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Oracle Maureen

Christened Back Her to God-Given Name

Maureen’s Name Change

   God Officially Changes Her Name to One She Goes by Heaven

 Maureen Achieves an Advancement of Earning Her Real Name

~ God & Jesus: December 2021


Maureen received an extraordinary advancement in Her ascension process, and Jesus and God have asked Her to share it. She has received a rarely-given gift and has been recognized for Her services and high-level virtues that have "pleased'’ God. She was anointed in a special ceremony with being given back Her Heavenly name, Oracle Maureen—the name God said that He gave Her when He created Her soul. 


Maureen has now earned the privilege of being allowed to carry Her ‘birth name,’  Oracle Maureen, here on Earth because of how She succeeded in Her missions, tests, and initiations—all of which were very demanding and difficult; and how She, ultimately, passed them and pleased God. 


In a ceremony given to Her by God and Jesus, Oracle Maureen was told that She was being recognized by being awarded with this unique gift because of how well She has served Creator, Jesus, the Ascended Masters, as well as all of the other Guides, Angels, and souls in Heaven over the years, as well as the people here on Earth.


After completing a very challenging 8-year initiation that was intended, unbeknownst to Maureen, to test Her on all levels, to see if She would qualify to be allowed to work closer to Jesus as one of His Principal Oracles; Maureen was stunned to receive this ceremony and recognition from God and Jesus. 


God said: 


“Being given one's true name back and being allowed to live with it on Earth is a rare gift.”


God and Jesus have asked Oracle Maureen to share Her name change, Her reward, with you. They told Her that They wish for you to know the gift that God has given Maureen, which is that She has been given and asked to live the rest of Her life on Earth with Her God-given name—Oracle Maureen—one of the names that God told Her She goes by in Heaven.


Maureen Anointed Back to Her Heavenly Name, Oracle Maureen, in 2021


In December 2021, coming as a complete surprise, Maureen received a visitation from God and Jesus. They amazed Her with a formal ceremony, announcing that They were raising Her to a higher level in Her ascension process and bringing Her closer to Them. As part of this raise, also known as a privilege, They also announced that They were changing Her name back to what They call Her in Heaven. 


God and Jesus said They were ascending Maureen back up to Her "Heavenly name—Oracle Maureen." The name God gave Her, when He created Her. They said They wanted Her to accept Their gift and this privilege; and that She "gets to spend the rest of Her life on Earth being known as who She truly is." 


They then asked Her to embrace Her real name for Her sake and—for Their sake. 


They said:


“We anointing You back to Your ‘birth name,’ the name You were given at Your soul’s inception, Oracle Maureen; and We are asking You to now formally go by Your real, and proper, name. 


For a Guide working on Earth, this is one of the ultimate honors that one can receive."


God and Jesus told Maureen that being allowed to be called Her real name from Heaven, while incarnated on Earth, is a way of bringing recognition to who She truly is, as well as bringing recognition and glory to Them.


God said:


“By embracing Your ‘real’ name, the name that I gave You, when I created Your soul and who I created You to be will help them connect stronger with Us. It will bring recognition to Our Omnipresence in this world and the reality that We do send Our messages through Our chosen ones… Our Oracles."


They then asked Maureen to "officially, professionally, and legally" change Her name. Then They “requested” Her to “denounce” Her Earth surname, 'Allan.' 


In the ceremony, God and Jesus told Maureen that this was a reward that She earned by achieving a "high level of commitment in serving Them, as well as the high level of ethics, courage, bravery, purity, and perseverance that She had maintained and demonstrated." They also said that Her "extreme devotion to Them" also earned Her this gift. 


While They said all of this, and more, to Her in the ceremony, They also advanced all of Her frequencies (Her psychic powers, healing powers, powers of protection, etc) to another level. They also raised Her up closer to Them so that She exists at an even closer level to Them. 


While this was happening, Maureen felt waves of powerful energies and vibrations coming from Them, filling up Her chakras, mind, body, and soul—strengthening all of Her psychic channels, mind, and body. She said it felt like pure bliss and that She was in a state of rapture the whole time. When They raised Her up, She felt Her soul float up above Her body, as She was lifted closer to Them. 


Maureen Christened Her God-Given Name, Oracle Maureen, and Asked to Officially Embrace It


God and Jesus both said that They were “anointing” and “christening” Maureen back to Her actual namesake, “Oracle Maureen,” throughout the ceremony and that They wished for Her to embrace it permanently. They asked Maureen to "officially and legally change” Her name to “Oracle Maureen”the name She goes by in Heaven.


