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Mary of Bethany


Oracle Maureen Made the Ultimate Sacrifice for Jesus


Oracle Maureen-Mary of Bethany Made the Ultimate Sacrifice for Jesus and was Anointed a Saint

I was awoken for a message from Jesus. Jesus and God gave Me another ‘Gift of Clarity,’ by taking away more amnesia, showing Me more details about My why I have earned the privileges, rites, and ranking that God has awarded Me. After God and Jesus gave Me this insight, They Both asked Me to tell My story to help give you more insight into Jesus’s life and His Apostles, namely—His devoted female Apostles. Jesus, said, that the ones who walked the exact same path that the male Apostles walked and were given recognition to.


Jesus said, it is His wish for His


“female Apostles to be recognized in the same ways that (His) male Apostles have been glorified when They sacrificed Their lives for Him and His name and carried on His teachings, because They were not.”


Jesus said that He wants people to know that His female Apostles, His three wives, and His other female Apostles (several more and not wives) had “the same level of courage, bravery and strength that My male Apostles had and gave Me, but have never been acknowledged because They have not been included in the Bible.”  


Mary of Bethany was one of His female Apostles who gave of Herself for Christ—to the point of sacrificing Her life for Him.


Jesus said, His female Apostles


“gave glory and devotion to Christ to the highest-level possible… to the One true Messiah, Jesus Christ—when so many, the vast majority on Earth, refused to stand up for who He was or who were out to destroy Me for their own personal self-gain.” 


Oracle Maureen-Mary of Bethany was not planning on including this part of Her life that She was shown because of the intensity of it. Jesus, however, appeared to Her and asked Her to include it, because He said He wanted people to have the full awareness of Her.


Jesus said:


“I wish for people to know full extent of Mary of Bethany’s contribution in My life and My teachings, and how committed and loyal She was to My as both My Apostle and My “betrothed”—which furthered My mission in helping mankind evolve through spreading Her efforts in carrying forth My teachings.”


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“You ‘Listened’ To Your Psychic Abilities…. When You Were Mary of Bethany”

~ Jesus: April 15, 2023

During the period that I was writing the conclusion of the Mary of Bethany Revelation, I received this message and experience from Jesus. I was leaving the gym and walking to My car after doing a long workout at the gym. Suddenly, I saw Jesus appear behind Me and I was just stunned. Then He moved right in front of Me. 

He gave Me a big vision of My mouth. Jesus then moved back behind Me, very close behind Me. He showed Me a vision My entire face. He then brought My eyes back to My mouth, and He put a ‘Ray of White Light Around My Lips.’ He kept My eyes looking at My mouth which was filled and surrounded in a ‘Ray of White Light,’ while He gave Me this message.

Jesus said:

“You never doubted or betrayed Me the entire time We were on Earth together. You were only always wholly devoted and committed to Me. You were loyal, respectful, and grateful for My teachings and believed Me the entire time I was there.

One of the reasons that You were able to be so firm with Your convictions and believe in Me, and never doubt Me was not only Your love and commitment to Me being entirely true and genuine—but it was also because of the advanced, psychic and spiritual gifts that God gifted You with on Earth as Mary of Bethany.

God created You with advanced psychic and spiritual gifts. You listened to God and the Spirit Guides and Angels. You listened to Your intuition and paid attention to the messages You got through Your psychic abilities, which validated and guided You into understanding and accepting that I was the Holy One sent to Earth.

You need to know it was also because of who You were—a being created at an advanced level spiritually and gifted a higher level of wisdom. It was because You did honor and pay attention to Your spiritual gifts and relied on them, and God rewarded You for doing so.

If others had paid attention to their intuition and psychic gifts at whatever level they were developed—many people would have not turned against Me and denied and ignored the messages God and the Guides and Angels gave them…. but You did not.

God commended You for that and You need to know that.

They need to know that, and I want You to tell them that… And I want You to tell them that Your Devotion to Me back then rewarded You with tremendous privileges because You are pure of heart, and for the loyalty, commitment, and devotion that You gave to Me.

You were rewarded ‘Tenfold’ in ways that have advanced Your soul and the quality of life You get to experience on Earth—And in Heaven.”


Sensitive Content Below

Mary of Bethany's Final Days

Mary of Bethany Spent Her Life Carrying on the Teachings of Jesus

and Even Gave Her Life to Glorify Her Husband—The Messiah.


“You Were Executed… You Sacrificed Your Life For Me.”

~ Jesus: April 21, 2023

This was a very difficult message for Me to receive and for Jesus to have to give Me. But, it is an important one because it gives so much more insight that the Bible, unfortunately, did not reveal. The biggest lesson from My story that I hope people learn is that—I—as Mary of Bethany, am a true testament to the miraculous being that Jesus was when He came to Earth… and is while He sits on His golden throne in Heaven, continuing to guide and help us. I would not have chosen to embrace His path, carry His cross for Him, and endure the pain and suffering that I did back then if He was anything less than the miraculous Messiah given to us as a gift to help save us and enlighten us. 


