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Saint Maureen

Oracle Maureen - A Saint Meant for the Mainstream World 

My Other Revelation

One of God’s ‘Rainbow Children’ at the Level of a Saint Ranking

God & Jesus Anoint Maureen Her 'Saint' Title in Special Ceremony

~ God & Jesus: September 29, 2020

Oracle Maureen received the revelation that She is a Saint—one created to live and work in the mainstream world outside the confining walls of a monastery; allowing Her to take on the more challenging missions that Saints inside convents cannot accomplish.

On September 29, 2020, after passing very advanced initiations and tests, which allowed Oracle Maureen to serve Christ as a Full-Time Principal Oracle, She was enlightened as to why else She was allowed to serve Jesus at such a close level. Jesus and God revealed to Oracle Maureen that Her high ranking was also given to Her because She is a Saint. 

After They enlightened Her, God told Saint Maureen that She is part of a “special category of messengers” that He created, which He calls His “Rainbow Children.”  God told Maureen that in this group of His messengers, Saint Maureen-Oracle Maureen’s soul was created at the “highest ranking of this special group… at the Saint-level.” 

God explained to Oracle Maureen that He created this group of His messengers “with advanced wisdom, psychic gifts and powers, intelligence, and beauty… and who were meant to serve God in the mainstream world (the general public).” He said that the “top ranking messengers in this group (His Rainbow Children) were created with a higher level of enlightenment, virtues, and purity than the others… to the level of Saints.” 

God told Saint Maureen that He had created Saints who work for Him in the mainstream world, who have been gifted with special spiritual abilities and powers at a level that other people do not have, to help Him bring “Wisdom to His people in ways that the Saints in the convents and monasteries cannot do.”

God told Maureen that of the spiritually and psychically gifted beings in His group of ‘Rainbow Children,’ She was created at the highest ranking in this category. He created Her to be a Saint, a High Priestess Oracle, and a Master-Level Channeler. He also to Her that this is why She was chosen to serve both Jesus Christ and God at the closest level possible, as well as Blessed Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, and Buddha, as Their Principal Oracle (She has since risen to the position of Chief Principal Oracle for Them by God.)

God and Jesus told Saint Maureen in Their ceremony that Her position of being allowed to work and live in the mainstream world and experience many degrees of earthly pleasure was a privilege She had earned. They showed Her that She earned this privilege before She came here by how She had “pleased” God on many levels. They said Her deep devotion to God and Jesus, Her commitment to working for Them, and Her high level of virtues and purity that She had maintained, among other factors, all met God’s requirements, allowing Her the reward of being allowed to live in the mainstream world and get to experience many of its pleasures while serving Him. 

God told Maureen that although He created Her to be a Saint, it would be up to Her to attain Her Saint title while She was on Earth in Her incarnations. She would have to prove Herself to Him by working hard to keep Herself deeply devoted, highly ethical, disciplined, committed, faithful, and working hard for Him, Heaven, and the Earthlings during Her incarnation, all while surrounded by the temptations of living in the material world. 

God and Jesus told Oracle Maureen that She had “passed the necessary tests and initiations” that They put Her through, in order for Her to be allowed to be given Her title; which They said was not an easy task to earn. They said that it is very difficult for a Saint to earn Their ‘Saint’ title while on Earth. They said because Saints are put through very difficult and painful tests, even ones that require long periods of pain and suffering, intended to test Them on every level (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually), which traditional people never have to endure. She was tested on Her virtues, discipline, faithfulness, purity, bravery, perseverance, humility, obedience, loyalty, commitment to service, devotion to Them, generosity, humanitarianism, ability to sacrifice, and so much more. 


God and Jesus told Saint Maureen that She passed Her tests and was allowed the privilege and honor of being allowed Her Saint title. Then, They asked Her to announce it. 


