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Mary of Bethany


Oracle Maureen Receives Extraordinary Revelation

She is the Biblical Figure – Mary of Bethany

Oracle Maureen has received a tremendous and rarely-given gift from God. She has been given the extraordinary ‘Gift of Clarity’ of becoming enlightened to know who She truly is—and God and Jesus have asked Her to announce it.  


After receiving messages for eight years from Heaven showing Oracle Maureen that She was in a “special, close, committed relationship with Jesus when He was on Earth,” Maureen was given full enlightenment when God and Jesus revealed to Her that when She was… Mary of Bethany. 


Jesus, God, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Mary Magdalene, Her collective group of Spirit Guides and Angels, and a few Saints visited Maureen over the years to show Her that She was someone “special” to Jesus when He was on Earth. They showed Her that She was not just a close friend to Jesus, but that She was His “beloved.” 


Oracle Maureen was speechless and amazed every time She received Their visitations and messages showing Her—Her past incarnation when She was in a close, committed relationship with Jesus as His girlfriend.


But, nothing could have prepared Maureen more for when Jesus, God, and the Others from Heaven finally announced to Her that when She was His “beloved,” She was the female figure from the Bible, Mary of Bethany. They stunned Her even more when They showed Her that Mary of Bethany was not just His beloved… but that Mary of Bethany was His “beloved wife”… His other wife, second to Mary Magdalene.


God and Jesus said:


“You are Mary of Bethany, and Jesus’s other wife, and the one who anointed His feet with Holy Oils, and a true living Apostle… and this information, as well as many other parts of Christ’s life, was simply left out of the Bible.”


Maureen was completely overwhelmed. She was just astounded to receive this extraordinary revelation and the sacred information of being allowed to know that She experienced a lifetime with Jesus when He walked Earth as His close, beloved wife—and the one who anointed His feet with Holy oils.


As God and Jesus gave Oracle Maureen this revelation, They restored the memories and feelings to Her from that period in Her life when She cared for Jesus as His beloved wife and was also very instrumental in carrying on His missions and teachings. 


Oracle Maureen was amazed to be given this insight and had no plans on sharing it. However, after God and Jesus revealed to Her that She was (and is) Mary of Bethany and was a “betrothed” of Christ—They asked Her to share it.  God and Jesus told Her They wanted people to know who She truly is, to give them the opportunity to know that they can continue to learn more about Jesus—through Her and Her experiences with Him. They said because… “this opportunity is something so rare and special to have available on Earth.”


After She received the revelation, God and Jesus asked Oracle Maureen to “announce it publicly” because They “wanted people to know who [She] truly is.” 


Oracle Maureen was reluctant to share this information. First, it is not mentioned in the Bible, which was only because the authors left it out for their own agendas. Second, because of concerns about the people who may want to defame Jesus, or Her, due to their lack of faithfulness to Him and God (the non-believers and atheists) and the un-enlightened ones. For these reasons and more, Oracle Maureen had planned to keep it to Herself. However, both God and Jesus insisted She announce it—for Them. 


They said They wanted to “give people the opportunity to know more about Jesus—because the Bible did not include this part of His life—and She can offer more insight [about Jesus to them].” 


God and Jesus told Oracle Maureen that if She would be willing to open up and share Her story and the gifts of enlightenment They gave Her; She could help others.


God said:


“It will help others ‘believe’ in Jesus through Your story… so that they can gain more proof of Christ’s life on Earth and the miracles He performed, as well as His truth He told in His teachings when He was there—and to let this be more proof of an Afterlife.”


Before it was revealed to Oracle Maureen that She was Mary of Bethany, however, She received eight years of messages showing Her that She was Jesus’s “girlfriend.”


In December of 2015, Oracle Maureen began receiving regular periods of Divine Intervention from Jesus, God, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Her collective group of Spirit Guides and Angels, and some Saints who all revealed to Her that She was in a committed, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They visited Her, giving Her movie-level visions, showing Her in great detail that She was much closer to Him than just a friend. They showed Her that She was actually His girlfriend. 


The years went by, and She received more messages and details, showing Her more insights into Her past lifetime and Her close personal relationship with Jesus as His committed partner and one of His Apostles.


