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About Oracle Maureen

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Oracle Maureen

Chief Principal Oracle for God, Jesus, Mary, Kuan Yin & Buddha 

Master Level Channeler & Spiritual Teacher

Oracle Maureen is a Spiritual Teacher and Master Level Channeler who has shown signs of having psychic gifts for as far back as She can remember. Growing up in a small town in Minnesota, Maureen has always had an unusually heightened level of sensitivity and awareness compared to those around Her. Since Her childhood, Maureen has had an uncanny way of knowing things before they would happen or finish someone’s sentences as if She had read their mind. She also had a knack for finding missing objects quickly and easily and with no explanation other than - She just knew where it was. Maureen’s elevated sensitivities were also apparent in how She reacted to the people She was with. She often, unknowingly, took on the emotions and pain of others. It was common for Maureen to feel someone’s headache, sore leg, or happy or sad mood as if it was Her own – when it wasn’t.  

Raised in an environment that did not understand or embrace the presence and beauty of psychic abilities, Maureen’s unique personality would often either fascinate, confuse, or sometimes frustrate those around Her. In addition to Her built-in “sixth sense,” Maureen also found Herself giving words of wisdom that would inspire, protect, and guide someone. Regularly, Maureen would find Herself suddenly shifted into a trance-like state, giving advice to Her friends, family, and peers - that offered wisdom far beyond Her young years.


During this time, when Maureen would spontaneously shift into a light trance and give “very wise advice” to someone struggling, She would also feel a blissful sensation come over Her, filling Her up and taking over Her speech. When She was finished talking, Maureen would then feel the energy leave Her body. Maureen would have no memory of what She said when She was finished speaking, but She would remember how good it felt. When She was done talking, Maureen would often be confused as to why the person She was speaking to looked peaceful or contemplative; because She was not aware of what She had said. If they wanted to continue the conversation, Maureen’s little “blackout” made it impossible for Her to be able to do so. Not wanting to bring attention to what really happened, Maureen managed this part… by changing topics on the person.

Maureen was not afraid during these periods, where She would slip into a small trance and share words of wisdom; Because She was fully aware that She was channeling – for Heaven. Throughout Her childhood and up until Her mid-teens, Maureen retained full memory that She was a channeler and a helper for Heaven.

Maureen was guided throughout Her youth by a very powerful and very loving voice that repeatedly told Her in Her head that She was an “Earth Guide and Advanced Channeler.” Maureen remembers loudly and clearly hearing the voice calling Her a Spiritual Messenger and that She was a channeler who worked under a high-level Spirit Guide. Maureen would later go on to find out in Her Divine Intervention and initiation period, that the high-level Spirit Guide, Her Primary Spirit Guide, is Ascended Master Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. Maureen was also guided by the voice to keep this information private during Her youth, to protect Her from the ridicule and harm that those afraid of messengers would cause Her. Maureen grew up with this knowing, guided to keep it private – until She was told to reveal it.

Maureen received a Miraculous Experience at age 36. For two months, Maureen was visited by six Spirit Guides and one of Her Guardian Angels, who appeared to Her every night throughout the months of November and December. During the Divine Intervention, the Spirit Guides and Angel gave Maureen messages - waking Her up to who She is, an Earth Guide, and Her relationship to Them.

Maureen’s memory of Her path became dimmed in Her twenties and thirties. When She had Her Miraculous Opening Up Experience, She was stunned and speechless. The first apparition appeared in Her bedroom by Her bedside at 2:00 a.m.., exactly two weeks before Her 37th birthday. When She saw it, She heard the words “Spirit Guide” said loudly in Her head. Maureen was shocked and confused to see this “being” standing before Her, speaking to Her. The large male being, who announced himself as Her “Spirit Guide,” stood by Her bedside all night long. Maureen was too shocked and scared to fall back to sleep. She wanted to leave the room, but when She would think about leaving, the “Spirit Guide” would send waves of peaceful and loving feelings into Maureen. He also sent Her thoughts – that She heard merge in Her mind, telling Her that She was safe and to stay. Maureen followed the Spirit Guide’s advice because he filled Her with so much serenity - and She stayed in Her bed…. and watched the Spirit guide… watch over Her – all night.

This experience continued every night for the next two months. Each night, when Maureen would go to bed at night; a Spirit Guide would appear by Her bedside. In addition to the six different Spirit Guides, Her deceased father and an Angel also appeared to Her.


One night, an Angel appeared to Maureen. Maureen was woken up to see a large ray of brilliant white light cascading all over Her nightstand. Confused and surprised, Maureen looked up and saw the apparition of a large Angel, with one of her wings lit up, glowing in white light. The Angel communicated to Maureen that she was one of Her Guardian Angels.


Still feeling overwhelmed, Maureen was now blown away by the amazing phenomena. By now, the Angel had fascinated Maureen so much that She no longer feared them. She was now in awe of them and curious as to what they wanted.

During the Divine Intervention, Maureen did not sleep much. As soon as She would lay down to go to sleep, a Spiritual Guide would appear by Her bedside. She would lay there watching the Guide – watching Her - all night long. In between small naps, Maureen would wake up, and they would communicate messages to Her by sending Her visions and talking to Her telepathically – in Her mind.


For hours each night, Maureen’s Guides showed Her many visions to help Her remember Her path as a messenger and encouraged Her to embrace it, not turn away from it. They helped take away Her amnesia, that being dimmed down in Her twenties and thirties created. They made Her watch visions of Herself channeling when She was young and constantly predicting things before they happened. They showed Her visions to help Her remember and connect with them: like ones of Heaven and the different parts of Heaven; visions of Angels; visions of Her helping people connect with souls behind Heaven’s Doorway; visions of third eyes flashing at Maureen; visions of red and purple hearts with the sensation of love being sent to Maureen; visions of bouquets of red roses and rainbows being given to Maureen, and many, many more.

Slowly Maureen’s Guides and Angel gained Her trust, while they lovingly communicated their guidance to Her, asking Maureen to re-commit herself to Her psychic abilities and Her life’s purpose - an Earth Guide. Maureen resisted their pleas at first because of Her fears of discrimination. Her Guides and Angels persisted with more messages and guidance after the two-month Divine Intervention and continued to encourage Maureen to embrace Her abilities.

Eventually, because of the strong urging from Heaven, Maureen overcame Her fears and embraced Her mission to do what Her Soul was created to do – to serve Heaven and Earth as one of Heaven’s Earth Guides. For the next year, Maureen committed Herself to do the work necessary to gain the knowledge to properly use and manage Her psychic abilities. She attended psychic development classes learning from Her teacher, Echo Bodine, and She worked faithfully with Her Guides and Angels for hours daily, in meditations and exercises with them. After training hard with both Her Guides in Heaven and Her teacher on Earth, Maureen began to work professionally helping others using Her God-given gifts.

Maureen has since gone on to help thousands of people with readings, classes, workshops, healings, spiritual events, ghost clearings, possession ceremonies, psychic investigations, meditations, and more. Dedicated to Her path as a helper for Heaven, Maureen is committed to bringing about spiritual enlightenment and development to help others ascend. Maureen has a reputation for Her integrity, delivering clear messages, honesty, and Her incredible and powerful connection to the spirit world.

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