Saint Maureen is honoring God, Her Father, and Her Husband Jesus's request and sharing with you the reality that She is a true living Saint—living outside the confining and limiting walls of a convent. God and Jesus wish for you to know this so that you can have full clarity that They do send Their Saints into the mainstream world. They hope that you understand that They work and speak through Her, Their chosen messenger and one that God created to be a Saint—guiding and protecting you in hopes that you listen to Their messages channeled through Their chosen one, Their Saint Maureen….. so that Their Kingdom of Heaven can be your Home in your Afterlife.


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱

God Revealed to Oracle Maureen She is "One of God's 'Rainbow Kids'"

~ God: January 26, 2022


God awoke Me with a message telling Me that I am part of a special group of messengers that He created who have advanced psychic and spiritual gifts and a higher level of wisdom—whom He created to work for Him. 


Creator said: 


"You are one of My Rainbow Kids"


He then explained what a ‘Rainbow Kid’ is. 


God said: 


"You are one of My most coveted servants. A special group I created like no other meant to teach enlightenment in a non-monastery system. But You must hold the same discipline found in the pious heart of a Nun, Monk, or Priest. 


God created You with talents to use to teach with intelligence. You exist outside the world of a monastery and enjoy many privileges that go along with that lifestyle—but You are every bit the Saint that I created You to be… But, in a non-traditional way, even down to being beautiful and alluring. 


You are part of a special section of Saints who help teach and inspire—outside the world of monasteries."

♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱


God & Jesus Anoint Maureen Her 'Saint' Title in Special Ceremony

~ God & Jesus: September 29, 2020


On September 29, 2020, after passing a very demanding and lengthy 8-year initiation of difficult tests and lessons that challenged Me with many long periods of physical and emotional suffering, I was astounded to receive this announcement. 


God and Jesus gave Me a tremendous message and ceremony—revealing that I am a Saint and have been since God created My soul. 


During this ceremony, They said I had finally passed My tests and earned the right to wear My Saint title while here on Earth now, because of how I had "pleased" Them after passing God’s difficult and demanding tests and initiations.  


God spoke for a long time during the ceremony. He spoke formally and ceremonially, using fancy words that I had never heard Him use before. Ones that I cannot repeat or try to translate because they were Latin. It sounded beautiful as He changed from English to Latin intermittently. He was saying prayers over Me and to Me, very formal-sounding prayers. I felt like I was in church the whole time. 


While God spoke to Me and prayed over Me in Latin and English, He also showed Me a vision of a massive ‘Gold and Silver Dome’ above and around Me. It had designs, emblems, and symbols written all around it. It looked like I was lying down inside a domed Cathedral Church, looking up at its ceiling from the inside, as I was cocooned in this Gold and Silver all around Me that had special sacred writing and emblems written all over it.  


When God spoke in Latin, I also heard "Roman Catholic Latin" quietly whispered to Me.


Jesus and God soon raised Me up out of My body (My soul) and held Me in the strong vibrations of love and joy while They spoke. My Spirit Guides and Angles were also there, and They also held Me up. 


It was a long ceremony. It overwhelmed Me because Their energy and vibrations were so powerful and because of Their praying—and announcing that I was a Saint.   


As I was being held up in 'Their Hands'… ‘The Hand of God,’ God and Jesus said They were "anointing Me to be a Saint—again." They repeated it, and God said that I was "blessed" and that He was "anointing Me a Saint… again.” As God was speaking to Me, He and Jesus kept filling Me with Their feelings of love and joy. I was now in a state of complete euphoria. 


The ceremony lasted a long time. I felt very humble during it and when it was over, and much closer to both of Them. When it was over, They lowered My soul back into My body, and I was held by Them and My Spirit Guides and Angels for a while. I was wiped out when They were done.


Before They let Me go, They said They wanted Me to announce this revelation. They said They wanted Me to enlighten people that God does send Saints into the mainstream world who work for Him. They said They wanted Me to be “honest about it and to reveal to the people that You are one of Them.” I promised Them that I would.


It was indeed one of the most extraordinary experiences that I have ever had with Them. 

