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Master Channeler

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“You are a Master Channeler for the Higher Realms, which is a Primary Oracle for the Ascended Masters, Saints, and High-Level Angels.”

~ God gave Maureen this message in April 2018

2019: God Asked Me to Share the Meaning of Master Channeler

I received a vision from God in 2019, asking Me to “explain what a Master Channeler is and to share it.” I delayed because I felt self-conscious. But God continued to ask Me a few more times until in May of 2020, He insisted I "publish it on Your social media and share what it means."


God explained He wanted Me to do this because He wants to “educate people about what a Master Channeler is as a way to help them connect with the teachings of His Ascended Masters, Saints, and Angels.” He told Me He wants people to understand that a Master Channeler delivers messages for Them at a higher level than those who are not at a master level with their psychic abilities.


He said His Master Channelers are rare and that He wanted people to have this knowledge and “know who in their midst is one” so they can decide whether to embrace the messages that are given to them by the Guides, Saints, and Angels or if they choose not to, know that they had the chance to.


September 21 to Late November 2004: My Guides and Angels Reveal That I Am a Master Channeler During My Miraculous Opening-Up Experience

From the very beginning, I was told in clear, loud words that I was a Master Channeler many times by My Spirit Guides, Angels, and God during My activation period. Activation refers to when I received divine intervention from the collective group of My Spirit Guides and Angels, who appeared to Me, opening up My psychic abilities to a high level and called upon Me to work for Them.


They also called this period of being summoned by Them a “Miraculous Experience” when I was allowed to see Them with My physical eyes and hear Them for two months. During this time, My Spirit Guides and Angels appeared at My bedside every evening around 9-11 p.m. They took turns; a different Guide or one of My Angels would appear at the right side of My bed and would stand there all night long without moving, communicating to Me. I saw Their silhouettes, in life-sized forms, standing next to Me like protectors. I heard Their messages, clearly and loudly, in sentences and paragraphs, along with visions, reminding Me that I was an earth guide and asking Me to accept My psychic abilities.


They told Me that I was a messenger and that I belonged to Their group. They let Me know that I was Their helper. They told Me that the time had come for Me to be fully activated and to use My psychic and healing abilities to help people. They told Me very clearly that I was a psychic, a medium, a healer, an investigator, a spiritual teacher, and a master channeler. When They gave Me these messages, They also gave Me visions to validate and support Their words. They showed Me visions of Myself as a child, when I retained full memory that I was an advanced channeler and an earth guide. I remembered this up to My teen years, at which point the knowing started to dim. They gave Me many visions of Myself remembering this in My youth and of channeling to friends and family.


During these times I would feel the presence of an ethereal being enter My body and speak very wise words that in My youth I was incapable of knowing. Sometimes, I would also see Angel wings come over Me right before I would start speaking wisdom beyond My young years. These experiences always felt blissful. When they were over, I had no memory of what I said when I was done talking. In fact, I always felt the sensation like I had been put to sleep and was woken up, after I was done talking. I also always felt Them leave My body when I was finished speaking, and then I would feel Myself float back inside Myself. My Guides also showed visions of times when I remembered knowing I worked for a high-level guide. I heard this message, loud and clear, often in My head, all throughout My youth.


When visited by My Spirit Guides and Angels, as an adult, who came to wake Me up and remind Me of My psychic abilities and urge Me to use them, I was, unfortunately, not accepting Their messages easily. I was reluctant. I was afraid. I was scared that My friends and new people would become afraid of Me, so I resisted embracing My abilities. My Guides didn’t give up though. They continued to remind Me by giving Me more visions of Myself when I did remember throughout My youth that I was an advanced channeler. When I resisted, They would say, “You are Master Channeler.” One frequent memory They gave Me was a message that I had heard frequently: “You are here to help God and Earth again.” I heard it many times in My head as a little girl and knew that “God” was the one giving Me that message because the voice said it was “God” to Me.


But I still resisted because of My fears that I wouldn’t fit in and with how My life would change. My Guides didn’t give up. They persisted. They kept giving Me messages encouraging Me to accept Myself. Eventually, They started to say it more loudly and stronger, as if to make a point: “You are a Master Channeler.” I could hear the frustration in Their voices. I started to feel bad for being so resistant to Them, but I couldn’t conquer My fears, so I would ask for more proof.