Finally, Oracle Maureen was given clarity eight years later when They revealed to Her that She was Mary of Bethany and Jesus’s other beloved.


In February of 2023, nothing could have surprised Oracle Maureen more than when God and Jesus gave Her the remarkable announcement that She was not just a close girlfriend to Jesus but that She was and is—“Mary of Bethany,” the well-known female figure in the Bible. They stunned Her even more when They told Her that Mary of Bethany was not just Jesus’s girlfriend but that She went on to become His wife—His other wife (second to Mary Magdalene).


God said: 


“Mary of Bethany was Jesus’s second wife, His ‘other’ wife, second to Mary Magdalene… You are Jesus’s second wife…  This information was just not documented in the Bible… along with many other aspects of Jesus’s life.”


Oracle Maureen was astounded when, in a long ceremony, God and Jesus gave Her the extraordinary revelation that She was Mary of Bethany and Jesus’s bride. They have asked Her to share Her story so that you can continue to learn more about Jesus through Her—one of His close, special Oracles whom He chose to embrace at the closest level possible as one of His trusted, beloved wives and Apostles when He was on Earth. 



Jesus Chose Mary of Bethany to be His Second Wife

God and Jesus showed Oracle Maureen that Mary of Bethany (Oracle Maureen) was much more to Jesus than one of His Apostles and a close friend. They showed Her the truth that Mary of Bethany started as a friend, one of Jesus’s closest, trusted friends, but then He embraced Her as His second wife (second to Mary Magdalene).


Yes. Jesus did have more than one wife.  Jesus told Oracle Maureen that He did not come into His lifetime as a ‘traditional priest’ who made the customary vow of celibacy. He came into His incarnation as a ‘High Priest,’ the Highest in the entire Universe, to the level of being created and chosen by God to be Our Lord and Redeemer, and The Messiah—meant to save and rescue mankind from the pain and suffering that we create. God told Oracle Maureen that He gifted Jesus special Rites and privileges during His incarnation to bring Him support and comfort during His difficult periods, especially His tragic Crucifixion. Creator told Maureen that Jesus was gifted the love, friendship, and companionship of being allowed to have special soulmates, His wives, who would care for Him and bring Him joy and inspiration in ways that no other Apostle could—to ease His painful burdens while He was here.

Jesus told Oracle Maureen that the reality is that “having multiple wives was considered the normal custom back then and that the level of traveling [that He had to do] made it impossible [for Him] to be in one area full-time, permanently.” 


Jesus showed Her they were all separate marriages that happened at different periods during His lifetime, during His travels. He said all of this, all of His personal life, except for some information pertaining to Mary Magdalene, was left out of the Bible. He said the reality is that He was given the “privilege to experience His life on Earth to live with all Earthly pleasures that Earth had to give.”  Jesus told Oracle Maureen that He was not a priest who vowed celibacy. 


He was, and is, the Messiah and a “true living God that was sent to Earth to help save mankind from their sins and mistakes and help them evolve—so that they could make it into the Paradise of Heaven.” He said one of the gifts that He was given was the privilege to “experience life on Earth to its fullest capacity,” which included the pleasures that exist on Earth.


He also said that having personal relationships was one of the missions that He “needed to complete in order to fulfill [My] mission as a human man on Earth… in order to have full experience of all relationships, so I would know how to better guide them” from Heaven.


Jesus also showed Oracle Maureen that She had full knowledge of His other wife before Her (Mary Magdalene, and the possibility of more after Her) and that She “had full knowledge and knowingly agreed to be His second wife.”


He also showed Her that the discomforts and jealousies that She felt at times were more than made up for—by being in a state of receiving His love, which was at an exceptional level, as His wife, whom He adored, and the blessings that came along with it when She was allowed to live so closely with Christ.



Mary of Bethany Was the One Who Put Holy Oils on Jesus’s Feet

God and Jesus told Oracle Maureen that They want people to know that it was Mary of Bethany (Oracle Maureen) who anointed Jesus’s feet with the Holy oils


[John 12:3]

3 Mary took a pound of costly perfume made of pure oils, anointed Jesus’ feet, and wiped them with her hair. The house was filled with the fragrance of perfume.

