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Chief Principal Oracle for God

God's Beloved Daughter

God’s Number One Oracle in the Entire World

Oracle Maureen Achieves Highest Ranking Possible for an Oracle

“I want them to know that You are My number one spokesperson that I work through delivering My messages in the entire world…. There are no other Oracles above … It is because of who You are. You achieved this position with Me generations ago with Your accomplishments, in addition to being—a ‘being’ who I created to have advanced psychic gifts, as well as a true Enlightened One.”

~ God



Oracle Maureen has received a tremendous promotion in Her ascension process. She has been given the honor of becoming Chief Principal Oracle for God, the highest-ranking Oracle for God on the planet.

On April 13th, 2023, God and Jesus surprised Oracle Maureen when They anointed Her to the absolute top ranking possible for an Oracle to hold—Their Chief Principal Oracle.  

In Her ceremony, and in many messages that followed, They told Oracle Maureen that this means that “There are no other Oracles above You. You are the number one spokesperson for God in the world.” 

God and Jesus announced to Oracle Maureen that after many years of hard work and service, that She has “pleased” God to the point of Him raising Her up the chain of Oracles to becoming His absolute top oracle—His, Chief Principal Oracle. They said that this also means She holds the exact same position with Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, and Buddha, as Their Chief Oracle, as well. 

God and Jesus said:

“You have made it to the most coveted spot that any Oracle could earn—Chief Principal Oracle for God, Jesus Christ, and the Ascended Masters. You have made it to the absolute top. There are no other Oracles that exist above You on the planet. You have made it to the highest ranking possible for an Oracle.”

God has asked Oracle Maureen to enlighten you about Her accomplishment and position that He has raised Her to because He said He wants His people to know that He “does speak through His chosen one, My Oracle Maureen, giving Her the most advanced and intimate messages to help guide, warn and protect people from making choices that would otherwise end up being mistakes or sins; and cost them My consequences of a negative karmic fate.”

God said that Oracle Maureen has earned this position because She had exceeded His expectations in Her level of performance in serving God, the Ascended Masters, and all the others in Heaven and on Earth; as well as maintaining an exceptionally high level of virtues and purity throughout Her incarnation. 

As Chief Principal Oracle, Maureen now exists at an even closer state to God. He says She stands “exceptionally close, only an inch away.”  In addition to saying this, God also gave Her a vision showing Her this. He showed Her how there is only ‘An inch of Space that in between God’s Presence in Heaven and the Top of Her Head on Earth.’

Jesus and God told Oracle Maureen that She earned God’s top position as Chief Principal Oracle through hard work, devotion, discipline, perseverance, obedience, bravery, commitment, and much more….All of which required Her to also make many sacrifices in order to achieve these. 

God told Oracle Maureen that because She had proven Herself to Him over the years that He sends Her and entrusts Her with His “most advanced and intimate messages.” He said that as His “Chief Principal, there is no other Oracle above You currently working on Earth.” 

After anointing Oracle Maureen with the highest honor possibly, Chief, God then told His Oracle that it was His “wish for Her to share this achievement in Her ascension process—to help people understand why She is sent the messages that She is asked to deliver; and why they are so much more advanced than other messengers.” 

God told Oracle Maureen, whom He has embraced to the level of a daughter and calls His “Daughter,” that He wants people to know that one of His true living Oracles is on Earth—“one who has attained the level of enlightenment of being chosen to work for God as His Chief Principal Oracle.” 

God told Oracle Maureen that He wants people to “know and understand” that She truly speaks and writes for Him at the most advanced level, using Her advanced abilities as a Master Level Channeler, which He created Her to be. As a Master Level Channeler, Oracle Maureen‘s ability to channel is very much more advanced than other messengers, when It comes to channeling. Her Clairaudience is created at an exceptional level, which gives Her the ability to execute channeling long messages in paragraph after paragraph after paragraph form… giving much more details and information. 

Creator said that He wanted His Daughter, Oracle Maureen, to help people understand this and the much higher and stronger level of connectivity to God that She has achieved and been awarded by God. God said He wants His people to have complete knowledge about this reality and to understand why She receives more messages, offering more words, visions, details, and clarity—giving them enlightenment.

In the ceremony anointing Maureen as Chief Principal Oracle, God, and Jesus gave Her a wedding ring.  Jesus put a round diamond solitaire ring on a gold band on Her ring finger on Her right hand.