Once I responded to Them, saying I didn’t think that I could be a master at anything because I was too young to have mastered anything. I was thirty-seven years old then. They immediately responded with a strong tone, “You are a Master Channeler. You have been one for many, many incarnations. You have worked using dedication, perseverance, and commitment and have continued to work on advancing Yourself further in all of Your incarnations. You are a Master level Channeler of communications for the higher realms.” I felt like I had just been disciplined because of the way that They answered Me with a strong voice and tone. I was amazed though, because I felt this Deja Vu come over when I remembered this.


Unfortunately, I still resisted moving forward with using My abilities. But, the visions of the Otherside would not stop: I saw the ones of the Heavenly realms and the ones of the non-Heavenly realms. My Guides and Angels also did not stop encouraging Me to accept My abilities and My title, but They eventually slowed down Their messages, placing Me in a state of reflection. They stopped answering Me and giving Me proof.


About six months after the “Miraculous Experience” began, I finally started to overcome My fears of possible persecution or alienation from people. I slowly embraced My abilities and started to work with My Guides and Angels, and a spiritual teacher. Together, They taught Me how to manage and use My abilities to help My Guides and Angels bring guidance, healing, and closure to people, giving Them a great sense of peace and joy—which then brought Me joy, too.


2006: I Was Asked to Announce My Title on My Website and Business Cards

After My training period with My Guides, Angels, and spiritual teacher, I started being called upon by people for readings. Students who were in My class and their friends and families, as well as people I knew, were reaching out to ask for readings. My teacher had put Me on her list of referrals. My Guides eventually announced that it was time to get an office to meet the number of reading requests.


When I was in the process of designing My business cards, I wanted to be accurate and please My Guides and Angels, so I asked Them exactly what They wanted Me to put on them. They answered Me clearly to include that I was a Master Channeler, as well as with psychic, medium, and spiritual teacher. However, I struggled to include My unique title. I felt self-conscious because it was not a common title and, again, I felt afraid people would make fun of Me or think that I was weird. They told Me, loudly and clearly, in many visitations, to include My title because, They said, “It is who You are.” They also said that They “wanted it included” because it is a high and rare ranking of psychic ability that is in a special category all by itself. They said that because of this, They insisted that I include it and that I be honest about it and claim it.


It was time for Me to make the final decision about what to put on My business cards. I kept stalling, and My designer was becoming more persistent in asking Me for My final decision. Still fighting My fear of looking odd, I asked My Guides again for validation.


I was lying in bed, unable to fall asleep because I was anxious about claiming an unusual title and putting it on My new business cards. So, I asked My Guides the question one more time: “I really am a Master Channeler?” I’m usually answered within a minute with words and a vision or a movie confirming and depicting details to go along with it. However, this time, I was met with pure silence, which went on for a long time. My heart sank. I said to the collective group of My Guides and Angels something like, “I am sorry, I must have asked too many times. I’m sorry if I have annoyed You and challenged You.” I was nervous because I was not used to being met with silence.


I felt miserable. Suddenly, My third eye was opened, and I saw the most brilliant globe of pure White Light appear above Me. It was huge and was floating right in front of Me in a perfectly cerulean blue sky. I saw the sky was limitless with no beginning or end. Just then, I felt a large surge of energy just pop right in the middle of My stomach. It started making Me vibrate. The ball of energy was circling all around in My stomach, as it did. I then started to feel the vibrations fill up My body. Then, I felt Myself rising. It felt like I was being lifted off My bed. As I was rising, the energy started to fill My legs and arms and travel down My back and then go to My head. It became so powerful that I could not move.


Eventually, I couldn’t tell where I began and ended and where the globe of White Light began and ended. It felt like I was merged with the Light and was only able to feel Myself and the Light together. I knew I had arms and legs and a body, but I couldn’t feel any of My body after I merged with the Light. It was the biggest spiritual experience that I have ever had. It was also the most blissful feeling that I have ever experienced in My life. There is nothing on Earth that I can compare to what being in the White Light felt like... other than maybe the highest vibration of unconditional love, acceptance, and pure joy.


I then saw a ray of White Light come out of the globe of White Light and go into the ball of White Light that was in My stomach. The globes were connected. I felt Myself float upwards, further, towards the large globe of White Light. Next, the globe surrounded Me in a big halo of Light. Then I heard very loudly and clearly and saw written out in front of Me, “Creator. Source of Life. All-Loving. All-Knowing. All-Forgiving. God.


