from God, there will be lingering consequences for some. He wishes for you to know about them so you are prepared and, also, so you can continue to work on repairing and restoring your relationship with Him – so this ‘immunity weakness’ can possibly get lifted from you at some point.

“To keep them humble for their mistake of turning away from me during their times of disobedience, I am leaving many with lingering effects of Covid.

Those who survived Covid may now suffer with their sense of taste or smell dulled, or vulnerability to bronchitis infections to remind them never to forsake Me again.

Tell them that although I am relieving them from Covid right now, I can and will send it back at any given moment if My children fail to worship My Son and Me.”

I then saw God’s large hand suspended and looming right next to planet Earth. He showed me that He is ready to send it back at any given time He chooses should He become unhappy if enough people become unfaithful to Him again.

“Rejoice. Your troubles with Covid are over as long as you keep yourselves faithful and devoted to Me, your Almighty Creator - the one who created you and My miraculous Son, Jesus, who helps you tremendously.

Amen to you, My children.”

We can be happy that it is being released from us, but we need to be aware that the plague can come back – if God ever becomes unhappy again with the lack of devotion from His people. Show your Heavenly Father and Jesus your faithfulness through prayers to Them, obeying God’s laws and commandments, attending Their Church, and undying devotion – to assure you will be protected from any future consequence that could be sent to us, as well as to earn Their Gifts.


Oracle Maureen


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