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Mary of Bethany


Divine Intervention Prepares Maureen to Find Out

She is the Biblical Figure Mary of Bethany

For several weeks leading up to receiving the extraordinary revelation that Oracle Maureen was the Biblical figure, Mary of Bethany, and Jesus’s other (second) wife and the one who anointed His feet with Holy oils, Maureen received an enormous amount of messages and special visitations from Heaven. Jesus, God, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Mary Magdalene, and Her collective group of Spirit Guides and Angels all came to Her during this time and told Her, again and again, that She had had a “close, special, intimate relationship with Jesus” as His “girlfriend.” 


The messages during this period were even more advanced than previous messages. They were longer, movie-level visions and given to Her more frequently, showing Her more details depicting the life She lived when She and Jesus were romantic partners. 


In revealing Her past incarnation and bringing back memories that God and Jesus wanted Her to remember, God and Jesus wanted Maureen to accept this truth about the lifetime She lived as Jesus’s beloved. Oracle Maureen came to understand this, but what She didn’t understand was why They were giving Her this intense Divine Intervention—when They were. 


Oracle Maureen was amazed during this month, before receiving the Mary of Bethany of revelation, of receiving Divine Intervention, mainly because of the intensity and frequency of Heaven’s messages. After a few weeks of living in this state, Maureen finally realized that, given the unusual intensity of Their visitations, Jesus, God, and Her Guides must be building up to making an announcement or a point of something. But She didn’t know what it could be. 



Jesus, God, Her Guides, and Angels Intervened, Helping Her Accept Her Past Incarnation as Jesus’s Beloved Girlfriend

Heaven gave Oracle Maureen even more ‘Gifts of Clarity’ by continuing to show Her more details of Her life with Jesus when They were on Earth together and the love They had for each Other, as well as the reality that Their love continues to exist in Heaven where She lives with Him as one of His wives, still sitting at His right side, serving Him. 


While receiving these messages and visitations, Oracle Maureen didn’t just sit back and watch them as a detached spectator. Instead, She received Their movie-visions and heard Their messages while feeling all the emotions. They wanted Her to re-live. God took away layers of amnesia from Her so that She could remember these experiences from long ago. As the memories surfaced, they reignited the feelings and memories of times that She had lived, when She and Jesus were together on Earth as a committed couple.



Heaven Restored Maureen’s Memory of Her Past Incarnation with Jesus as His Beloved

When Heaven revealed Her life with Jesus, Maureen was unprepared for the feelings and memories that would resurface. While watching the visions and hearing the messages that Jesus brought to Her, Maureen would witness them while feeling Jesus’s love for Her.  She would see Their past encounters, and suddenly, Jesus would send His feelings of ‘being in love’ into Her, which stunned Her every time. He would send Her the feelings that He felt for Her back then, the feeling of ‘being in love with Her,’ all while showing Her the memories of Him and Her together back then. Jesus would then change the energy and shift Her heart into feeling the same feelings of being ‘in love with Him’ right after. 


This was incredibly overwhelming for Maureen to experience. This is when She finally started to shift and let His ‘Gift of Clarity’ in deeper and accept what Heaven had been showing Her for the past eight years, instead of trying to deny Their beautiful gift of showing Her that She was someone special to Jesus.


Oracle Maureen was overjoyed to have been given this highly unusual and very advanced ‘Gift of Clarity,’ but also nervous about letting Her defenses down—given it was so extraordinary and rare. It was about Jesus, after all, and it was not mentioned in the Bible. She sometimes would say that She didn’t feel worthy of being in this situation, but then, immediately, She would be met with a response from Heaven correcting Her and telling Her that She was worthy… and that She was, in fact, His beloved. Needless to say, Oracle Maureen continued to be blown away by this information.


God, Jesus, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Mary Magdalene, and Her Guides and Angels all visited Oracle Maureen frequently, nearly every few hours—around the clock, day and night. Jesus was the primary One who came to Her during this period. His visitations were nearly every day. He stood even closer to Her and for longer periods now, telling Her and showing Her the truth of Their relationship—trying to help Her remember and accept that She was one of His beloveds when He was on Earth and still is today. Jesus and the Others from Heaven worked hard to help bring Oracle Maureen back to a place of clarity so that She would remember and accept Her life and Her relationship with Jesus as His beloved girlfriend. 



Maureen Received Messages, for Years, Showing Her She Was Jesus’s Girlfriend…

Before Heaven Finally Revealed… She is Mary of Bethany

Even though Oracle Maureen had been receiving messages that She was a girlfriend to Jesus for eight years, since 2015, She was always left in amazement. In the visions, Jesus showed Her how She sits or stands very close to Him, “only a couple inches” away from Him, and how He would embrace Her like a “girlfriend." 


Jesus‘s messages were always unique, loving, and very clear in how He communicated to Maureen Their love story and His deep love for Her. He would remind Her that She held the same type of love for Him when She was with Him on Earth and still does when She is in Heaven where She lives with Him, serving Him (when She is not in an incarnation on Earth). When Jesus showed Her these visions, Jesus also filled Her with sensations, again of His feelings of ‘being in love with Her,’ which was so powerful that it surrendered Her into silence and a very emotional state—every time.