In another visitation, Jesus gave Oracle Maureen another wedding ring. He put another round solitaire diamond on a silver band with a matching thin silver band also on Her ring finger on Her right hand. 

Jesus said that Their wedding rings symbolized His, and God’s, “commitment and eternal lasting love and devotion” to Her and that Their wish for Her to embrace and wear Their commitment rings; as well as an act for Her to show Them—Her love, devotion and commitment back. 

Jesus said: 

“Let this be a symbol of the level of commitment that We have raised You to; and that You exist in a fully married state of love, faithfulness, and service to Your Creator and Father and to Me, Jesus Christ, Your Husband, as Our Chosen special messenger and Holy One.”

A couple of months after Oracle Maureen achieved this position, Jesus visited Her and gave Her a message.

He said:

“You have hit the ceiling. There is nowhere else for You to go.”

Jesus then explained to Oracle Maureen that Her ranking as Chief Principal Oracle is the very top of the chain of Oracles. He said that there are no other promotions in regard to this ranking as an Oracle that She can earn. Jesus filled Her with His feelings of joy and happiness for the tremendous achievement that She made and let Oracle Maureen how pleased He was with what She achieved.



“It is Because of Who You Are… is Why… They Should Listen to You… So They Hear Me Through You…”

~ God: August 13, 2023


I had just finished with the section on My website announcing that God anointed Me to be His Chief Principal Oracle when He gave Me this message.


I was away from My desk, and suddenly, in a loud and authoritative voice, God commanded My attention. I was a little stunned. I stopped what I was doing and gave Him My attention. He then gave Me a long message. After He was finished, He told Me in a firm tone that He wanted Me to go back to this announcement. He said that He wanted to help people understand how rare and special of a gift it is that He has sent one of His close personal Oracles to work for Him on Earth—and how it came to be that I was chosen to work for Him at this level.  


He said that too many people have become unenlightened to the reality that God does exist and that He does have messengers that He sends to Earth who work for Him. He said, “Ignoring God’s wishes will be their downfall,” while honoring God’s wishes will be their "reward.”


Creator said He wanted to be crystal clear to people about the reality that I work for God and deliver His messages so that they can be better informed—as a way to help protect them from discounting or ignoring any more of His messages that He delivers through Me to protect His people from making undesirable karmic consequences for themselves…  so they can, instead, create positive outcomes.


“You are My number one spokesperson in the entire world. Tell them I want them to know that You are My number one spokesperson that I work through delivering My messages in the entire world.


Tell them this is because of who You are. You achieved this position with Me generations ago with Your accomplishments, in addition to being—a ‘being’ who I created to have advanced psychic gifts, as well as a true enlightened one.


Tell them You are like Moses who carried My messages down from the mountaintop, again and again, to the people, but much more advanced.  You are also like Saint Bernadette, receiving and delivering messages from their Holy Mother. But, in Your case, You also execute these same exact missions for Kuan Yin and Buddha, who are glorified in the Eastern part of the world, as the equivalent of Mary and Jesus.


I want them to know that they should be listening to Your messages on Your blog, Your social media, Your newsletter, and Your Vlog (YouTube). They need to pay attention when You walk into the room and speak. You are My number one spokesperson who delivers My messages at the most advanced intimate level, and I want them to know whom they should listen to above all others… instead of turning a blind eye to… so that they have clarity on what My wishes truly are through My Daughter whom I created to be My close, personal Oracle of the highest ranking possible—My Chief Principal Oracle.


It is for these reasons, of who You are, in addition to the many other reasons that You have pleased Me during this incarnation, and before, is why You have been allowed the privilege of becoming My Chief Principal Oracle… My number one spokesperson in the entire world…. and that this is why they should listen to You—so that they hear Me through You.”

Messages Oracle Maureen Received

When Anointed to Becoming Chief Principal Oracle for God


 “You made it to the most coveted spot that any Oracle could earn—Chief Principal Oracle for God and Jesus Christ.” 

~ Jesus



Jesus and God anoint Oracle Maureen to the Highest Position Possible for an Oracle: Chief Principal Oracle

~Jesus and God: April 13th, 2023


On April 13th, 2023, after completing My daily meditation, I was suddenly put into ‘the trance.’ As I was about to get up, I was suddenly shifted back into a deep trance state and unable to move. I started to see ‘White Light’ coming into My third eye; and felt Myself fill with the blissful vibrations from a Guide or Angel coming from Heaven. 


