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Prayer Requests

Image by Katt Yukawa

Do you have a prayer request that you would like help with, especially where there is suffering or the need for forgiveness for a sin or mistake? As a primary full-time oracle for Jesus, Maureen’s close position to Him has earned Her the “gift of intercession.” This means that both God and Jesus have anointed Her with the ability to pray on behalf of others and bring their prayers closer to Jesus and His attention—in the hopes of earning His mercy. Jesus has asked His oracle, Maureen, to offer Herself up to pray on behalf of those who desire His mercy. 

When She prays for you, She acts as an intercessor, taking your prayers closer to His attention and pleads to Him on your behalf. Because She lives in a state of being closely connected to Him (He is Her Principle Spirit Guide), She can easily turn to Him and appeal to His grace so that you may receive His mercy and be released from suffering. 

To receive Maureen’s help to appeal to Jesus for you, He has asked that you make a “sacrifice to help make the world better.” He requires a donation to charity. Jesus directs Maureen to the areas of suffering that He wants aid given to.

Prayer for Mercy Donation: A Minimum of $10


Current Cause: All proceeds given to help the current AAUF cause and partnering charity.

Email Your Prayer Request to Oracle Maureen at:

*Include ‘Prayer Request’ in Subject Line; Please keep your request to one short paragraph.

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