During this month of Divine Intervention intended to prepare Oracle Maureen for the revelation that She is Mary of Bethany, Jesus also communicated to Her by sending Her messages using songs. He sent Her His praises and serenaded Her through many song lyrics. He used specific song lyrics to express His sentiments and feelings, such as: how He was still watching over Her; how He is still with Her (all of the time); how She sits very close to Him (only a couple inches away); how much He loves Her; and, how much She loved Him—when They were on Earth together… and when They are together in Heaven. The songs also expressed how much He still loves Her today, how They are still together, and how She is still His beloved girlfriend who stands very close to Him at His right side.


She was so moved when He gave Her these experiences that She made an even bigger shift into accepting who She is, Her role in helping Him, and the love that He gives to Her, which is just like the love of a committed partner. 


At this stage, Oracle Maureen finally started shifting out of fear, letting down more of Her walls. allowing Jesus in closer to Her heart, and accepting Her past and who She is. 

Divine Intervention was a Gift Intended to Help Maureen Accept Her Extraordinary Revelation—that She is Mary of Bethany 

After the revelation, Jesus told Maureen that the month of Divine Intervention She was given was much more intense and advanced to help prepare Her for Her revelation. 


Jesus said, He wanted Her to “accept, and not deny, the revelation, because it was so extraordinary and unique.” He said the songs offered another level of intimacy that allowed Him to convey His feelings for Her (and Hers for Him)—which is that Jesus is “still deeply in love“ with Her and that He wanted Her “to know and understand this.” 


Finally, the question of why Jesus gave Oracle Maureen the message in 2015 of…“I wish for You to Read the Bible to find out who We are…” would be answered when God and Jesus gave Her God’s ‘Gift of Clarity.’ On February 19, 2023, They amazed Her by revealing that She is the Biblical figure, Mary of Bethany. They also confirmed that She is the one who anointed Jesus’s feet with Holy oils and was one of Christ’s Apostles. They gave Her, and the world, clarity to know that Mary of Bethany was much more than a close, trusted friend to Jesus. She was chosen by Christ to be His beloved second wife. 

Before the Revelation

Jesus Showed Oracle Maureen She Was in a Close, Personal & Committed Relationship with Him


Before Receiving the Revelation She is Mary of Bethany, Maureen Was Enlightened She was Jesus’s Girlfriend 


In 2015, Oracle Maureen is Stunned to Receive the Incredible Insight that She was Jesus’s Beloved Girlfriend. Before Oracle Maureen received the astounding revelation that She is the Biblical figure, Mary of Bethany—and Jesus’s other wife (second to Mary Magdalene) and the one who anointed His feet with Holy oils—She had been informed years earlier that She was a close, personal friend to Jesus—an actual “girlfriend.” 


However, during the years that She was given this revelation, Heaven never said who She was at the time. Jesus and the Others from Heaven only let Oracle Maureen know that She was on Earth when Jesus was on Earth and that He had chosen Her to be His girlfriend. 


Oracle Maureen received visitations showing Her this for eight years, leaving Her baffled and confused… until finally, She received complete clarity on February 19, 2023—when Jesus and God revealed to Her that when She was Jesus’s girlfriend, She was … Mary of Bethany.


Oracle Maureen Received Messages from Heaven for Eight Years, Showing Her She was Jesus’s Beloved Girlfriend

In 2015, Jesus, God, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Her collective group of Guides and Angels surprised Oracle Maureen when They started appearing to Her, telling Her that She had a “special relationship with Jesus, to the level of being His girlfriend.”


They All said, in numerous messages over many years, that the reason that She had been allowed to ascend to the position of serving Him—first as a ‘Regular Full Time Oracle’ (years ago) was because when He was on Earth, She was “a special, close, intimate Oracle to Jesus.” They explained to Her that She was not just one of His friends but that He chose Her to be “One His Apostles… and also His girlfriend” 


Oracle Maureen was completely taken aback as They gave Her this revelation in movie-level visions with great detail over eight years.  


They told Her that They wanted Her to understand why She was granted Her position of serving Christ so closely—on a regular full-time basis. They said that Her ranking, a very close position to Him, had much more significance behind it. They told Her that She was allowed to serve Christ so close because—He had chosen Her to be a “trusted, close friend… to the level of an actual girlfriend” when She and Jesus were on Earth at the same time.  They wanted Maureen to understand this and that when She was being allowed to earn being promoted to serve Jesus Christ closer with each advancement in Her ascension process—it was in large part due to “a long-standing, special, committed relationship (that She already had) with Jesus—where They were boyfriend and girlfriend” (and He loved and trusted Her).


Oracle Maureen was stunned every time She saw Their messages showing this to Her and hearing Them say, “You are special, intimate, close Oracle to Jesus… a close, trusted girlfriend.” 


She was so blown away by the information and the level of detail that They gave Her that She never talked about it. She thought these messages would eventually stop, but they didn’t. After a couple of years of receiving them, Maureen recognized that although it may not be mentioned in the Bible, it was still a very important aspect of Jesus’s life—to Jesus and God and all the Others in Heaven visiting Her… because They were not stopping with telling Her this. So, after the second year of receiving them, She finally honored Their request to document the messages, and She started to write them down. 