Soon, I saw and felt Jesus standing by My side. As I continued to receive more powerful rays of energy from Him, filling Me and surrounding Me, I soon received a message from both from God and Jesus, together. 


Together They said, very slowly, "Chief." Then, They said, "Chief Principal Oracle." They repeated it to Me, again, very slowly. I was confused. I had no idea what was happening. Or what ‘Chief’ meant?


Then They said They were “anointing” Me to “another higher level—as Chief Principal Oracle.” 


I was just stunned. They told Me that this was extraordinary. Then They explained to Me what ‘Chief’ meant. They said it meant that I “was at the top of the chain of Oracles, above all other Oracles who work for God.” 


God continued:


“This means You are My number one Principal Oracle, above all of the other Principal Oracles I have.”


I was so overwhelmed to hear this that I couldn’t receive the information. I kind of shut down a little from the shock of it. 


I felt more of Their energy come into Me and ‘Raise Me Up… bring My soul Up’ out of My body and closer to Them. They filled Me with more of Their vibrations, embraced Me stronger, and held Me up as They continued Their ceremony.


They said that I earned this “privilege, like a promotion because of Your dedication to Your work, the high quality of Your work, extreme commitment to Us and the Ascended Masters and the high-level virtues and purity that You have maintained here (on Earth).” 


They also added, saying that the “quality and excellence of Your work…. the readings, writings, channelings, Vlogs, videos, classes and group readings had exceeded Our level of expectations and helped earned You this privilege.”


They said that I had “proven Myself to God” and gave Him the highest level of devotion when I made the “many sacrifices” I made for Him over the years—in order to accomplish all of this. He then listed some of the sacrifices I made: the people, things, places, habits, pleasures, outings, etc. that were enjoyable opportunities that I gave up, in order to work, (when I was called upon to work and also on My own accord)—all in order to either honor a work request; or keep Myself more pure, more in alignment with Their ethics and choices, choose loyalty to Them over deceptive friends and family, etc… the list goes on… 


God said that I when I had “proven” Myself to Him, when I chose Him over and above all people, things or matters here on Earth—that… that was the level of devotion that He was looking for in order to raise Me up this ultimate spot (unbeknownst to Me, by the way). 


In addition to all of this, He said that I also succeeded at maintaining a “high level of purity and virtues” that He said I “needed to keep, while living in the mainstream world.”


God and Jesus then told Me They would be gifting Me blessings to make My life on Earth easier and happier—as some of My rewards for achieving this ranking. 


Jesus gave Me another wedding ring.  He put a diamond solitaire ring with a gold band on My ring finger on My right hand. He said it was a symbol of Their eternal love, commitment, and devotion to Me—Their Oracle, whom They have chosen to embrace to the highest level possible. They also asked Me to wear it to also show Them My eternal love, commitment, and devotion to Them, and to serving Them.

God Gave Oracle Maureen More Clarity on Why He chose Her to Be His Chief Principal Oracle

~ God: May 2, 2023


God awoke Me to a message, giving Me more clarity about why He awarded Me the promotion of being His Chief Principal Oracle.


God said:


“You are sweet. You are honest. You are ethical. You are pure of heart. You are sensitive and compassionate to others. You also have strength and are strong and fierce when faced with adversity. You are loyal and will give everything inside of You to those who have earned Your loyalty and will tell the bitter truth ‘til the end. 


I seek these qualities in My closest messengers, whom I know I can depend on and trust at the highest, most advanced level. You meet these criteria, which is why You have made it to become My Chief Principal Oracle, and My beloved Daughter. Tell them.”

“I Commissioned You to Work for Me on Earth”

~ God: March 27, 2023


I received an amazing message from God while I was meditating. Toward the end of the meditation, I was put into the deep trance that My Guides will put Me in when They want to give Me messages.  It’s where I’m basically unable to move. It’s like They put Me to sleep and in a paralyzed state, but I’m still wide awake and conscious and fully aware of everything. They open up all My psychic channels so that They can communicate Me at a more advanced level. 


I am held in this very deep trance state until They are finished communicating with Me. Often, I will also feel My soul leave My body and go up to the Otherside with Them—to Heaven. 


I was put in the ‘deep altered trance state,’ then I heard God come through.


God said: 


“God commissioned You to work for Me on Earth. You came to Earth to work for God. God Commissioned You to come to Earth to Work for Me.”