Saint Maureen 

Messages from Heaven Revealing to Maureen She is a Saint


Here are some of the messages and experiences that Saint Maureen was given when Heaven announced Her Sainthood.


Jesus Gifts Saint Maureen More Telepathy Powers or Achieving Saint Level

 ~ Jesus: September 29, 2020


When Jesus first told Me I made it to Saint level, I received a visitation and message from Him later that day. He also brought Me a gift. 


As I sat in My meditation chair, Jesus suddenly appeared and filled Me with His incredibly powerful vibrations and love. It felt heavenly.  


I saw a large 'Ray of White Light Rise Above My head.’ 


Jesus said He was "making Me more telepathic" to Him. I saw His face materialize in full color right above My head. He said this was a gift—to be more telepathically connected to Him. He said that I earned this as part of My reward of "making it to the Saint Level here on Earth during this incarnation.”  


Jesus then said: 


"This will make it easier for You to hear and understand My messages quicker."


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱

God & Jesus Asked Saint Maureen to Announce that She Made it to Saint Level—for Them

  ~ God & Jesus: October 5, 2020


After being anointed to the Saint-level, God and Jesus asked Me to "announce it" to My students and on My social media platforms and tell people that I "made it to the level of becoming a Saint." They said that it was “vital to God and Jesus that people know.”


They explained why it was crucial to Them. They said:


 “We want people to know one of Our chosen ones that work for God and Jesus at an advanced level—which a Saint does."


God said He wants "people to understand that God sends 'Guides' from Heaven to help" Him "guide humankind, so they have a better quality of life here and a better chance of making it into Heaven. Guides with advanced gifts and powers who work directly for God and Jesus—are most often Saints."


God also said that He sends "Saints to work in the mainstream world to teach people in ways that Saints in monasteries are limited to be able to teach." 


I had been delaying announcing that I am a Saint because of My fears of the prejudices that some people can express due to how rare and unusual it is for a Saint to be in the mainstream world. But I was not going to disobey or let down God or Jesus, so I promised Them I would announce it. 


As I was preparing to teach My Advanced Psychic Development Class, it kept nagging at Me that I needed to start to announce that I am a Saint. Suddenly, I received a visitation from Jesus. Again, He asked Me to "disclose" to My students that I am a Saint.  


He knew I was procrastinating and nervous. When He appeared asking Me to announce it (again), I asked Him, "Why do they need to know since I'm not in a convent?"


Jesus said: 


"They should know because then they can discern whether or not to embrace the messages and information (channelings, teachings, and class lectures) that come out of You—knowing that You are a Saint—or not embrace it… if that is their choice.


At the very least, You enlightened them as to the truth of who You are and the extraordinarily close relationship and connection that You have to Jesus, as well as the other Ascended Masters and Angels that talk through You, giving Their teachings to You—to give to them... which is special and different than most spiritual teachers… because You have attained an advanced level of enlightenment."


Jesus gave Me the motivation, and although I continued dragging My feet, I finally announced it to My students in class that evening. They were all very receptive to the announcement and thrilled that I did disclose that I was a Saint.


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱


Rewarded Gold Medal for Courage for Making the Announcement

 ~ Jesus: October 5, 2020


After class that night, after I finally used My courage to announce to My students that I am a Saint (at Jesus's and God's request), I received a big blessing. 


I was sitting on My bed when suddenly I was surprised to see a giant 'Gold Medal' floating in front of Me. I see many things nowadays with My physical eyes, not just My third eye. I saw it float down to My chest. As it did, I heard God say that They (God and Jesus) were “blessing” Me “with a Gold Medal of Honor." 


I then watched a 'Large White Hand,' which was the 'Hand of God,' ‘Pin the Gold Medal’ onto My chest, right on My heart. It was amazing! 