Oracle Maureen was overjoyed and speechless to receive such advanced insight into Her past lifetime. Jesus and the Others from Heaven showed Her, movie after movie, visions of Her looking just like She did when She was much younger, in Her early 20s, and always with very long brown hair that went down almost to Her waist, the experiences that She had with Jesus as His beloved girlfriend and devoted Apostle when He and She were on Earth together.


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ 

Jesus Asked Oracle Maureen to Read the Bible

So She Could Know "...who We Are” 


Five Years Before Receiving the Revelation She is Mary of Bethany, Maureen Received this Request from Jesus...

In 2018, Jesus asked Oracle Maureen to read the Bible. He appeared to Her in Her bedroom and said He “wished for Her to read the Bible to find out who We are.”


Maureen was confused. She didn’t understand what He meant when He said, “who We are.”  Stunned, She delayed responding. He repeated the words to Her, “I wish for You to read the Bible, so You can know who We are.” She caught on that He was hinting at something possibly in Her past, but She had no idea what it could be.


Maureen was not looking forward to reading the entire Bible because She knew it was difficult to read. You must work through many metaphors, parables, brutal wars, and other painful events. But, She was not going to disappoint or disobey Him, so She honored His request. However, it was nagging at Her that He didn’t clarify exactly what He meant when He said He wanted Her to read the Bible—so She could find out “who We are.” 


She couldn’t fathom what it meant, so She pushed it aside, knowing He would give Her clarity one day. 


While reading the Bible, Maureen was met with various surprises. Jesus showed Her several experiences where She was there with Him. Maureen was stunned to see that She had been there with Him by His side—many times. 


Jesus amazed Her even more when He showed Her that She was by His side at several significant moments in His life. He has asked Her to share a few here.


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ 


Here Are a Few Messages Jesus Gave Oracle Maureen While Reading the Bible, After Honoring Jesus’s Request

The Last Supper

Mary of Bethany Was There; She was the ‘Second Woman’ to Jesus’s Right 

Jesus showed Me a long movie-level vision of Him sitting at a table with a group of people. It was an oval table. He was sitting in the middle. Everyone was sitting on the floor. He then moved My eyes and showed Me a group of four women. They were all sitting on His right side. I was startled to see Myself sitting there. He showed Me I was the ‘second woman’ on His right side. 


Jesus said:


“The Last Supper. You were there. Tell them…”


I then saw a group of men. There were six of them. They were sitting on His left side. I was floored.


Jesus sat much higher than the rest of us. We were all dressed in white. Jesus glowed in His white gown.



Mount Olive

Mary of Bethany Fought to Save Jesus by Throwing and screaming at Jesus’s Captors to Make Them Stop

Jesus showed Me an excruciating time in My past life—and His. He showed Me when He was taken, I was there and witnessed it. Jesus showed Me that I was at Mount Olive with Him and the other Apostles when the soldiers came to capture Him. 


He showed Me that I was furious and devasted when He was captured and that I chased the soldiers who took Him. 


Jesus said when they took Him, “You cried hysterically when they came to get Me, and You did this.” I saw Myself running after the group of soldiers who had Jesus. Jesus was in the middle of them. He was wearing a white nightgown. They had His hands tied behind His back. He was barefoot. 


Jesus again said: 


“When they came to get Me, this is what You did.”


I then saw Myself chasing after them and screaming, “You can’t take Him from us!” As I was running after them, yelling at them and crying, I was throwing rocks at the soldiers. I was also only wearing a nightgown and barefoot. I looked very young, just like I looked in My 20s, except My hair was exceptionally long, almost down to My waist. In this vision, My long brown hair was in long braids. I even had the same thin figure that I did when I was in My 20s and even now. I could see that I was filled with fury and had no fear of the soldiers, even though I knew any one of them could have turned around and destroyed Me in a minute. When I couldn’t stop the soldiers and save Jesus, I kept throwing stones at them. I saw how some of the other Apostles eventually held Me back and held My arms down so that I couldn’t throw rocks at them anymore and enrage them, causing them to also take Me.


When Jesus showed Me this memory, He took a lot of amnesia away from Me and ignited this memory and the feelings of this experience. I was overcome with rage, anger, and hopelessness, to the point where I began crying during the vision because of the pain it brought back. I felt devastation and heartbreak because they took the love of My life away from Me. 


As I remembered all this, I could feel tears filling My eyes. I started going into high anxiety—just like what I felt when I was there and lived through that experience. The Roman soldiers kidnapped Jesus, an innocent man who was only doing good things for people, including—saving their lives and giving them miracles. It was horrible to have to re-live the injustice and pain of one of the most devastating experiences of My existence. 


Jesus said that when I was doing that, I was “trying to fight to save” Him, “no matter what.” 


I lay there weeping from the pain and sadness that I had felt—of losing the most important person in the world to Me, the one I loved more than anyone else—My husband and someone whom I knew was special and helping this world in ways that no one could. The memories came back of when I had to live through the despair that I just lost My best friend and husband and knew He would no longer be with Me on Earth. It was one of the most painful memories that He brought back to Me. 


Jesus stayed by My side, embracing Me and sending Me His love and healing energy until He finally shifted Me out of sadness and despair and brought Me back to feeling peaceful again. He held Me until He was able to put Me back to sleep.