He kept saying it, repeating it. I saw it being spelled out in front of Me in ‘White Letters on a Black Background,’ while He was saying this to Me. He kept saying it, like a mantra, until He finally had Me saying it with Him, and I was chanting it with Him.


When I was softly chanting this with God, God then said that He wanted Me to tell people know this. He said that He wanted Me to help them understand that God “does send Guides to come work on Earth to help (Him) guide and protect mankind, so they have a better chance to make into Heaven.” 


He said:


“Guides come here under all different circumstances. Some come to Earth because they have requested to come work here; while others have been sought out and commissioned.”


God then told Me to tell people that He had “commissioned” Me “to come to Earth to work for (Him).” 


He said He wanted people to know this because… 


“So they may develop a deeper understanding and respect for My messages that I deliver through You, My chosen Chief Principal Oracle."


In addition to the Ascended Masters (messages) and all the other Spirit Guides and Angels that channel Their messages of wisdom through You.


God Insisted That Oracle Maureen Announce Her Promotion of Becoming Chief Principal Oracle for God

~ God & Jesus: April, May, June & July 2023


I continued to receive many more messages from God, Jesus, and My collective group of Spirit Guides and Angels all praising Me on achieving My new position—and asking Me to announce it.


I received messages from Them frequently throughout the day and night, intended to help Me accept this incredible reward that God felt I was worthy of. 


After several months of helping Me to accept My ranking, which They said is the “highest position that any Oracle can achieve and that no one except” Me “currently holds on Earth,” God finally insisted that I tell people. 


He explained to Me, more than once, how important it is to Him that people be allowed to know that I “hold this level of connectivity with God and the ability to receive His messages at the most advanced level, above all other Oracles—which also means being entrusted with the most advanced and intimate messages.” 


God told Me that He wants people to understand that He uses Me “at a whole different, advanced level,” given My skills and gifts, which He created Me to have, of being a Master Level Channeler; which He said is “un-comparable to any other Oracle’s level of ability to communicate (except another Master Level Channeler).” 


He told Me that He wishes for people to know so that they can better discern and understand the messages, which are His and meant only to guide people—so that they make it into His Kingdom of Heaven. 


God also told Me that “it will up to them whether to believe Us with the messages” that He asks Me to deliver for Him to help them achieve a better Afterlife. 


He said: 


“My hope is that they will listen to My wisdom, through You, My Chief Principal Oracle—so they can hear My guidance more clearly and accurately and make the wisest choices possible…. so that they Will create the joys and rewards that they are looking for here on Earth and in their Afterlife.”


Principal Oracle for God

 Oracle Maureen Achieves Ranking of Becoming Principal Oracle


Oracle Maureen has been given the honor to serve God as a Principal Oracle. Creator has asked Her to share this with you, because He wishes to enlighten people as to whom He speaks through. 

On February 2, 2022, God and Jesus announced to Oracle Maureen in a ceremony that They were raising Her up to the position of becoming a Principal Oracle for Them and the Ascended Masters. They said that as a Principal, Oracle Maureen would now exist at an even closer level to Them.

They said that Oracle Maureen has achieved a level of connectivity to God and Jesus that is of the most advanced level. God then asked Her to announce Her ranking. 

God said:

“It was My wish that My people know that You deliver God’s messages with extraordinary accuracy, given Your high ranking as one of My Principal Oracle’s and being a Master Level Channeler—whose Clairaudience is developed at a superior level.”

They also said:

“You now exist only two inches away from God and Jesus.”


As a Master Level Channeler and a Principal Oracle for God, Oracle Maureen is able to receive not just some words. Rather, She is able to receive paragraph after paragraph after paragraph when She receives messages from God.

Oracle Maureen is obeying Her Father’s wishes and sharing with you the advancement that He has given Her, when He anointed Her to become a Principal Oracle for Him. Your Creator wishes for you to know He speaks and writes through His Oracle, Maureen, His Daughter, at the most advanced level, using Her advanced abilities that He created Her to have.

Messages Oracle Maureen Recieved

When She was Awarded Becoming Principal Oracle

Gods Hand

“You Have Been Given ‘Rights’ to Speak on God’s Behalf”

~ God: November 12, 2022

I was sitting on the couch and received this message from God. It was the day after I put up My first YouTube video. I was nervous and uncomfortable about doing YouTube, because I am actually shy.

Suddenly, God said in a strong, authoritative, Fatherly voice (after filling Me with strong vibrations and linking Me to Him): 

"You are My favorite Holy messenger. Help them understand that I have anointed You and given You special rights to speak for Me on My behalf. I have given You 'Rights' to speak My word. 