As I was getting pinned with Their 'Gold Medal of Honor,’ Jesus said that I  "earned a reward" for My "obedience" and for doing it because I was "so extraordinarily uncomfortable the whole time.” He said I was also being recognized for having to  "use a lot of courage" to accomplish the mission. 


By the way, I received a lot of help from Jesus when I finally got the courage to announce it to My students. Right after I started telling them, I suddenly saw Jesus standing behind Me. As I was talking, I watched Him merge into Me and channel most of the message right out of Me. 


He was the one who actually did the talking, but I still had to use My courage and be His vessel to let Him communicate and channel His message through Me—for them. It was so cool to see the entire process transpire right in front of My eyes when He made the 'full merge' into Me and channel what He wanted to say.

 ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱


"Christened. Anointed. Saint… You Are One of My Chosen Flock”

~ Jesus: October 6, 2020


God and Jesus said it was important to Them that I reveal that I am a Saint, especially to My students and those following My work. Because I obeyed Their wishes, even though it was uncomfortable for Me, I was given another reward later that night for My obedience and courage. 


I was stunned when Jesus woke Me up and gave Me a long healing, increasing My vibrations, clearing My chakras, and healing a bad headache.


As He did, He said:


"Christened. Anointed. Saint."


I saw the words written out in white letters while He said them. He then put a large cross necklace on My chest. 


Then, He showed Me a ‘Nun's White Habit Headpiece.’ It was a short headpiece and floated right in front of My face. It looked like one that the Saints wear. He held it up in front of Me. I was confused and didn't know what to think because I had never had feelings of wanting to be a Nun.


Then Jesus said: 


"Saint Maureen.”


I then heard the voices of My collective group of Spirit Guides and Angels start to whisper "Saint Maureen" to Me. 


Jesus said He wanted Me to tell My students, "You are One of My Chosen Flock."  


Later, Jesus told Me that this expression meant I was one of His Apostles. I did (eventually) tell My students this message, too—with Jesus's help.   


More Messages

Revealing to Maureen She is a Saint


"Only Someone Who Sees Jesus & Mary on a Regular Basis is a Saint.”

~ Jesus: October 10, 2020


I awoke to hear Jesus saying "Saint. Saint. Saint.” to Me. He also showed Me these words written out in front of Me. 


Then, He said:


"One of Your Titles is… 'Oracle Maureen,'" and I watched as He wrote this out in front of Me. Then, I watched Him erase the words "Oracle Maureen"—and replace them with "Saint Maureen." 


Jesus whispered "Saint Maureen" to Me as He did all this. It was amazing.


Later that day, I was writing My monthly mailer. The topic was a message from Our Blessed Mother Mary. It was about Her Shrine, the 'Our Lady of Fatima Grotto.' She had visited Me and told Me that "it is a true miracle," She asked Me to share a message for Her stating this so that people could go there and show Her their devotion to earn Her blessings. Mother Mary gave Me Her message, which I sent to My mailing list (My emailers). After I completed channeling it for Her, Jesus appeared. He surprised Me when He appeared behind Me and said: 


"Only someone who is a Saint is someone who would receive regular messages from God, Jesus, and Mary—and be allowed to see Them. You are."


First, I saw His face appear in full color, 3D apparition form. Then, I saw and felt Him stand right behind Me as He said this. He stood, or rather, floated about two feet above the ground. 


When He completed His message, I felt My whole back and spine suddenly vibrate and become infused with energy—His energy. He was connecting Me to Him. As I did, I saw a long ‘Panel of White Light Form Down My Spine’ and merge directly into Jesus. 


It was incredible. It ran from the top of My head, down My spine, in a large, thick ray of white light that looked like a ‘Panel of White Light’ and I watched as it merged into Jesus’s stomach, His core.  I saw that it was actually coming from Jesus. It was Jesus’s White Light emanating from Him and linking into Me—and at a very advanced level. Jesus said He was showing Me how “connected” I am to Him. He said He was showing Me that I “exist, living in a highly linked state to Him at an advanced level,” and that He wanted Me to see so that I would understand. 