Jesus’s Crucifixion

Mary of Bethany was Standing in the Front Row, Weeping in Despair

Jesus showed Me that I was at His Crucifixion. Completely unprepared, Jesus shocked Me when He woke Me up and showed Me a long movie-vison where I was “standing right in front” of His feet, crying in despair, while He was hanging on the cross when He was crucified. I was devasted to see this, to see Myself weeping and having to look at Him being tortured—and so closely. This was a horrifying experience to have to live through again. This and when they took Him from Mount Olive are undoubtedly the most painful memories He has brought back to Me. 


As I watched and felt all of this, Jesus said,


“You were at My Crucifixion.”


I saw Myself standing directly in front of Jesus’s feet, very close, only a few inches from Him. I was crying and could feel the despair, anger, and hopelessness welling inside Me. Soon, the feelings overwhelmed Me, and I couldn’t hold back the tears of losing the love of My life, and they ran down My cheeks. As I watched this movie-vision, I felt the anxiety and misery I felt back then of Jesus’s pain and torture as I watched Him suffer on that cross… angry and sad that I was losing My best friend and husband. 


I laid there, crying, as He brought back the memory, and also feeling confused and in shock—especially since He showed Me that I was in the front row… right up to His feet, only several inches from Him. I lay there as the feelings of heartache and mourning came over Me. It was gut-wrenching. Jesus eventually calmed Me down and shifted the feelings of despair out of Me until I finally felt peaceful again. But while He did, I still felt confused because I didn’t understand why I would be at His Crucifixion. 


It would be six years later when Jesus and God, and the Others, would finally tell Me that it was because I was Mary of Bethany, His other wife, and that was why I was standing so close to His feet. It was because I was His wife that I felt utterly heartbroken, the pain of losing My husband and best friend. 


Maureen Had to Wait to Be Given Clarity About Who She Was in The Bible

By now, I was trying to accept that I was someone from the Bible, but I had no idea who. It was a lot for Me to get My head around, so I just put all these visions and information about My past to the side. It was incredible to see Myself sharing these experiences with Jesus. I tried not to deny everything that I was being given, but because of the magnitude of the information and the details, and because it was with Jesus, I coped with it by pushing it from My mind, knowing that Jesus would make it all make sense to Me, someday.


It would be six years later that Jesus would give Me the clarity and closure on His statement and finally tell Me the answer to—“who We are in the Bible.” I was absolutely stunned when on February 19, 2023, I received a visitation from Jesus and God, who finally gave Me clarity to this mystery. 


In a two-hour-long ceremony, God and Jesus finally revealed to Me that I am someone from the Bible. They also told Me that I was very close to Jesus. They finally revealed to Me that I am Mary of Bethany and the one who anointed Jesus’s feet with Holy oils to comfort Him before His painful Crucifixion—and that Mary of Bethany was Jesus’s other wife.

♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ 


Maureen Receives Divine Intervention Before it is Revealed She is Mary of Bethany & Jesus’s Second Wife


God & Jesus Showed Oracle Maureen—Her Washing Jesus's Feet

 ~ God & Jesus: December 2018


God and Jesus gave Me a vision and message showing Me—Me washing Jesus's feet. I was just floored… and completely confused. (This vision was five years before They would reveal to Me that I am Mary of Bethany and that I was the one who put Holy Oils on His feet). 


They gave Me this insight after ascending Me to becoming a Principal Oracle for Jesus. 


I was amazed. I saw Myself with Jesus. They showed Us in Heaven. I looked just like Me except much younger, like in My early twenties. My hair was medium brown, very long, and beautifully styled. I was wearing a full-length flowy white gown. I looked ‘Royal.’ Jesus was also dressed in all white. He wore a long, white gown and a pristine white cape. 


The movie then showed Me crouched on the ground and kneeling beside Him while He was sitting in His chair. It was a golden throne. 


I then saw Myself 'Washing Jesus's Feet.' Jesus and God told Me that it was part of Our ‘Wedding Ceremony,’ the one We had in Heaven. They told Me that this ‘Washing His Feet’ was very significant to Me, but They did not elaborate. I was confused and left to wonder and wait for the answer.


Needless to say, I was bewildered for years…. 


*** Years later, I would finally receive the answer and clarity about why ‘Washing Jesus’s Feet’ would be significant to Me when They revealed to Me that I was Mary of Bethany from the Bible and that I was the one who anointed Jesus's feet with Holy oils. After receiving the revelation, They explained that They had shown Me this to prepare Me for a future revelation when They would tell Me that I was the one who washed Jesus's feet with oils before He was about to go into His Passion (the final hours before Jesus' death) — His Crucifixion. 


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ 


"You Did Wash Jesus's Feet"

~ God: February 18, 2019 


I received a visitation from God while I was in the shower. It was overwhelming. 


Right when I was bending down to wash My right leg, suddenly, I was overcome with a tremendous wave of energy that took hold of Me and embraced all around Me—like a huge energetic hug. I saw a 'Rainbow' surround Me as this happened and felt the vibration of ‘love’ flow into Me. I immediately relaxed because I knew it was God. Creator often comes through as a large, energetic 'Rainbow' when He gives Me His messages. I also know what His strong, loving vibrations feel like. 