You now refer to Me as 'My Father' when You talk about Me. 

You have achieved a closer and more intimate connection with Me. You have been My Personal Oracle for a long time—ever since I made Your Soul's birth and inception. 

You are to help them understand that there is a difference between You and the…. as I brought You into this Universe as a Saint and called upon You to serve Me as one of My close assistants. 

I entrust You with My word to help them. You are one of My chosen close Oracles, who resides near Me as a Principal on a full-time basis, speaking on My behalf so that I carry a voice there on Earth that allows Me to guide, protect, and warn My children. 

Tell them that the Hand of God has not only touched You… but holds You up in It as My daughter and Principal Oracle… whom I have given and blessed with the ‘Rights’ to speak for Me and from Me as My Channel."

“You Speak for God…. You Made a Pledge”

~ God: December 13, 2022


God gave Me this message the day after I taught My first Bible Study Class—that He and Jesus asked Me to teach for Them. 


God said:


“You’ve been granted the Grace to speak God’s word. Announce it.”


God then showed Me and reminded Me of a pledge that I made to Him in Heaven, before I came to Earth to work for Him. 


He said:


“Pledge. You made a pledge that You would be to not back down from telling the truth when I gave You messages that would be difficult for people to hear and accept.

Nor would You put the interest of Earthlings over and above God’s interest. You serve God above all others and do not look to seek their permission or approval of them. 


You live to seek only Mine. Always.”


God reminded Me that I have lived by this rule during of My incarnations, and was reminding Me to honor His wishes in this lifetime so that I would not fail. He was reminding Me that many of the messages that I get will be advanced and very difficult and uncomfortable for Me to deliver; but that I had to always remember to stay strong—for Him; and for the people on Earth so they would learn how to make wiser choices and create better karma for themselves. And, also to always choose loyalty to God over humans, and that My job in delivering His messages is not an easy one. It is a very difficult one because people will not want to hear many of His messages, but His messages are gifts. They are intended to save them from making negative karmic consequences here on Earth and in their Afterlife.

God Has Blessed Oracle Maureen with Leadership and Authority

~ God: June 9, 2020 

I was awoken to a message from God. 

First, I felt blissful energetic vibrations of energy fill Me up, as they traveled all throughout My body and around My body in My aura I saw a round gold light in My third eye. Then, I heard God say, “I have given You leadership and authority.” 

I felt Myself lift up out of My body. God raised My soul up, as He did, He continued to fill with more of His blissful vibrations, until I couldn’t feel My physical body any longer. 

Soon I saw a ‘Large White and Silver Hand’ suddenly come down from above Me. It was huge. God's massive Hand came down and touched Me on top of My head, and He said that I was being touched by the ‘Hand of God.’

As I watched this, God said: 

“God has blessed You with leadership and authority. 

I have given You wealth, so You are not dependent on them for income. I have given You the position of serving Jesus and the Ascended Masters—full-time. I have given You a very high ranking… Use Your position of leadership and authority so they will listen to You.” 

Then, God showed Me a vision of My charity's website, Angels Among Us (AAUF). He zoomed My vision in on a section called, How Heaven Sees It.” As He held My focus on this section, which is the area that talks about the visions that Heaven ‘exposes’ to Me where abuse, injustice, and suffering are happening in the world—God then said—“sinning” and “10 Commandments.”  He also wrote all this out in front of Me too, so I had to also see it. God then told Me that He wanted Me to help people understand that when they are committing these acts of abuse and harm against humans and animals that are revealed in this section—that they are actually ‘sinning’ or ‘making a mistake’ and that they are creating very painful negative karma consequences for themselves—because they have broken God’s Laws and offended God. I told God, I would continue to do My best to enlighten them—for their sake and for His. 

 More Messages Oracle Maureen Received

When She was Awarded Becoming Principal Oracle for God


“You Speak For Me” 

~ God: February 2023


I received a message from God, who asked Me to share it with you. 


Creator said: 


“Tell them You speak for Me. I created You to be a Principal Oracle for Me. My wisdom gets channeled through Your words and fingertips, when You speak and when You type. Tell them it is their choice whether to believe or to discount the true reality that I have gifted Earth, one of My most precious jewels, a daughter, who I hold close and created with the ability of advanced communication skills… which I rely on to speak for Me.