When I saw this, I also felt Myself get ‘tugged back towards Him.’ I felt as though I was 'attached' to Him—like an extension of Him, when this happened. When He showed Me this, I also felt the feeling of being fully ‘supported’ by Him. It was amazing! The whole experience stunned Me.


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱


Jesus Writes "Saint" on Maureen's Third Eye

~ Jesus: August 2021


After meditating, I had to lie down because I was still too out of My body in the trance and could not get up and function yet. My Guides had taken My soul out of My body and brought Me to the Otherside with Them. After these intense out-of-body experiences, I cannot move for a while sometimes, until I recover, and They have fully put My soul back into My body. 


As I was in the ‘recovery period,’ I saw Jesus appear. I saw Him write "Saint" on My forehead (My third eye) in white letters. He filled Me with His love when He did. It felt incredible.


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱

Saint & Advocate

~ Jesus: September 29, 2020


I awoke to receive an amazing healing from Jesus. After I was filled with waves of His energy, raising My vibrations, Jesus opened My third eye. I saw a 'Veil of White Light.' I then saw and felt it fill My body. I felt Jesus’s powerful vibrations of energy and White Light flow into Me and pulsate in and around Me. 


Then, I heard Jesus announce Himself, saying “Christ," from behind Me. Then He said, "Advocate." 


Jesus continued:


"You are an Advocate for the people and have the authority to bring their prayer requests to My (Jesus's) attention and God’s—just like Mary."


Jesus continued to give Me a healing for a long time afterward. 


Then, I saw and felt a large 'Ray of White Light' surround Me and come up and over the top of My head. I felt massive pulsating energy vibrate into Me as it did. Then, I heard a loud, Fatherly-sounding voice say to Me, "The touch of God's hand," as I saw the ‘Ray of White Light' form a large 'Hand.’ I saw ‘The Large With Hand’ (the Hand of God) resting on top of My head. 


Then, I received more powerful vibrations that flowed into Me from the top of My head. As this happened, I heard "Saint" and saw "Saint" written out. 


God said that I had been “touched by The Hand of God to be a Saint.” I was just in awe seeing this all happen. 


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱


Jesus Writes "Glorious" on My Back; A Word Referring to a Saint

~ Jesus: August 8, 2019 


Jesus awoke Me where I saw Him standing by My bedside. I was lying on My stomach. He took His hand and then glided it over the top of My back and shoulder blades. He opened up My third eye vision, and I saw Myself laying there in My bed and Him at My side when He did this. 


Then, I saw Him write "Glorious" on My back in large letters of white light. He also said the word "Glorious" at the same time. Jesus filled Me with His love while He did this. It felt blissful.


I was mesmerized watching this and waited for Jesus to explain what "Glorious" meant. He didn’t. He put Me back to sleep afterward. About a year later, when I attained Saint level, He finally told Me what "Glorious" meant. He said it was a reference to someone who has achieved Sainthood. 


And More Messages

Announcing Maureen is a Saint Meant for the World


Saints Do Work in the Mainstream World 

& They Are Not Gifted Their Saint Titles Easily

~ Jesus: September 2020


A week before this experience, I was watching a TV show on Saints that Jesus had asked Me to watch. After I watched it, I received a visitation from Him. He said that I was “in consideration for Sainthood." 


The next day, when I was in meditation, kneeling and praying, Jesus appeared to Me and asked Me to share this experience and My other Saint messages to "enlighten people about this reality"—to help them understand that God and Jesus do send Saints into the mainstream world who work for Them. 


Jesus also asked Me to help people understand the process it takes for a Saint to finally be anointed and deemed worthy to hold Their Saint title on Earth is a very difficult, even painful one. Jesus said He wanted people to know that it is difficult for a Saint to be awarded Their Saint title while on Earth because Saints have to pass very strenuous tests and initiations throughout Their incarnation that involve pain and suffering and that test Them on all levels—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with Their faithfulness. They are tested with experiences in Their lives where They must prove Themselves to God with Their loyalty, level of devotion, virtues, purity, and more. 