I received a visitation from Jesus on April 21, 2023, while sleeping. I was lying on My right side, and He completely stunned Me when He awoke Me and suddenly said: 


“You were executed.”


I then saw the word “executed” spelled out in white letters on a black background. Jesus’s voice sounded somber and sad. I felt His sadness fill Me up when He said this. I lay there, confused and shocked. I then saw a vision of Myself. Jesus showed it to Me fast to spare Me from being more disturbed than He knew I would be. 


I was heartbroken when I saw Myself hanging from a rope. There was a noose wrapped around My neck, and I hung motionless from a long wooden pole. My head was hanging down, limp, with My long brown hair and bangs covering My face. My arms and legs dangled helplessly by My side. I was utterly disturbed to see Myself like this and started feeling anxious. I was wearing a nightgown and was noticeably thin, alarmingly thin. It was obvious by how thin I was that I had been starved, which made Me even more unnerved. I was hung, but I could see that I wasn’t dead. A dark grey tint was cast over the vision depicting pain, suffering, and mourning. 


Jesus filled Me with His deep sorrow as He showed Me what happened to Me. I was overcome with feelings of despair, both His and Mine, as it started to sink in what happened to Me and the misery that I endured… and then suddenly, I had a memory of this painful event surface inside of Me. 


As I lay there with My head on My pillow, I was alarmed when I heard a heavy, large sword hit the ground right next to My left ear. It was horrible because I heard it unusually loudly. It shocked Me when I heard the ‘clank, clank’ that a sword makes when it falls to the ground. Then, I saw a big vision of a ‘Large Machete Sword’ hit the concrete floor beside My face. I saw the sword's hilt bounce twice before My face as it fell to the floor. I was astounded to see this… a large sword just an inch from My face, so close it looked like it would hit My head. My anxiety increased further. I felt dread fill Me up as I lay there looking at the hilt of a huge sword lying directly in front of My face. The sword was golden and extraordinarily large, like a machete. 


I lay there scared and confused as to why there was a machete less than an inch in front of My face and why I had to hear it make the ‘clank, clank’ noise so loudly. Then, Jesus gave Me clarity. Very quickly, He said:


“You spoke My name. You spent the rest of Your life teaching My lessons and carrying on My lessons for Me on Earth—and it earned You special privileges… because You spoke My name. 


They kidnapped You. They imprisoned You. They tortured You, raped You, and beheaded You.”


When He said this, He showed Me a vision of a group of soldiers. They wore armor with shields on their chests, small round helmets on their heads, and carried very large machete swords. The soldiers were coming at Me, and I saw and felt Myself panic and try to get away. 


When the soldiers caught Me, Jesus said, “Roman soldiers. You were caught… Rome, Italy.”  


Then Jesus said they kept Me in a “basement prison cell, where [I was] doomed. [I] had no way of escaping.” 


I saw a vision of a tiny prison cell made of all concrete blocks with straw on the floor. I saw that it was clearly in the basement of the prison. When I saw the prison cell, I suddenly went into a state of high anxiety and panic on a whole different level. It triggered the memory of being held and suffering there. Something inside My soul shifted, and I felt emotions erupt from inside of Me as a brief memory of that painful time in My life came over Me. I remembered being trapped there and the pain and misery I endured in that prison cell. I also remembered that I was tortured for a long. When I remembered this horrific ordeal, I became distraught. I lay there feeling nothing except despair. Jesus kept comforting Me and taking the painful feelings out of Me. 


Then Jesus said they “executed You because You refused to back down and denounce [Me].” He said, instead, I “gave praise and glory to Jesus and God” and remained devoted to Him. He said all of this very fast to Me to protect Me from the pain of having to hear it.  Jesus then filled Me with the most extraordinary vibrations of sorrow and compassion from Him and His gratitude for what I endured to defend His honor. 


Jesus told Me they were unsuccessful in killing Me by hanging Me, even though they were also hurting and torturing Me while they hung Me, because of His protection—to show them that I was a Holy One. When they couldn’t kill Me by hanging Me was when they beheaded Me.


Jesus said that when I finally died that I had “fulfilled [My] duty, successfully, and that is why and when God and Jesus allowed [Me] to finally be released from this painful ordeal and be raised back up to Heaven, to be reunited with Jesus and resume serving Him, and God—from Heaven.”


God and Jesus removed more amnesia, allowing some memories to surface again. While They did, Jesus held Me close to lessen the pain I was beginning to feel as God brought back some of these memories. 


Jesus said:


“They caught You… kidnapped You… held You as a prisoner… tortured You… starved You… raped You… gang-raped You… and then finally….. beheaded You. 


They did it because You were living Your life for Me, teaching My lessons... helping people and speaking My name—and You refused to back down.”


Jesus continued, speaking very fast, again to protect Me from feeling more pain than I had to. He filled Me with His sorrow, compassion, and love when He said:


“You sacrificed Your life for Me. 