God then started to fill Me with His powerful waves of energy, the most blissful vibrations you can imagine. I heard God announce Himself as "God."  His force was intense. He literally locked Me down in the position where I was bent over, looking down at My foot.  


As I was stuck bent over, looking down at My foot, Heavenly Father said: 


"You are a special Oracle that I created for Jesus Christ. You have a special intimate relationship with Him. You did wash His feet with holy water and lavender because You worship the ground He walks on.


You want to keep Him pure and protected as His Oracle, wife, and beloved. You want to keep His teachings on Earth and preserve the quality and accuracy of His Being and work.


I created You as one of His helpers to bring back the teachings of Jesus Christ and guide the people back to Him. You are His, as well as Kuan Yin's.


You sit at a very intimate level with Him—on the right side of His chair. You love, honor, and obey Him as a faithful, dutiful wife does. He is Yours, and You are His in matrimony of love, service, and commitment. 


You did wash Jesus's feet.


It is an honor and privilege to be allowed to sit near Him and a more significant honor to touch The Lord.


Please do Your best to honor, obey, and stay committed to My Son over and above all others. Jesus is Your Primary Guide. He depends on You to deliver His messages. Please don't let Him down. We are confident You will succeed. 


You have been allowed further amnesia to be removed, so more truth is rewarded to You."


*** Years later, God would reveal to Me who washed Jesus's feet in the Bible when Jesus was on Earth—and that it was Mary of Bethany—when He announced that I am Mary of Bethany. He would also reveal that Jesus had more than one wife and that Mary of Bethany was His second wife, a fact that He and Jesus want recognized because the Bible failed to acknowledge it and the lessons that can be gained from learning about Jesus’s life with Her. 


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ 


"I Made You to Be His Wife for All of Eternity"

~ God: 2023


I was awoken by a strong message from God. After announcing Himself and wrapping Me in His powerful vibrations of energy and love and elevating Me, which was just euphoric, 


God said: 


"I made You to be His wife for all of eternity.”


Then there was a long pause, and God finished His message. 


He said: 


"He chose You to carry His cross because of Your unconditional love and faithfulness to Him that You gave Him on Earth way back when—and in all of the years in Heaven, and because of the high level of ethics and purity You achieved and maintained.


He had other relationships before and during Mary Magdalene, and You were one. Just like Her, You are an eternal flame—and lit for My Son for all of eternity—a beloved and beauty for Him to behold with His eyes with the Light of Your Heavenly Spirit. 


You are a Queen fit for a King that I created so He would have companionship in His darkest hours when I sent Him to Earth for His biggest mission—And for when He sits on His golden throne in Heaven.


You helped ease the pain of His difficulties with Your love and devotion. You are His best friend and soulmate. I made You to be His wife for all of eternity… in all the ways a wife should be.


This role is a gift and treasure, and You must defend Your insights and position. Jealous people will want to doubt You, but You must stand tall. Your relationship was not mentioned in the Bible, nor were other facts, but that does not negate the fact of the truth that You are a true living soulmate, wife, and girlfriend of Jesus—just like Mary Magdalene… who is Your dear friend."


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ 


Mary Magdalene Appears to Oracle Maureen, Saying Maureen Was Also "Very Close to Jesus”

~ Mary Magdalene: May 14, 2019


I awoke to the presence and energy of a loving Spirit Guide standing by My side. After the blissful waves of energy woke Me up, I saw Mary Magdalene standing on the right side of My bedside with Her hands above My body. She was sending Me healing energy. I was stunned. 


As She gave Me a healing, which felt incredible. 


Mary Magdalene said:  


"Mary Magdalene… It's Mary Magdalene. I want to help You remember that You were very close to Jesus when He was on Earth. You are a very close personal friend of Jesus… just like I was. You also helped Him through His tragedy. He loves You dearly and cares for You, as I do. We were sweet together. You have to carry on His missions.


You are also a beloved of Jesus. You are His High Priestess Oracle. He lives through You, as do others. The Master is sending Me to help You remember who We all are. 


Keep reading the Bible. You are like Me. You are in My heart—then and now.


You were very close to Jesus Christ. You loved Him like a brother, husband, teacher—The Messiah—Keep going…. We are all helping You."


I was speechless.


While Mary Magdalene was speaking to Me and sending healing energy, She also filled Me with deep feelings of Her love—that She felt for Me. I could feel that 'She loved Me.' I was astounded… and confused.


Mary Magdalene then came closer to Me when She was done speaking to Me. She is just beautiful. She has very long dark brown (nearly black) wavy hair that She wore down. It went down to Her waist and was parted down the middle. She has dark brown eyes and olive skin. She is thin and wore an ivory full-length dress with a long ivory veil headpiece on Her head. She is beautiful.


*** I couldn't believe this message. I couldn't accept that I was in the Bible and that I was someone "like Her to Jesus." I shut down and just kept it to Myself, wondering what it all meant. Years later, They would make it all make sense to Me when God and Jesus revealed that I was and am Mary of Bethany.


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ 


Jesus Held My Hand, Fingers Intertwined–

Just Like How I Saw Him Hold Mary Magdalene's Hand

~ Jesus & Mary Magdalene: March 16, 2019


Three days before this visitation from Jesus and Mary Magdalene, I watched a movie about Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and I was thinking about Them and the movie.