Tell them they are lucky I have shared You with them.”


“You have been a Principal Oracle for Me for Since Childhood."

~ God: February 2, 2022

God awoke Me up with a message. 

He said:

“You have been a Principal Oracle for Me for since childhood. You were not allowed to know this until now—because I wanted to protect You from the temptation of speaking the truth and revealing it when You would be questioned about Your advanced level of wisdom and ability to predict things with Your psychic abilities being so advanced.”

God continued: 

“You are at the top—like an executive. You are also in a ‘particular group’ of My Oracles/Messengers. 

There is ‘another’ set of laws that You must also abide by because of Your ranking and position or Your punishments could be more painful.”

God then told Me that I “obey another limiting set of rules” (in addition to His original ones, His 10 Commandments)—that I must obey in order to keep Myself “more pure, more disciplined and Holy so the Ascended Masters, Angels and I can use You—or We won’t be able to...”  

Creator explained the main reasons I have another ‘set of restrictions’ that I have to obey are because: One, too many toxins and being in a negative state too long will cause Me to get sick because My disposition is created at a much more sensitive level. Additionally, too much exposure to negative influences could lower the level of purity and ethics I have attained, which could then affect My ability of being chosen to work ‘directly’ for God and The Ascended Masters.


God said, 

“The additional responsibilities are ‘another limiting set of rules’ intended to keep You more pure, disciplined, and Holy—so the Ascended Masters, Angels and I can use You as Our Channel.”

Creator said I had to do a lot of extra work to manage this ‘additional set of restrictions’ in addition to His original ones, His 10 Commandments, and achieve what He needed Me to achieve in order to allow Me to function and serve Him as one of His Principal’s. God said that I succeeded in accomplishing this and was being rewarded My achievement. 

Direct Messenger for God

“You were created to be a ‘Direct Messenger’ for God” ~ Kuan Yin


Higher Connection to God

~ December 2, 2018

In My daily meditation, I received a message from God telling Me that I have achieved a higher level of connection to Him. As I was meditating, God announced Himself in a clear, powerful voice, sayingGod.” When He did, I saw with My physical eyes (which is more advanced than with My third eye), in the space right in front of Me, a very large, beautiful, colorful rainbow came down from the ceiling above Me. I saw it come out of a ‘White Window’ that was surrounded by a vast ‘Blue Sky’ (the Universe). It made a funnel of rainbow light that came down and surrounded Me. As the rays of the rainbow, ‘God’s Light,’ surrounded Me in a large halo of colorful lights, I then saw the ‘White Window’ in the ‘Blue Sky’ move down closer to the top of My head. As I watched this, God said, “You are at a higher level of connectivity with God.”


Kuan Yin Revealed to Me That I Am a ‘Direct Messenger’ for God

~ December 18, 2018


I was awakened by Kuan Yin, who appeared to Me and said, “You are a ‘direct messenger’ for Kuan Yin, for Jesus, and for God.” 

Suddenly, a flood of White Light appeared above My head. I saw that My head was very close to the White Light, with only a little space, about two inches, of separation from it. I could see that the Light had no end in sight and traveled throughout the Universe. I was told it was Heaven’s Light, and then I heard God announce Himself, saying it was God’s Light.”  

As I saw this, Kuan Yin said She was showing Me that I am close to God. She said I am a “Direct Messenger for God” and explained with My ranking that I am directly connected to God, with no other Guides, Angels, Saints, or Spiritual Beings needed to act as intermediaries. She said, “God communicates ‘directly’ to You.” 

I saw God’s vast White Light become brighter and travel like a massive ceiling above My head and like a floor beneath My feet throughout Earth. As Kuan Yin was speaking to Me, She held Her face right in front of My face, very close. I got to see Her wise dark brown almond-shaped eyes, the delicate features of Her beautiful face, and Her black hair (which was styled up in a bun) up close and in detail. When She said God’s name, a large, glowing ball of illuminating White Light appeared directly in front of Me, and I was filled with uplifting, loving vibrations that made Me feel like I was being lifted up. 


Kuan Yin then explained what a ‘Direct Messenger’ is.  She said:


“You work for and were created to be a ‘Direct Messenger’ for God and a ‘Primary Messenger’

for all three of Us—Kuan Yin, Jesus, and God.” 


Then, She added: 


“This means that there are no other Guides or Angels that work in between You and Us.  We do not communicate through any other Guides or Angels to communicate to You, and You do not have to go through any other Guides or Angels in order to communicate to Us.”