You were executed because You stood up for Me by spending the rest of Your life [after My Crucifixion] speaking up for Me and spreading My lessons—this led to Your capture and execution of being tortured and beheaded because You gave the ultimate act—You sacrificed Your life for Me. 


You never turned away from Your commitment and devotion to Me… And so God gave You extra Privileges and Rites…  this is also what made You a Saint and a special Principal Oracle for Me…. this is why You are ‘Saint Mary of Bethany.’


My other female apostles—The wives (Mary Magdalene is His first wife; Mary of Bethany is His second; and there is a third) and the other female apostles (He told there were a few)—also suffered the same fate. 


“I want You to share Your story and tell people that My female Apostles—a few of them—had the same level of courage, bravery, and commitment that the male Apostles did. 


They laid down Their lives for Me—making the ultimate sacrifice in My name and for Me… and that They, and Their stories, were not included in the Bible, as They should have been. They should have been recognized.


The reason that Yours was not, as well as Theirs, was because of prejudice and discrimination. Women were considered a much lower class than males, and Their contributions were dismissed. 


The males who were in charge of writing the Bible made the mistake of not bringing honor and recognition to My female Apostles, who gave Their lives for Me... and went above and beyond (also), and who were not recognized in the Bible. But, who were recognized and anointed as Saints by God—because of Their exceptional level of commitment and devotion to both Me and God—as well as Their advanced level of virtues, purity, and wisdom.


You were one of Them—now You know why You are a Saint.”


It was a challenging experience to receive all of this information and have these memories given back to Me. After receiving this clarity and having so much amnesia removed, I was emotional for a long time when I remembered what I endured in My incarnation as Mary of Bethany. It was equally painful for Jesus to have to tell Me this. I could feel how it hurt Him by how He kept sending Me His feelings of deep sorrow, compassion, gratitude, and love throughout the experience. 


In addition to His love, Jesus also filled Me with His feelings of devotion to Me—for all of the pain and suffering that I endured for Him, never denying Him, and for making the ‘ultimate sacrifice’ for Him…  Choosing to sacrifice My life to defend His name and honor.  


Jesus recognized Me with His gratitude for My act of spending the rest of My life enlightening people about Him, His teachings, and His miracles; and defending His honor and God’s—and for doing it out of nothing except pure unconditional love and devotion to Him and God… because I believed in Them. 


Jesus stayed with Me for most of the night after He and God finished showing Me this significant part of My life as Mary of Bethany. They helped Me recover from the sadness and despair that had been re-ignited in My soul, heart, and mind from remembering this traumatic event in My past incarnation. Jesus sent Me healing energy and held Me in His loving embrace until I was finally back in a peaceful state, and He could put Me back to sleep.


I continue to receive more visions from Jesus and God, showing Me more details about the period of My life as Mary of Bethany and Jesus’s second wife. The process of removing the amnesia and restoring My memories is sometimes a happy one and sometimes a painful one. Either way, I cherish every memory They give Me because they reveal so much fascinating new information about Jesus’s life, including periods that are not mentioned in the Bible.


Jesus’s hope, and Mine, in sharing My story, as Mary of Bethany, is that it will open a door for you so you continue to learn more about The Messiah, as well as continue to learn from Him—so that you can earn His gifts, miracles and the chance of making into His Kingdom of Paradise in your Afterlife. 

Mary of Bethany's Final Days

Jesus’s Message to Me, Oracle Maureen-Mary of Bethany, His Second Wife


While finishing writing the conclusion of My revelation, Jesus appeared to Me and gave Me this message. He asked Me to include it for Him to enlighten people more about Mary of Bethany and His deep devotion to Her.


Jesus said:


“At the end of the day, You are My bride, Mary of Bethany. Despite what others will say, and how they will perceive Our messages that were intended to enlighten them, it will have no bearing on the fact of the matter that You, Oracle Maureen, are Mary of Bethany, My chosen beloved wife, whom I chose to embrace to that sacred level when I incarnated on Earth. Nothing will ever change that.


We simply have given them the opportunity to learn more about My life that was just not included in the Bible because of blatant prejudice, jealousy from Your peers, and competition—which has saddened Me all of these many years… which is why I have called upon You to speak up on My behalf and open up information about My life on Earth—that those who could have chosen to include it in the Bible—failed Me and failed mankind by choosing not to, because of their limited thinking.


Whether or not the world is prepared or evolved enough to fully embrace what We have chosen to share is not Our concern; it will be on them. We can feel good knowing that We have fulfilled Our mission of enlightening them and telling the truth of who You were to Me when I was there on Earth, and give them more insights about Me if they so desire to know. 


 We have completed Our mission and will be rewarded accordingly by God.


My hope and My desire is that their feelings of competition, jealousy, and fears do not block them from allowing themselves to believe the gift that God has given You and Me to be allowed to be shared on Earth, so that I may be allowed to share more of Myself through You to those who desire to learn more about Me and from Me.”


~ Jesus Christ: June 25, 2023 

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