I had just finished My daily meditation and went to sit on My bed. Suddenly, I felt Myself shift into the 'altered state' (the shift that happens to Me when Spirit Guides and Angles visit Me. They surround Me and fill Me with powerful vibrations of energy and open up all My psychic channels and put Me into a trance state, where it is easier for Them to communicate to Me).  


I felt the vibrations surrounding Me, and when I looked up, I saw in full-form, full-color, 3D apparition with My physical eyes—Jesus and Mary Magdalene standing in front of Me. They were standing by the side of My bed. I was shocked. They were standing right next to each other, side by side, as close to each other as You could possibly stand. They were holding hands together. Their fingers were ‘intertwined’—just like how only boyfriends and girlfriends would hold hands. 


When I looked at Them, Jesus said one word, "Sweetheart." He then shifted My gaze to looking at Their intertwined hands, saying: "Romantic. Boyfriend. Girlfriend."


He then said that He and Mary Magdalene were "more than platonic friends. We were intimate friends."


Then, Jesus brought My eyes up to His eyes. He held My gaze and said, "Just like Mary Magdalena… You are just like Mary Magdalena.” 


I was floored….


When Jesus said this, He gave Me a vision of Him holding My hand in the exact same way that I was watching Him hold Mary Magdalene's hand, which was with Our fingers thoroughly intertwined and locked in a romantic handhold. 


While He showed Me this vision, He said:  


"You are My other girlfriend. You are just like Mary Magdalene."


He then said: 


"You were also a disciple too… like Her."


I was completely caught off guard by this—You have no idea. I was mind-blown, not to mention confused.


Jesus then said He also wanted to show Me that Mary Magdalene is real.


*** Even though I had received messages from Jesus, God, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalena, all showing Me and telling Me that I was a 'girlfriend' to Jesus since 2015, I was still floored. 


I was amazed to receive a visitation from both Jesus and Mary Magdalena, together, showing Me this and helping Me accept this truth—because receiving the information that I was a girlfriend to Jesus had been overwhelming for Me. They knew I didn’t know what to do with this information and that I was all but denying it because it was so extraordinary. They told Me that They did not want Me to make the mistake of denying the truth any longer. They wanted Me to know and accept who I am so that Jesus can reveal more of His life and continue to teach us here on Earth in a more advanced way—through Me.



♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ 


Mary Magdalene Tells Maureen; "We Were Very Good Friends"

~ Mary Magdalene: March 15, 2020


I was sitting at My dining room table. Suddenly, I felt the loving, energetic vibrations of a Spirit Guide or Angel start to surround Me and embrace My right hand. 


I was taken over by the intense sensations that only high-level Guides and Angels have. I was filled with this Spirit's blissful vibrations as They came closer to Me—connecting Me to Their Heavenly soul. As I went through what My Guides call becoming 'linked' to a Guide or Angel, I was hit with the feeling of love being sent into Me. As I was experiencing this blissful feeling, I heard a female voice say, "Mary Magdalene." 


Astonished, I stopped typing on My computer. When I did, Mary took Her hand and turned My face slightly to the right. I saw Her materialize in front of Me, standing at My dining room table in a complete 3D full-color apparition. I was amazed to see Her in such an advanced state and receive a visitation from Her. She then moved My eyes up to Her eyes. 


As I sat there in shock, Mary Magdalene said:


"Jesus granted Me permission to come to You to help You remember who You are. We were very good friends. We were sweet together. We followed and worshiped Jesus. We prayed with Him and studied the Bible."


She then sent Me feelings of peace and love to take down My anxiety because She knew I was shocked to see Her and hear all of this.


She then said:


"You were an excellent friend to Me and Jesus. I loved You when We were together [on Earth], and I still do, and I still help You."


Mary Magdalene continued:


"Jesus loved You when He was there [on Earth], and You were there with Him, and He still does. You were a special, close friend to Jesus, just like I was—and We were always together."


I couldn’t believe it.


Mary Magdalene went on to say that I had a "very close personal relationship with Jesus" and that "We were both His girlfriends. We were friends, like sisters." She filled Me with Her love the entire time She spoke to Me. It was mesmerizing.


*** The night before I received this message, I was reading My previous messages from Her when She had appeared to Me. While reading them, I had said (in My head) that I wished I could remember being Her friend and being with Jesus back when We were all on Earth together and that I was frustrated that I didn't remember it. When She appeared this time, She said that was why She came to Me. She said that She and Jesus read My mind and that She was allowed to come to Me and help Me remember. Her opening comment was….. "Jesus granted Me permission to come to You to help You remember who You are. We were friends. We were sweet together.”


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ 


"Only A Few Oracles Get to Touch Me, and You Are One."

~ Jesus: 2020


I received another visitation from Jesus. I was sitting on My bed. 


Jesus appeared and said:


"Only a few Oracles get to touch Me, and You are one."


Jesus had to repeat it to Me. I haven't written about this much because it was incredibly overwhelming… But Jesus, God, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Kuan Yin have repeatedly told Me since March 2015 that I am a “special, intimate Oracle of Jesus’s." 



♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ 


"You Are My Best Friend"

~ Jesus: June 22, 2022 


I was sitting on My bed, and suddenly Jesus appeared behind Me and touched My right hand, where I wear one of His wedding rings that He has given Me. He has given Me several. He put His wedding ring on Me, a wedding band that I saw Him wearing—on My middle finger on My right hand. This is the main finger Jesus has asked Me to wear His wedding rings on. When He touched My finger that carries His wedding rings, I saw His hand had His wedding band on it... as He placed His finger on My finger with His wearing His wedding ring.


He said: 


“You are My best friend.”


He also wrote this out in big letters in front of Me.


As He did, He filled Me with an overwhelming sensation of love—His love. It poured into Me until He merged Himself into Me. I was in awe. It was so blissful. I was in ecstasy. 


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ 


"He Was The Love of Your Life”

~ Kuan Yin & Mary Magdalene: June 24, 2022


I was taking a nap and heard a beautiful female voice talking to Me until She finally woke Me up. 


She said:


"He was the love of Your life when He died on the cross."


I then saw Ascended Master Kuan Yin and Saint Mary Magdalena standing by My bed's side. They came closer to Me and said: 


"You were one of His wives when He died—one of His brides. You were in a relationship with Him as a wife, girlfriend, and partner. That's why it is so painful and difficult for You to see His crucifixion scenes in movies."


They continued:


"You were one of the three wives that were committed to Jesus. You knew each other in body, mind, and Spirit. Mary Magdalena was the only one written about because She found His garments. But You were also close to Jesus—and in a similar type of relationship. You are one of His beloveds. 


Only His beloveds make it to the ranking of becoming His Principal Oracles. You are one of them."


** Ascended Master Kuan Yin and Saint Mary Magdalene gave Me, again, insight into the reality that I was a wife to Jesus and also why Jesus chose Me to be a 'Principal Full-Time Oracle’ for Him. 


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ 


Jesus Shows Maureen She is in a Committed Relationship with Him

~ Jesus: February 2022


A few days before I received the revelation that I am Mary of Bethany, reincarnated as Oracle Maureen, I received a visitation from Jesus. 


He said:

"I worship the ground You walk on, and when You are in Heaven, You are with Me—just like a wife."


He continued:


"You have free will, and You get to come and go [from His Royal Mansion, where He lives, and I live with Him and the other Ascended Masters I serve]. But You don't go very far. You hardly ever leave. You stay with Me and are by My side almost always, and Kuan Yin's."


Jesus then explained to Me that when We are apart, such as when I am on Earth in an incarnation (like right now, as Oracle Maureen)—that it is "difficult" for Him. He said it “hurts Him" when I have My relationships with My other soulmates and kindred spirits. He told Me before that when I have My boyfriends on Earth, it is "difficult" for Him, and He has "turn away and not look" at My life "much of the time.” This is when it really hit Me, and I finally started to take down My walls and accept the truth and gift of Their incredible news—knowing some people will try to deny and discount it.


He then said:


“Now, do You understand that We are boyfriend and girlfriend?"


Jesus then showed Me a vision that when I have a boyfriend, He has to literally turn away and take a step back from Me because He makes Him feel sad and uncomfortable. He told Me that although they are also soulmates or kindred spirits that have been charted into My path on Earth—it still pains Him to see Me with another boyfriend. He said He has to turn away and not watch those periods of My life as closely. He also said that when they hurt and betray Me, He steps in, protects Me, and "deals with them" by sending them the Karma they created. When He showed Me this, He said:


"I am very protective of You," and suddenly, I felt a strong wave of energy surround Me like a ‘shield.’ Jesus sent His 'protective feelings' for My well-being right into Me, where I felt it in My soul.


Later that day, Jesus gave Me another message. He appeared to Me and said He is "so devoted" to Me that "when people hurt You, they will have to contend with Me." When He said this, He gave Me a vision of Him 'stepping in' to a situation with a person who has hurt Me, and I saw them ‘having to face Jesus’ (which means He will send them a consequence for any harm they have caused Me, because of what they have created for themselves).


I was overwhelmed.


*** This was My turning point when I stopped denying all of His and Their messages about who I am and finally started letting Myself receive the truth of who I am and stopped doubting My worthiness—of being Jesus’s beloved. I started letting Jesus in closer and stopped pushing away something unbelievably remarkable. I did it initially for Him because I was not going to forsake Him, and finally, for Me. I worked on accepting who I am so I would not push away such a rare and exceptional gift—as well as the incredible love that Jesus gives to Me… which I get to experience in a completely different and unique way while still here on Earth.


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ 


Kuan Yin Prepared Oracle Maureen that She Was Going to be Betrayed More Often

~ Kuan Yin: February 2023


A few days before receiving the revelation that I am Mary of Bethany, Kuan Yin came to Me with a message that I found very unusual. She surprised Me when She said She "needed [Me] to understand the importance" of how She and the Ascended Masters I serve needed and wanted Me to "handle all of the pain that those who will sabotage and disparage [Me] with more grace." She said She wanted Me "to be more compassionate to the ones who criticize [Me].”


I was like… what??? Yikes. Ugh!


Kuan Yin said: 


"We need to let You know that the lies and disparaging comments and behaviors which are out to attack You—are meant to make You fall from grace by causing You to react back with anger."