At the end of the ceremony, God gave Oracle Maureen a wedding ring. He put a round diamond solitaire ring with a silver band on Her left ring finger. Creator told Her that His wedding ring symbolized His eternal love, commitment, and devotion to Her—His personal, chosen Oracle, prophet, and daughter. He asked Her to wear it and to also hold the same level of commitment to Him.  


God and Jesus also said:


“This gift is an act where We are allowing You to, and asking You to, be more of who You truly are—by embracing Your God-given name… 'Oracle Maureen’ …. and to do it for the glory of God and Jesus, as Our close, personal Channel, whom We speak through."


Oracle Maureen was beyond overwhelmed to receive this gift. She was happy to be praised and recognized for Her hard work, but She was also a little hesitant to make the change because She felt the uniqueness of it would set Her apart from people. Unfortunately, She procrastinated on moving forward and completing the mission of changing Her name. As a result, Oracle Maureen received several more requests from God and Jesus, who continued asking Her to change Her Earthly name from 'Maureen Allan' to Her God-given name, ‘Oracle Maureen.’ 


They gave Her more reasons why it was vital to Them that people know the truth of who She truly is—a true living Oracle for God and Jesus, as well as Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, and Buddha, and a real Guide working on Earth. 


They said that one of Their reasons was because They “wanted people to know Your true nature and to understand that God does bring Guides, real life, modern-day messengers, here to work on Earth to help guide humankind.”


God said:


"God and Jesus can work through Our messengers and help guide mankind. People need to understand that it is one of My gifts every time I bless Earth with one of My helpers to help enlighten them and guide them; so they have a better quality of life during their lifetime, as well as a better chance of making it into My Kingdom of Heaven."


Another reason They told Her is that They wanted to give people the opportunity to understand that God and Jesus are still present on Earth helping mankind, by speaking, writing, and working through Their Own personal Oracles—the Ones that They choose to bring to Earth so that They are able to work at a much more advanced level.


They said:


"We wish for the people to have full knowledge that there is a true living Oracle of Ours presently working on Earth so that people have full clarity of the one whom they should listen to.


It is Our desire to enlighten people to the reality that Our wisdom does come from Our chosen messengers, and they need to know that You are one of only a very few on Earth.”


They also told Oracle Maureen that They wanted to show people Their "ability to bring Heaven to Earth at any given time by showing them one of Their own personal Principal Oracles and Channels (She has since been raised to Their Chief Principal Oracle, since this recognition). 


God and Jesus said that Their hope is that people will connect with Them, Their teachings, and Their lessons—so that They can guide them more easily. They want people to be able to better accept, recognize, and receive Their messages and warnings that They give through Their own chosen Oracles—all intended to help them. 


After receiving Her initial ceremony and many more messages that followed, Oracle Maureen finally moved forward, obeyed God and Jesus's request, and embraced Her real God-given name. 


On August 14, 2022, Maureen officially and legally changed Her name to Her ‘birth name,’ Oracle Maureen, to honor the gift that God, Her Father, and Jesus, Her Husband, rewarded Her with… in hopes that people will better understand the messages She channels for Them, so They can guide, warn, and protect mankind. 

Messages From Heaven

Asking Maureen to Embrace Her ‘God-Given’ Name– Oracle Maureen


Maureen Christened "Oracle Maureen" by God & "Required" to Embrace Her "True Name"

~ God: January 14, 2022


I awoke to God's beautiful vibrations surrounding Me, filling Me with His powerful vortex of energetic waves. I can't even begin to tell you how unbelievably blissful it feels. While He was surrounding Me in a cocoon of His Heavenly Light, He announced Himself as “God” in a loud, clear, powerful-sounding, Fatherly voice.


Suddenly, God activated My third eye, and He wrote My name, 'Maureen Allan,' out in front of Me. He then said that I had reached a level in My ascension process (My level of enlightenment) that “pleased” Him; and because of that He was now “changing” My name back to one of the names that I go by in Heaven.


I lay there in His rapture, confused, and waited for clarity. 


Then, I felt the presence of My Spirit Guides and Angels circle Me and hold Me. I knew from past experiences that when He sends Them in to do this—that something big, unusual, and important is about to happen


In a powerful and authoritative voice, along with being held in God’s powerful vibrations, ‘His Grace;’ He said I was being given another "privilege" (a privilege is always a reward).