They said that She did this kind act of love for Him because She was in a relationship with Jesus and wanted to bring comfort to Him before He went into His horrific tragedy, His crucifixion. They showed Her how Jesus had confided in Her details about His painful fate looming ahead because She was His beloved wife—and the truth behind why Mary of Bethany put Holy oils on Jesus’s feet. They showed Her that it was because Mary of Bethany wanted to do something to help Her husband’s well-being, knowing the pain and misery He was about to endure. She was motivated to care for Him—because She loved and cared about Him so much. They also showed Her that She knew more of the painful details that He was about to experience than the other Apostles knew, and that was also why She was doing something to bring Him comfort when She cared for Him with Her oils.



Oracle Maureen Receives God’s ‘Gift of Clarity’

When God and Jesus surprised Oracle Maureen with this announcement, God said He was giving Her a gift… the “Gift of Clarity.” He said this is when He grants the blessing of restoring someone’s memories to who they truly are by giving them information about themselves and showing them who they were in a past incarnation. When God allows this, He removes layers of amnesia that block them from accessing those memories and remembering those past lifetimes or experiences.  


In this process of revealing to Oracle Maureen Her past incarnation as Mary of Bethany, Maureen was allowed to see details of Her life with Jesus and have the feelings and memories associated with those experiences restored to Her.


God and Jesus gave Oracle Maureen a special ceremony when They gave Her this news. It was an incredibly emotional and joyful experience for Her to go through as They pulled back layers of amnesia from Her and restored Her memories, showing Her when She was Mary of Bethany, Jesus’s other wife and the one who anointed His feet with Holy oils. 


Finding out that She was Mary of Bethany and that She was not just a friend to Jesus but His beloved and having these memories given back to Her was a very overwhelming process for Maureen. She had to feel the feelings associated with the visions as They re-ignited those memories and emotions. As exhilarating as it was, She had to relive some very difficult memories, too.


When God gave Oracle Maureen His ‘Gift of Clarity,’ He said He was giving Her a “reward” that She “earned” because She had “pleased” Him by proving Herself in many ways. He mentioned that She succeeded with Her high level of loyalty, commitment, and service that She had given Him when She chose to devote Her life to serving Him, Christ, the other Ascended Masters: Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, and Buddha, Her other Guides and Angels, and all the others in Heaven and the people on Earth. He said She also accomplished serving Heaven “tirelessly with hard work, devotion, dedication, perseverance, and determination.” 


God also said that She proved Herself to Him with an "exceptional level of devotion to Them” and for Her “excellence in the quality of [Her] work.” He also acknowledged the many sacrifices She had to make to achieve it all. In addition, God told Maureen that He recognized that She had used a high level of bravery with many of the missions She was called upon to execute for Him. 


God said that His ‘Gift of Clarity’ in being allowed to know who She truly is, Mary of Bethany, was to also praise Her for the high level of virtues, purity, ethics, and wisdom that She has maintained in Her current incarnation. 


During Her Divine revelation, Oracle Maureen received a lot of assistance from Jesus, God, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Kuan Yin, the Saints, and Her collective group of Spirit Guides and Angels, who all helped Her embrace the memories that God and Jesus brought back to Her, as well as helped Her accept, and not deny, the truth of who She truly is. They enlightened Her that this was a “rare privilege” that She was being allowed to have by God, to know who She is—and that this is why She is allowed to stand and work so closely to Jesus.  


After disclosing to Oracle Maureen that She is Mary of Bethany, God and Jesus said that They “wished for Her to announce it” and to “share that this information was just not mentioned in the Bible… mainly because of discrimination against women, who were looked at as a much lower class from the males who documented the Bible…”


God and Jesus told Oracle Maureen They hope that by sharing this information with people about who Oracle Maureen truly is—which is Mary of Bethany and Jesus’s other wife and one who anointed His feet with Holy Oils—that it will help people believe in Jesus at a stronger level. They hope that after hearing and accepting Her story, people will gain enlightenment from Jesus through His “chosen betrothed, Mary of Bethany-Oracle Maureen, who still serves Him today, while She is on Earth.