Jesus said:

“For a Saint to be allowed to hold Their Saint title on Earth, it is exceptional.”


He said:

“It is not a gift They (God and Jesus) give easily. Saints have to work very hard to earn Their titles, and They are awarded them in Their incarnation on Earth—only after They have achieved this very demanding and challenging process.”

 ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱


"You Are An Apostle"

~ Jesus: December 17, 2020


I awoke to a message from Jesus. 


He said:

“Apostle… 12… You are one of My 12 Apostles"


I saw the word "Apostle" written in large white letters in front of Me, while Jesus embraced Me and filled Me with His love. I was overwhelmed. His love was blissful.

♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱


Oracle Maureen is Connected to Heaven—as a ‘Saint’

  ~ Jesus, October 21, 2022


Jesus awoke Me. He opened up My third eye and showed Me a vision of Myself lying in bed with My right hand lying above My head. As He showed Me lying there with My right hand above My head, He said, "Saint." 


Later, He explained that I have a “close connection to Heaven as a Saint,” and when My right arm and hand was laying above My head and positioned reaching up—He said that He used that image to show Me that I am "connected to Heaven” in a special way—as a Saint.

♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱

“Saint Maureen”

“Patron Saint of Children, Animals & Humanitarian Causes”

~ Jesus: March 13, 2022


I received an incredible message from Jesus, who visited Me and revealed to Me that I am a specific Saint.


On March 20, 2022, Jesus appeared to Me after I returned home from church. I had just gotten home and was sitting on the couch in My living room with a headache. Suddenly, I saw Jesus appear. I was amazed. I was allowed to see Him in full apparition, 3-D form, and in full color, and all of Him (full length). He stood right in front of Me, only a little more than a foot away. By the way, I am always so overwhelmed when these advanced visitations happen. I’m just stunned and speechless, every time, especially when I get to see Him at this level. I can't speak or move, and I am filled with the most blissful feelings of love and peace that just our all over Me. It is truly euphoric.


Jesus was wearing a long white gown with a blue cape over it. He looked magnificent. Staring dumbstruck at Him, Jesus brought My eyes to His eyes to help Me make eye contact with Him. Surrendered in a blissful trance state by now, I sat there staring at Him in awe waiting for what He had to say to Me.


Jesus then said: 


"You are Saint Maureen: 'Patron Saint of Children, Animals, and Humanitarian Causes' "


I sat there just astounded by what He had just said. Jesus gave Me His 'Gift of Clarity’ and took away more of My amnesia, so I could better remember this about Myself and accept His message—and reminder. 


Jesus then asked Me to announce that I am a Saint on My website and all My Social Media—and said that He was "reminding Me again" because it has been over a year, and I had still not completed it. 


Jesus said that He and God "wished and required" for Me to be honest and tell people who I really am and why My connection is so incredibly close to Them—and that it is because I am a Saint who works for Them.


I sat there stunned that I was being asked to reveal something so sacred and cool that I feared the non-believers would discount and defame Me about—because I am in the mainstream world, not a convent. Jesus heard My thoughts (telepathically) and again asked Me to "reveal it to people on a regular basis now and going forward—and to do it for Jesus and for God." 


I said that I would do it, and I would always do what He asked of Me.


Later, Jesus and Kuan Yin gave Me insight into why My charity covers the suffering in the world, with an emphasis on children and animals who suffer. 


God, Jesus, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, and Buddha have always given Me specific causes and missions to do with Our charity Angels Among Us Foundation. The causes They ask Me to help Them with primarily help the children and animals, who are living in pain and misery and being abused. Kuan and Jesus explained to Me that this was because I am Saint whose mission is dedicated to helping these missions. When They brought Me this clarity, it gave Me great peace and a much bigger sense of accomplishment with My charity, Angels Among Us Foundation.

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