She also said She wants Me to "act more poise with the grace of the Saint that You are" and to remind Myself that


"God and Jesus will deal with them by sending them their negative karmic punishments." 


*** Oh boy! I needed clarification to receive this un-nerving message. It told Me that something was about to change in My life that would make people turn on Me more. Because I work for God and Jesus and stand very close to Them, I have often been betrayed by those who fear God and Jesus because of their mistakes or cordings to demons. I had no idea what more could change regarding the level of betrayal I had already, sadly, been dealing with. I was confused and very uncomfortable! Kuan Yin was preparing Me for something, but I didn’t know what. I knew I had to wait for it to be revealed to Me.


*** Later, after discovering that I am Mary of Bethany and Jesus’s second wife, I received the answer. I was shown that some people will try to discount that Jesus did have more than one wife and will accuse Me of being His mistress. What? They will be wrong. Their limited thinking will prevent them from understanding and accepting that Jesus was allowed to have ‘Earthly pleasures’ and that in Biblical times, it was the normal, traditional lifestyle for men to have multiple wives. In Jesus’s case, it was not a case of polygamy. Rather, it was because He traveled so much and would be gone for very long periods in different locations teaching and healing during His Ministry years. His wives were the ones who took care of Him in ways that no one else could during His periods of hardships, namely His horrific Crucifixion. God told Me Jesus’s wives were gifts He gave Him to lessen His burdens for all of His sacrifices and the extraordinary level of pain and suffering that He was to endure. 


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ 


Blessed Mother Mary Told Maureen that She Blessed and Accepted Her to Be with Her Son

~ Blessed Mother Mary: January 2023


I received a visitation from Our Blessed Mother Mary, which surprised Me.


Mother Mary said:


"I gave You My Blessing to be with My Son."


I was perplexed. I was not given any more information then, so I did not know what this meant. 


*** After They revealed to Me that I am Mary of Bethany, Mother Mary came and told Me that when She gave Me Her Blessing—it was when Jesus chose Me as His wife. 


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ 


Mother Mary Visits Oracle Maureen to Give Her a Warning

~ Blessed Mother Mary: February 2023


Mother Mary visited Me a week before the revelation. She gave Me a lengthy message.


She said:


"Because of Who You are—people will despise You. But many others, the majority, will adore You and seek Your gifts."


*** Hmm… again, I was confused and a little scared. I had no idea what this meant. After finding out that I am Mary of Bethany and Jesus’s other wife, I received the answer. I was shown that some people will be angry at Me and accuse Me of being Jesus’s mistress, and not His chosen wife. The vision She showed Me was upsetting because Mary of Bethany was not His secret girlfriend. She was His chosen second wife, which is what the lifestyle was back then. Jesus’s personal relationships were all left out of the Bible. They have asked Me to sacrifice My comfort level to help Jesus and God enlighten people more about Jesus through Me, Mary of Bethany, and His teachings. They said They are allowing people to know more about Jesus through Mary of Bethany-Oracle Maureen and the chance to continue to learn from Him—from someone very close to Him.


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ 


St. Francis Visits Oracle Maureen to Guide Her

~ St. Francis: February 2023

[Saint Francis of Assisi, one of the Catholic Church's most venerated and beloved saints. St. Francis is known for His ministry to the poor and underprivileged, His care for nature and animals, and founding the Franciscan order.]

About two weeks before Jesus and God revealed to Me that I am Mary of Bethany, I received a visitation from St. Francis. I was stunned when He appeared at the side of My bed one evening. 


After surrounding Me in His Light, filling Me with His energy, and lifting Me up, He said He was coming to Me to remind Me of "the importance of having to use discipline." 


He said I have to remember to practice using a higher level of discipline and strength than the majority of the population since I have been "awarded the privilege to be in the mainstream world and not a convent and be allowed additional privileges of not being restricted and having earned more pleasures."


He was referring to the pleasures that exist in the mainstream world that I get to experience as a Saint—that the Saints living in convents do not get to have, such as personal relationships, attire, food, material objects, wealth, social outings, etc. He said He wanted to remind Me that although I "get to live in the material world, You are a Saint, and You must not forget to practice a higher level of discipline," or it will cost Me (negative Karma).


St. Francis said He was helping Me achieve this, given the many temptations “that go along with being a Saint in the material world.”


I was blown away to receive His visit. I was also grateful to be reminded, and I let Him know I appreciated His help.


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ 


St. Theresa of Ávila Visits Oracle Maureen

~ St. Theresa of Ávila: February 14, 2023 


I awoke to a loving and powerful female Guide or Angel in Heaven giving Me a healing. She was standing by the side of My bed. When I was fully awake, She announced Herself and said She was "Saint Theresa of Avila." I was stunned. 


She then gave Me a long message. This is part of it...


She said: 


"You are not from Jesus' bloodline. You were made to be a partner to Him. You are a Principal Oracle with a special, intimate, and close relationship with Him. There are only a few Principal Oracles like You.


You are a Saint who earned the privilege to work in the main world. Remember, You have to keep Yourself more disciplined. You have a coveted position."


She then said to do My best to serve Jesus for the rest of My life and do more for Him.


I was in awe the whole time. 

♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ 

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