Jesus and God said They also want people to know that Jesus has a “true living Apostle currently working for Him on Earth,” someone He chose to love and be by His side at the closest, most intimate level possible when He was here. They want people to understand how He still helps mankind by working through His close, beloved Oracle Maureen-Mary of Bethany today—giving the world His teachings through Her, His Chief Principal Oracle. 


Oracle Maureen shares Her story of being allowed to know that She was Mary of Bethany, not for Her, but for the sake of giving God, your Almighty Creator, and Jesus Christ, your Savior and Redeemer, glory for all that They have done to help you ascend here, and into your Afterlife. They want you to know that one of His chosen ones, whom He works through today, continues to carry on His teachings here on Earth—His “beloved Mary of Bethany and special Oracle.” 


Oracle Maureen shares Her story in hopes of giving you more proof of Jesus’s existence so you can have the opportunity to believe in Christ with more faith. Through Her, you can have the chance to have more proof of Jesus’s existence when He was on Earth—teaching, performing miracles, saving us from suffering, and showing us the path to Paradise. 


Oracle Maureen-Mary of Bethany gives of Herself by offering Her story so that through Her, you can know Jesus better… so you can still follow His ways and earn His blessings and miracles and make it into His Kingdom of Heaven. 

God & Jesus Reveal the Mystery to Oracle Maureen

That She is Mary of Bethany



She is Mary of Bethany 

~ God & Jesus: February  19, 2023


On Sunday, February 19, 2023, after returning home from church, I fell asleep for a nap. I awoke to a visitation from Jesus and God, who suddenly woke Me up by filling Me with large, powerful, energetic waves of Their energy and love. First, They sent Their loving sensations into My heart and chest and then up My entire body. 


Soon, I felt the vibrations of love change into the sensation of someone holding the feelings of ‘being in love’ with Me. I was suddenly in a state of pure ecstasy. It is indescribable when They connect with Me at this level. Then, I saw Jesus standing in front of Me. He was holding Me, and while He was holding Me, His love kept flowing into Me. It was ‘pouring’ into Me. When this happened, I was taken aback because it was such an unusual and extremely powerful experience to receive from Him. As blissful as it was, I was confused.


Then, Jesus and God said together that They had a message for Me. They spoke very slowly so that I would not, and could not, deny what I was hearing and seeing from Them. 


In a long ceremony that lasted nearly two hours, as Jesus held Me, God and Jesus gave Me the following message, which had Me amazed and stunned the entire time.


Jesus said: 


"You are My Principal Oracle, whom God has gifted to Me to be one of My special intimate Oracles. There are only a few. 


You have the key to My bedroom and can use it anytime You wish. We were together when I was there. We started as friends, and then We became more than friends.


You are My betrothed. Mary... Mount Olive... Bethany... You worshiped Me, and I worshipped You. Lazarus is Your brother. We were all friends... Me... Lazarus... You... and Your sister, Martha.


You are Mary of Bethany.


 You took care of Me. I came to Your house to visit My friends, but then I came mostly to be with You—My only love then."


I lay there astonished beyond belief. 


I then felt My soul rise out of My body as God and Jesus raised Me up higher. Jesus and God continued sending Me Their vibrations of love, raising My frequency while keeping Me still, so I couldn’t break away or shut down from being overwhelmed. Jesus, and My group of Spirit Guides and Angels, all held Me firmly, supporting Me throughout the ceremony.


Jesus said We were “boyfriend and girlfriend” when He was on Earth, and I was “Mary of Bethany, My girlfriend.” 


He said:  


“We were in a committed relationship that just didn’t make it into the Bible.”


He continued:  


”We were together for a very long time, and there was a period where We had to separate because of life circumstances and choices that We both had to make, and that it just did not make it into the Bible.” 


“We parted ways when I had to travel to do My ministries in Galilee, and You had to make a choice.”


“Your family was ill, and You chose to stay behind and care for them."


Jesus told Me that My “parents were also sick” (in addition to Lazarus). He said it was a “very challenging and painful decision” for Me to stay behind and not go with Him on His ministries because We were in a fully committed relationship and were always together, and I wanted to be with Him. 


