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US’s Decision to Support Israel

Has Now Cost Us Dearly

We come to Earth in our incarnations for the sole purpose of learning and growing in an effort to evolve our souls – so that we may attain enlightenment. Gaining enlightenment is the achievement that allows God to open His Doorway to Heaven for us. In this process of reaching for a higher state of wisdom, we live under the Law of Karma, which has us in a constant cycle of experiencing a reaction to every choice that we make. And it will either be a positive or negative response that we will receive, depending on the choice that we made.

I have been given a very important message that God has asked Me to deliver regarding the United States’ involvement in helping Israel kill and starve the many innocent civilians it has. Because the US has participated in helping create these crimes against humanity – God has issued a warning that the US now faces a severe negative karmic fate. I was given previous messages from God warning that this would be the outcome if the United States didn’t pull out their support, and now, unfortunately, I am being asked to tell you that because of the choices that Biden and the Biden Administration made by choosing to be an ally and helping Israel in their fight against Hamas, which has resulted in serious war crimes leading to a genocide – the US will now suffer a severe karmic punishment in the future as a result. An example of a severe punishment is 9/11 – which God told Me, and I reported to you, was a punishment for a similar crime. It was the horrific karmic consequence that the US created when the soldiers committed despicable war crimes of killing, raping, gang-raping, and torturing innocent civilians in the Dessert Storm War.

God is not sending this severe karmic punishment to the US because He is cruel. God is sending it because He is a just God and must balance out the acts of Karma that were created. No one is excused from Karma – not even presidents. All humans are God’s children, and God told Me that He is in a state of wrath over how His children are being slaughtered and intentionally tortured with starvation – and the US is helping facilitate these abuses – these war crimes. This means, God must send the balancing response of Karma to make the people involved clear up their mistakes – to teach them to make wiser choices. Wiser choices are ones that do not include harming His children – human beings. (You can go back and read that message on My blog.)

I was kneeling at My altar and praying the rosary several weeks ago when suddenly I saw Jesus and several of My other Guides appear. They put Their hands on Me and gifted Me a healing by clearing My chakras and raising My vibration. After a few minutes into Their amazing healing, however, They pulled Me back and became very still and quiet at My side. Suddenly, I saw a massive ‘Iron Fist and Arm’ come thundering down from Heaven – and I saw it pound on the US. As I saw the ‘Iron Fist’ slam the US, I heard God say:

"The Iron Fist of God is coming down on the United States.”

God filled Me with feelings of fear, dread, and anxiety. Jesus and My other Guides guided Me to keep still and keep kneeling and praying the Rosary, so I did. As I continued praying the rosary, I sat kneeling on the floor, trying to manage My anxiety and not panic because I knew God would soon be giving Me a difficult message to deliver. 

God then said, "Involvement." He said that because of our involvement in helping Israel slaughter the Palestinians and starve them – to the level of perpetuating genocide –we are guilty of committing a crime that has brought Him to wrath. God said that when Biden and the Biden Administration chose to continue to support Prime Minister Netanyahu in his pursuits of destroying all Palestinians – when the US knew that he was starving them and killing the innocent civilians looking for food at the aid trucks, and now more recently, killing the food aid workers, that the “United States is completely complicit in causing these most grievous crimes against humanity, which are truly evil and diabolical.”

The US is by far the biggest supplier of arms to Israel, having helped it build one of the most technologically sophisticated militaries in the world. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), the US accounted for 69% of Israel's arms imports between 2019 and 2023. In 2016, the Obama administration signed a 10-year agreement to supply Israel with $3.8 billion annually, most of that in foreign military financing grants, which allows Israel to buy American weaponry. The US provides Israel with $3.8 billion in annual military aid under the 10-year agreement that is intended to help its' ally to maintain what it calls a 'qualitative military edge' over neighboring countries.

The United States has now officially created a 'severe karmic fate' of having to receive a painful punishment that God will be sending to the US as a result of the White House's choice to supply arms, and support the cruel and diabolical motives of Netanyahu as he seeks revenge with no regard for human life.

As I sat there, I was asked to stay kneeling and keep praying the Rosary while having to see the 'Iron Fist and Arm' held onto Earth for the duration of My Rosary prayer. 

Last week, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) killed seven World Central Kitchen (WCK) aid workers as they were on their way to deliver necessary food and supplies to the civilians in Gaza. The IDF admits that WCK had coordinated its movements with Israeli authorities correctly and claims that the deadly airstrike was an accident. IDF not only ignored, or at the very least sloppily neglected, the message identifying the approved relief mission but then decided to fire at the WCK vehicles with insufficient cause. 

Numerous other attacks like this have happened; however, they were primarily Palestinian aid workers and did not gain as much international attention. These repeated "mistakes" show nothing but blatant disregard for the Gaza civilians and have numerous foreign leaders demanding an investigation into these war crimes. 

The attacks on humanitarian workers have resulted in aid trucks and ships turning around. After Monday's killing, at least four organizations halted delivery to Gaza, returning 240 metric tons of life-saving supplies to a port in Cyprus – leaving the people in Gaza to starve and go without help!

According to the United Nations, a total of 224 humanitarian aid workers have been killed since the start of the war – that we know of so far. This is inhumane and needs to be stopped now!

I then saw Jesus. As God raised His Fist up, They said:

"The US must stop all involvement now – except for rescuing and offering relief. In order to stop the punishment from becoming any more severe than it already is – the US must stop all involvement now."

Please listen to Their message. I was put through a tremendous amount of anxiety – to feel and understand Their anxiety for us. God does not want to have to discipline the US at a severe level, but He will have to honor the karmic debt that we have created – and the US has created a tremendously high negative karmic fate based on the harm it helped Israel cause when it chose to give Israel all of the money and military resources it has over the past many months to kill and starve the innocent people that is has. 

Do what you can to make a difference, and do not support the US helping Israel. Pray, make your voice heard on social media, reach out to your local legislators, and let your voice be heard about the negative impact the US involvement in this war is having on humanity, donate to charitable organizations bringing aid to those suffering in Gaza, share this message, etc. Please do what you are able to both help lessen the painful karmic punishment coming to us and save a life in Gaza.

Also, protect yourself and let God know that you do not support or condone the US's behavior and choices that they have made in helping Israel torture, starve, and kill human beings. Pray to God that you do not stand by what Biden has been doing and ask God for more mercy to end this horrendous war – and help the Middle East live in peace. 🙏🕊️


Oracle Maureen

Mary of Bethany

Chief Principal for Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mary, Buddha & God

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher 


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