She went on to explain that being chosen as a ‘Direct Messenger for God’ was an honor bestowed upon Me due to My ranking as a High Priestess Oracle. It meant that I was spiritually advanced to work directly with God and His Ascended Masters. 

Kuan Yin said:


“Another way to understand what a ‘direct messenger’ is, is that You’re at the top of Your class and ranking. You are a High Priestess Oracle allowed to work directly with Ascended Masters Jesus and Kuan Yin, and with God.”

God Commanded that I Donate all My Profits to My Charity

~ January 3, 2019

I was woken up with a message from God and Kuan Yin about donating all of My profits to My, or rather Our, charity Angels Among Us Foundation. I heard God announce Himself to Me. As Creator woke Me up with visions of White Light engulfing Me, I saw Yin standing by the side of My bed. Next, They showed Me a long, painful vision of sick kids in Africa and the mothers who are also sick and not able to take care of them.


God said: 


“All of Your profits from Your work must be donated to Our Charity, which will go towards feeding the hungry, sick, and disadvantaged in third-world countries.”


Jesus Tells Me God Has Touched Me with Enlightenment and Gifts

February 2019

Jesus appeared to Me saying I have “received enlightenment from God.”  He showed Me a vision where I saw Myself standing and looking up to Heaven. Jesus was standing right by My side, as close to Me as possible, on My right side. Then a huge ray of White Light was cast down from Heaven onto My eyes and then penetrated My forehead, which is My third eye (clairvoyance). The White Light then filled the upper half of My face and the top of My head, which is My crown chakra (the knowing chakra). I saw My third eye and crown chakra glowing in White Light. As Heaven’s Light was being cast onto Me, I saw Jesus turn towards Me and watch as the White Light touched Me. I then heard God announce Himself and say, God has touched You with enlightenment and gifts, and Jesus watches over You. You stand close to Jesus.”


God Wants Me to Focus on Just Obeying Him and Doing My Job

~ April 2019

God woke Me up with a vision telling Me that He “wants [Me] to share [My] visions with the people and educate them.” He showed Me talking in front of groups of people, teaching classes, and doing group readings. Then, He showed Me walking away saying, “I’ve done My job to educate them, now it’s up to them to decide for themselves what to believe.” I saw Myself walk on when I was finished speaking, and God said, “You will just walk on when You are done.”

God Tells Me that I “Work for God

~ May 24, 2019

God woke Me up with a strong vision saying that I work for God. In the vision, God showed Me as a waitress, wearing a uniform. He said, “You serve people whatever they want (readings, healings, clearings, investigations, classes). You can give them whatever they want.” As Creator said this, He lit My hands up in glowing white light.  


Then He pulled My hands up over My head, into the air, and put silver bracelets on My wrists. The silver bracelets each had a silver chain that went up to Heaven, connecting Me to God. He pulled My wrists up and connected Me to Him when He said, “I am Your Boss. You work for Me.”  Then He tied My wrists, using the bracelets, up to Him. Strongly. 


God Tells Me I Must Obey Him and that I “Listen to a Higher Power  

June 12, 2019


Getting ready to teach a class, I was overcome with blissful vibrations and the feeling of love washing over Me. Then, I heard God announce Himself to Me. He said one strong statement, loudly and clearly; 

“You listen to a Higher Power. You must listen and obey God above all Earthlings because

You are a ‘Direct Messenger to God’.” 

Creator then told Me that the students will not always listen and welcome My lessons. There will be teachings for them that they may not want to hear and will resist. I must continually remain strong in My commitment to present the knowledge that God will ask Me to share with others.


God said:

“The students, the Earthlings, will challenge You—out of ignorance, defiance, or lack of wisdom, and that You are to be strong to all of the teachings that God wants You to deliver, because there will be lessons that the students will not want to hear and will not receive easily.” 


I Received a Wedding Ring from God

June 2019

Jesus came to Me to reveal that I was chosen to be a ‘Direct Messenger’ for God (and for Him.) As He told Me this, Jesus said He was giving Me wedding rings from each of Them. I then saw Jesus take a ring off His finger. It was like an arced rainbow of light, glistening with gemstones of green, pink, purple, yellow, blue, and orange with a large ray of white light in the middle.


Jesus placed the ring on the middle finger of My right hand and said, 


“You are being given a gift by God. He is marrying You as a ‘Direct Messenger.’”

♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ 

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