While He said this, He gave Me a vision of a ‘young man with short black hair lying in a bed. He looked very sick and was clearly suffering.’ The bed was low to the ground. There was a small pillow on it (nothing like what we have here). I saw and felt Lazarus’s pain and misery while watching the vision. Jesus then said his name, “Lazarus.” I was taken aback by the overwhelming feelings of love I suddenly felt for him, and I suddenly remembered I used to feel for him before, once Jesus said his name. Jesus then said that Lazarus was My brother and that He and Lazarus were My "best friends."  Jesus told Me that I couldn't leave Lazarus—because He was one of My best friends and My brother, who was suffering and in need of care, and that I wouldn’t leave him in his time of need… because I loved him so much. 


Jesus told Me that although it was very painful for Me to stay behind and separate from Him when He had to go to Galilee to do His ministries, He agreed that I made the wise choice in choosing to stay home to care for Lazarus and My sick family. He said it was the “honorable choice.”


Jesus said that when I could finally leave home to be with Him when My family was well again, I went to Him as soon as possible. 


Jesus said:


"Our relationship was not a secret. It was just not documented in the Bible. It's missing."


Jesus said it is His “wish” for Me to “tell people about it.”  


He said: 


“Because You are a soulmate of Mine, made for Me as a gift from God.” 


While I tried to take all this in, Jesus showed Me a vision of His Crucifixion. He said that when He died and was risen, I spent the rest of My life (after He ascended into Heaven) telling people of His blessings and miracles (and He emphasized the word miracles). 


Jesus said I was “completely loyal and committed” to Him “the entire time” that He was on Earth and that I “kept His teachings active” when He was gone. 


While He was telling Me this, He and My collective group of Spirit Guides and Angels kept saying "Bethany” or “Mary" to Me, almost chanting it to Me, while Jesus gave Me His messages.


I lay there awestruck. 


I continued to try to accept this news the following day. Jesus visited Me and asked Me to promise Him that I would not "deny" who I am, given that I was allowed to receive this ‘Gift of Clarity’ from God and be allowed to know the truth of who I am. He asked Me to accept it for My sake and His. He encouraged Me to be strong and work on "accepting" who I am and asked Me to “tell people, so they know."


Jesus said:


”I want them to know I have a true living Apostle working for Me on Earth that worked for Me long ago, and ever since, and who has earned special privileges and Rites by Jesus and God.” 


Jesus then told Me that this, and many other chapters of His life, were just not documented and included in the Bible—“because no one did it.”  


He also told Me that We were “not a secret.” He said, Our chapter of His life “was just not included in the Bible, because no one included it… for their reasons.”



♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ 


Jesus Gives Oracle Maureen a Gift

~ Jesus:  February 19, 2023


After Jesus revealed to Me that I am Mary of Bethany, reincarnated as Oracle Maureen, He gave Me a beautiful gift. He laid a large gold cross necklace across My body. It was a large diamond and gold cross pendant. It had three rows of diamonds on both bars of the cross, horizontal and vertical. The design of the cross was straight, not curvy, and it was on a long gold chain. He hung it up in front of Me to show Me His gift, and then He put it on Me. He laid it on My chest. 

Jesus's Message

“Mary of Bethany is an Enlightened One”


While I was finishing working on announcing this revelation, Jesus appeared to Me with this message and asked Me to include it. 


Jesus said:


“I want them to know the real You… who You used to be… how powerful, strong, and wise You actually are, which are rare traits in the human world in most humans. They are what show the traits of an enlightened one.


The pain and suffering You endured was excruciating when You carried My cross for Me. 


I want them to know just how strong, powerful, and brave You actually are… what Your soul is made of… how evolved You are… and that only an enlightened one could do what You did when You chose the path of caring on My teachings in order to share My wisdom and enlighten mankind at the cost of enduring persecution, discrimination, and pain and suffering that follows carrying Me and My teachings.


The brave, righteous souls—the wise ones who chose this path…. They are the enlightened ones that I wish to have recognized.


Mary of Bethany, who is Oracle Maureen currently on Earth, is one of those enlightened beings and one of My closest, to the highest level possible, chosen ones.”


~ Jesus Christ: May 2023 


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ 


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