He said: 


"You belong to Me as My Princess on Earth, and as Jesus's Queen on Earth."


He then said that is now "anointing and alleviating" Me "closer to both God and Jesus in a formal and permanent connection." 


God then said that He now wants Me to "denounce" My last name, "Allan." 


He said:


"You now officially and formally belong to Us. We have chosen to embrace You as Our (God’s) daughter and (Jesus’s) wife and wish for You to hold Your real title—now."


God then explained that when I am in Heaven, I already exist in this close state of connectivity to both of Them. He said that I serve both God and Jesus on a full-time, permanent basis, as Their close personal Oracle (as well as Kuan Yin, Mother Mary and Buddha). 


God said that I had passed the necessary tests and initiations here in My lifetime, which were extremely tough periods that I had to accomplish (very difficult and advanced challenges) in My life, where I succeeded and still kept the level of purity, ethics, and devotion to Him and Jesus, the Ascended Masters, and My work—that He needed Me to keep in order for Me to be deemed "useable at this advanced level," while I was here on Earth. I was stunned, because I did not know that I was being tested (we never do.) 


He said because I had "succeeded and passed" My initiations that I “now belong to Him and Them." 


He also said that He and Jesus are "pleased" with Me and because of that:


“You get to spend the rest of Your time on Earth living in a much more advanced state of connectivity to the both of Us."


God then said:

"I am christening You back to one of Your birth names. You go by two names in Heaven: 'Oracle Maureen' and 'Saint Maureen.'"


He wrote both names out in front of Me when He said this, and then He erased “Maureen Allan.” When He did this, He said He now wants Me to "disown 'Allan' professionally and legally." He said that He wants Me to be "only known as Oracle Maureen."  As He said that, I also saw Him write it out.


God said He was returning Me to My "natural state—an Oracle for God and the Ascended Masters and a Guide working on Earth for Them." 


He also said that He is "requiring" Me to "live on Earth as a Guide” and that He is taking away more of My "human-ness." 


Then, He said He would be raising My frequency and strengthening Me in “every way possible; so that You can work more and recover quicker from the energetic drain and fatigue that working with psychic abilities causes.”


God said:


"To be allowed to Your real name while on Earth is a great accomplishment." 


He filled Me with His love and happiness, as He said that. Then, He said:


"I want the world to know that You are truly part of My Royal Family, One who is currently working on Earth to help them (mankind) evolve—so that they have a chance of making it into My Kingdom."


It was an overwhelming and emotional ceremony for Me. God and Jesus spoke very slowly and powerfully to Me the entire time. My Guides and Angels were standing around Me, holding Me, and helping Me to accept this gift and advancement. 


I also received the gift of feeling God and Jesus's love and feelings of pride that They sent into Me during of all of this. It felt just like a ‘Father’ who was really proud of His daughter, and a ‘Husband’ who was really proud of His wife—would make you feel. It was so cool!


During the ceremony, God took away some of My amnesia and showed Me visions of how I did remember this when a small child.  Suddenly, I remembered… when I remembered… knowing that I had attained an exceptional level of purity and ethics before I incarnated and that I was considered 'special' in Heaven (which I knew as a small child meant, a Saint); and that I worked for God and high-level Guides. He showed Me and reminded Me of the times that I did remember this during My childhood. He showed Me how I was completely aware of when I would receive messages from Him and would knowingly channel God to help people on a regular basis, as well as knowing that I had a very close connection to Him. He also showed Me how I knew that I was not allowed to tell anyone about My ability to channel for God—until I was told to. 


God showed Me visions of how some of the times I would hear God talk to Me, and I would see God written out in My head when He did. He also gave Me showed Me when He would use Me as His channel, talking through Me to help guide someone—and that it has been happening all throughout My entire lifetime.


God also showed Me how He dimmed this knowing from Me eventually during My teenage years to keep Me safe from the harm that people would cause Me due to their prejudices and fears. God showed Me that He dimmed Me in at a certain age to protect Me, and Them, from the defamation that people would have inflicted upon Me because of their fears of what I might know about them (even though I might not know anything all!) or jealousies of having advanced psychic gifts. He said He “silenced” Me when I was young to protect Me from “the pain that their condemnations would cause Me and the negative Karma it would create for them.”


