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Remembering Jesus on Good Friday

He Died for You

Jesus gave us the ultimate gift that one can give; He gave His life so we could have Heaven.I know because I was there, and He has asked Me to “open up” and tell you what I witnessed when I endured the pain of losing Him during My lifetime with Him as one of His Apostles, Mary of Bethany, and His second wife.Last week, Jesus asked Me to “talk more about who [I] truly am, which is Mary of Bethany.”  He told Me that if I had the courage to do so more often and share more of what I know, “God would grant you more graces” for My bravery, honesty level, and for pleasing Him.I am sharing what I experienced to both enlighten you that Jesus’s Crucifixion really did transpire and to please God with the gifts of clarity that He has given Me.Years ago, Jesus woke Me up and said, “I died for you (meaning mankind).” He then told Me to tell people — that is exactly what He did when He was crucified.

Jesus came to earth with the mission and desire of enlightening humans about the connection between sins, mistakes, and suffering, as well as the connection between how making ethical choices creates peace, harmony, and love, which brings us joy. In addition to this, each path also creates an Afterlife that we will experience once our incarnations are complete. It will either be one of pain in the lower realms or one of bliss in God’s Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus worked tirelessly to teach us this — all to save us from having to endure the pain and suffering that making unwise choices that go against God’s Will creates.

I (Mary of Bethany) was there, and I watched as the Roman soldiers came to Mount Olive in the morning hours and kidnapped Jesus when We didn't suspect it because we were vulnerable and asleep. I saw them tie His hands behind His back and surround Him so we couldn’t rescue Him. They were dressed in uniforms with swords in their hands. We, Jesus’s Apostles and Jesus, were barefoot and wearing nightgowns. My hair was down in long braids, and I had long bangs. As they took Him, I saw how I yelled at the soldiers while throwing rocks at them and crying hysterically. As I threw stones at them in retaliation, I screamed, “You can’t take Him from us.”  But they did, and I, and the others, were devastated.

I then saw Myself standing at His feet after they had finally crucified Him. Jesus said, “You were standing right at My feet when they crucified Me.”  I saw Myself weeping and felt the feelings of despair of “losing the love of My life.” I saw Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene also crying in agony.

Jesus said the Roman soldiers who killed Him were “hangmen.”

Jesus suffered greatly before and during His horrific Crucifixion.  

Before He was hung, Jesus gave Me several more painful visions and showed Me that He was imprisoned, starved, beaten, spit on, verbally slandered, and stoned — and not just by the soldiers. Many in the public participated in brutalizing Him. He also told Me that He suffered much worse than the Bible conveys.

We want you to know the truth so that you can have the chance to pay Christ more respect for all that He endured to help us create a better life for ourselves here and in our Afterlife by learning how to evolve.  Jesus came to earth to show us the way to make our lives better so we could earn a place in His and God’s Paradise of Heaven, where only love and serenity exist.

Please show Jesus your gratitude this Good Friday for all that He endured and sacrificed so you could have a better life here… and for your eternity. ❤️🙏☮️


Saint Mary of Bethany

Oracle Maureen


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