Next, I saw a vision of a bunch of small balls of pure White Light that started falling out from the bottom half of the big globe of White Light, from God. I saw the little globes of White Light fall into a large blue river. They each separated and floated down the blue river on their own path, in their own direction. They were all floating together in the water, but each going down separate paths in the river. Right then, I heard God say, “You were born and created by God to be a Master Level Channeler. You were already a Master Channeler before You came into this incarnation. You were born and created by Me, God, to be one of My Master Level Channelers to serve the higher realms. You are a Master Level Channeler of communications for the higher realms, born and created by God to be a Master Channeler.” God then said, “Include Master Channeler on everything.” I was overwhelmed and in awe.


I felt a wave of humility wash over Me like I had never felt before. I said telepathically, “Yes. I will and I promise to stop questioning and to accept now.” I felt a sensation of love come over Me, and a surge of bravery run though Me. I also felt like I had been lovingly put in My place and schooled, in a very respectful way. It felt like I had been given a gift, so I also felt extremely grateful. I was held there, a few minutes longer after God finished speaking to Me, floating in this blissful globe of White Light. As I floated, I had the feeling sent to Me that I was to reflect on this message and accept it, so that I would never deny or question it again.


About five minutes later, I felt Myself, My soul, slowly float back down into My body. The next day, I called My designer. I obeyed God and told her to include Master Channeler on My business cards and on all of My marketing. I claimed My title and My truth and have kept it there and have never denied God’s wish or My Guides and Angels.


By the way, when I saw all of the balls of White Light coming out of the one main Source of Light, God’s Light; He also told Me during the vision, that the small balls of light are all of the souls that He has created. He told Me that He creates each soul with a unique, individual path, and that not one of us is identical to another. He also told Me and showed Me that all of our souls are created from Him, from His infinite source of intelligence, wisdom, and love—from His Light.


April 2018: God Reveals What Master Channeler Means

I was woken up to a vision from God, saying, “You are a Master Channeler for the higher realms, which is a Primary Oracle for the Ascended Masters, Saints, and High-level Angels.

April 2019: Jesus Reveals That a Master Channeler is an Oracle Who Works for the Ascended Masters

Jesus visited Me after work this evening. I was sitting on My bed, and He appeared just a few feet away. He said, “You are a high-level oracle.” He then pointed His finger up to the sky (Heaven) and said, “As a high-level oracle, You have also achieved the level of a Master Channeler.” He raised His voice and emphasized the words when He said the “Master Channeler” part. “Because of Your ranking, You work primarily with the Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters are in Your care.” When He said this part, I was filled with a sense of honor and responsibility.


He then said, “You are a principal full-time oracle for Kuan Yin, a primary full-time oracle for Jesus, and a regular full-time oracle for Mary.” He also told Me that I’m currently in an initiation to work for Buddha full-time.


Jesus then asked Me to “change Your stationery and marketing to reflect Your advancement.” He said He wished for Me to do this “as a means to help bring Their presence and teachings to Earth.” He also asked Me to be stronger with representing Them and Their work and claiming My position of being a Master Channeler, an oracle that works for Them.


Summer 2019: Kuan Yin Reveals What Master Channeler Means

I received a visitation from Kuan Yin, who explained to Me what Master Channeler means. She said, “It is the highest honor of the spiritual gifts. In addition to being created at the advanced level when God Created You, You have also continued to earn keeping this position because of Your high morals, strong ethics, strong care, and compassion.


She continued, saying, “It’s also why You have the privilege to work alongside both Ascended Masters, Jesus and Kuan Yin.”


She then said They “only allow the advanced oracles to work directly for Them at a partnership level,” which, She said, is the level that I have achieved, when Kuan Yin and Jesus each initiated Me into being a full-time oracle for Them.


Summer 2019: Jesus Reveals More About What A Master Channeler Is

Shortly after Kuan Yin’s message, Jesus also came to Me with a message. He told Me that I have “earned the privilege to work for Him in a committed partnership level” because “You have mastered and achieved a very high level of morals and ethics, which has helped You earn Your master-level abilities, in addition to also holding a very high level of devotion to Your gifts and Your teachers: Jesus, Kuan Yin, and God, as well as Your other Guides and Angels.” Jesus told Me that I have “stayed highly devoted to Them before I came into this incarnation,” and that I have kept Myself “devoted to Them during this lifetime.

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