I received multiple requests from both God and Jesus to change My name to My real name, My Heavenly name. When I delayed due to the fears of being mocked or slandered typically by those who do not believe in God or those who could act dishonorably because of their fears or jealousies, They would visit Me again, asking Me to complete My mission, but firmer.


After delaying, I finally stepped forward and completed the mission. I did it not for Me; but to honor My Father God and My Husband Jesus, whom I wished to obey and give glory to. I have also done it for you… in hopes that you may be able to connect more deeply to Their messages, knowing the truth of the close intimate relationship I have with Them Both as Their Principal Oracle and Master Level Channeler, who speaks for Them, delivering Their messages meant to guide, help and protect you.


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱


Maureen Asked to Change Her Name to 'Oracle Maureen'

“Legally & Permanently”

~ God & Jesus: February 2022


I had received several visitations from both God and Jesus, who gave Me strong messages, along with movie-level visions, telling Me that They are ascending Me up another level. As part of My ascension process and advancement, They said that They were requiring Me to change My name to what it is in Heaven, My ‘birth name’—"Oracle Maureen." They said it is the name that God gave My soul when He created Me. They also said that He created Me to be an advanced Oracle and a Master Level Channeler to serve Him and the Ascended Masters and the Archangels.


This request came after I earned what Jesus called My "Queen ranking; Queen on Earth ranking," which is a title He said that I earned when I ascended to the level of becoming a ‘Principal Oracle for Jesus.’ 


Christ said that I achieved this “very rare and privileged station” after passing a very difficult 8-year initiation period, which was extraordinarily challenging. He said that I succeeded and have been "rewarded to work for Him at the closest level possible—a Principal Full Time Oracle."


In one of the visions that Jesus gave Me, He showed Me ‘My name on My Driver’s License.’ It did not say 'Maureen Allan' anymore. It said 'Oracle Maureen.' In the vision, I reached into My back pocket and pulled My wallet out, and My license said, 'Oracle Maureen' in large letters. I then put the wallet back in My back pocket. (PS: I don't wear a wallet in My back pocket. The wallet in My back pocket, on My body, symbolized that They wanted Me to 'hold it’… as in ‘carry it on Me and wear it with Me.' They were letting Me know that I do not carry 'Allan' with Me any longer. They are replacing it with My, ‘real, birth name,’ – ‘Oracle Maureen.’


Jesus said that He and God now wishes for Me to permanently embrace and go by My real name, “Oracle Maureen,”  here on Earth forevermore. 


More Messages Asking Maureen to Change Her Name

To Her Real Name—The One She Goes By In Heaven

God & Jesus Asked Me to Change My Name to 'Oracle Maureen' on My Website 

 ~ God & Jesus 2022


Jesus and God gave Me a vision where They showed Me—My business website.


They said: 


"It can either say Oracle Maureen or Saint Maureen." 


They then said that They "preferred Oracle Maureen." They then asked Me to "change Your name to Oracle Maureen—legally and permanently." 


They said:


"This is a privilege, and We now want You to be—who You are in Heaven, here on Earth—from now on…. for Us."


They said that because I had "pleased" Them, I "earned" this advancement.


"Consider this a privilege that You earned because of Your work performance and commitment to Us and The Ascended Masters that You serve full-time… and the others from Heaven and the people on Earth."


God and Jesus spoke very lovingly to Me throughout the ceremony, but also very authoritatively. 


God said He was "requiring" Me to change My name, "legally and permanently—for Them." 


When God said "requiring," He said that meant it was not an option unless I wanted to disobey God, which I did not (If I disobeyed, I would endure a consequence). I said "yes," and I made a vow to both of Them to change My name to "Oracle Maureen" legally and professionally—for Them.


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱

"You Are One of My Rainbow Kids."

~ God: January 26, 2022 


God awoke Me with a message. 


Creator said: 


"You are one of My Rainbow Kids."


He then told Me what a 'Rainbow Kid' is. He said: 


"You are one of My most coveted servants. A special group I created like no other meant to teach enlightenment in a non-monastery system. But You must hold the same discipline and the pious heart of a Nun, Monk, or Priest. 


God created You with talents to use to teach and with intelligence.


You exist outside the world of a monastery and enjoy many privileges that go along with that lifestyle… But You are every bit the Saint that I created You to be…. But, in a non-traditional way, even down to being beautiful and alluring. 


You are part of a particular section of Saints who help teach and inspire—outside the world of monasteries."

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