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Chief Principal Oracle for Jesus


“Your deep and sincere dedication to Us and astounding level of excellence in performance has graced You with the highest honor possible…. For this, I am beyond pleased for Your accomplishment... and to be able to call You My Chief Principal Oracle.”

– Jesus Christ

Jesus asked Me to share an advancement He gave Me, allowing Me to become His full-time oracle. Upon appointing Me to this humbling position, He said, “The people should know today who on earth I work through, delivering My teachings.” Jesus also told Me He wants people to know, “The reality is that God gives the gift of giving His messengers to earth, so the Guides and Angels can help Guide mankind through Their Oracles.” 

He asked Me to share these insights so those desiring to learn from Him can know of one of His oracles. After I attained My full-time position, Jesus called Me “a true living oracle for Jesus Christ.” He, Kuan Yin, and God said this is something “special and rare to find on Earth” and wanted it shared for our collective betterment.


I am honoring the Master’s wish and sharing some of My initiation ceremony and visions of clarity that He gave Me and asked Me to share.


I experienced My first visitation from Jesus around My activation period which occurred for two months between September and November of 2004. (Activation’ refers to the miraculous experience in which I saw the apparitions of seven of My Spirit Guides and one of My Guardian Angels, who appeared to Me and summoned Me to work for Them.)


Over the span of the activation period, My Guides and Angel opened Me up to increased clairvoyant and all other psychic sensitivities, helping Me to recall My greater purpose as Their personal channel in the service of God’s plan.


Through continuous visitations, communications, and deep visions, They helped Me remember that I am both an earth guide and an advanced channeler that works for Them. Yet, despite Their best efforts, I did not embrace My gifts easily. At least, not at first.


Reluctant to accept them, I worried for how My life would change. Likewise, I fretted over the possibility that friends and people would pull away from Me because of My ability to see the future. Undeterred by My misgivings, still, They encouraged Me to be strong and to accept My path. No matter how much They tried to change My mind during those months, fear prevented Me from truly accepting My abilities and willfully using them.


I waited for the visions to stop so I could feel normal again, but this did not happen. Intent on persuading Me to feel differently, Jesus visited Me during this activation period. At the same time, My youngest daughter, Emma, who was five years old, also became activated. Like Me, she began seeing visions of Spirit Guides and Angels at the same time.


2004: I Received My First Visitation From Jesus

It became clear I had to support her spiritual awakening process while undergoing Mine. One night, while watching TV in bed, we discussed our fears of losing friends who might shun us for being different. Suddenly, without warning, we both began to feel overpowering vibrational waves. Magnificently sublime, they cast out our fears while filling us with unconditional love. As we shifted into a collective trance state, we both saw Jesus with our third eyes.


In our vision, He stood beside a group of sheep. Beautiful rainbows surrounded Him, rising to circle My bedroom ceiling. As Jesus intoned His message, encouraging Me and Emma to accept our spiritual gifts, I felt overwhelming wonder. How could this miracle be happening?


Around 2007-2009: My Second Visitation from Jesus

The experience inspired Me to work on accepting My abilities and to help Emma accept hers. It also helped Me listen to My Guides and Angles better and take Their requests and orders. After I started working doing readings, healings, investigations and teaching, I began receiving more frequent visits from Jesus. Once, after coming home tired from doing readings all day at My office, I lay down to rest. Suddenly, I heard out loud a man’s voice say “Jesus,” in a soft tone. Looking up, I saw Jesus Christ standing at the foot of My bed. I was shocked. He said He was giving Me “a gift.” He placed His hands around My ankles and said, He was “sending [Me] healing energy.” It felt amazing. Soothing waves of energy dispelled My fatigue, restoring My energy levels. I felt revitalized and happy when He was finished.


I watched Him the whole time. He is beautiful. He has short-medium brown hair that falls to His collar in soft waves. He has longer bangs that wave to each side of His face with His hair parted in the middle. He wore a long, white gown. A large halo of white light emanated from Him, shining all around Him. I was stunned and speechless to see Him with My physical eyes in full color and life-sized.


After, He said He was giving Me another gift because He was “pleased with [My] work and commitment”, and that “I am doing a good job.” I was stunned to hear Him acknowledge Me. He leaned over Me before making the sign of the cross on My forehead with His thumb. Using a gentle, yet soothing voice, He blessed Me and said that He was “expanding [My] third eye’s powers” of perception. I was totally blown away to witness this and to receive having My third eye advanced by Jesus.


After this encounter, I continued receiving more visitations from Him. He would heal Me from sickness, restore My energy levels, clear My chakras, protect Me from negative spirits, bless Me, and guide Me.


In most of these visitations, He granted Me to see Him with My physical eyes, not just My third eye, as the former is more advanced. I would clearly observe Him standing before Me or right by My side, in full form. No matter how many times I saw Him, I felt the same sense of wonderment, grateful to be able to see and hear Him so clearly and at such a close level.


May 2014: Jesus Revealed to Me That He Had Been Supporting Me All Along

In 2014, His visitations became more advanced. I was doing a group reading in Minneapolis. These events always fill Me with trepidation because I often have to face doubters and even saboteurs. As I was walking down the hotel’s hallway to the group reading room where the audience was waiting. All of a sudden, I felt someone grab a hold My hand. I was surprised when I turned to see it was Jesus. Wearing a flowing white gown and robe, Jesus was walking beside Me down the hallway, holding My hand. Every step He took, every movement of His body appeared so clear before My physical eyes, it nearly took My breath away. His strides were even in synch with Mine, and I could even see His hair blowing in the wind like Mine, as we rushed down the corridor together.


Turning to Me, He said, “You have nothing to be nervous about. I will be standing by Your side, supporting You, like I always have.


I was stunned, because I didn’t know that He was by My side all these previous years that I have been working. All My nervousness dissipated in an instant. I felt only peace. He continued walking with Me until I entered the reading room where everyone awaited. Then He disappeared. But not for long.


Just as I prepared to begin the group reading, He announced His presence again. I saw Him in My third eye standing behind Me. He told Me He was “supporting [Me]” by helping Me see, hear, know, and feel all of My validations more loudly and clearly and giving Me more courage.


2015: His Visitations Became More Advanced

In 2015, the visitations became more frequent and lengthier. Jesus brought Me messages about Himself, God, Heaven, our planet, Guides and Angels, lower dimensions, the importance of not sinning, and the afterlife. He asked Me to document them in notebooks. I did as asked, filling page after page as He told Me what is true and what is not. In essence, He was giving Me His wisdom. He was teaching Me.


April 1, 2018: Jesus Asks Me To Deliver A Message To The Public For The First Time 

On Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018, at around 7:30 in the morning, I received Jesus’ first request to deliver a message to the public. This was the longest visitation yet.


Just before it occurred, I was sitting on My couch drinking a cup of coffee when blissful vibrations filled Me. (Familiar sensations, I have come to expect these whenever a Guide or Angel appears.)


I was startled to see Jesus so clearly as a full-color, life-sized apparition. Surrounded by a large halo of pure white light, He stood around six feet tall and floated above the ground two feet before Me. This was the most vivid visitation I had yet experienced, catching Me off guard.


I saw Him with My physical eyes. I saw Him more three-dimensional, in more colors, and in more detail than the previous visits. He is mesmerizing. Wearing a cross, brown sandals, and a white gown with a blue robe over it, His brown hair lightly curled up at the ends. His bangs fell in waves off to each side and He had a very short, clean cut beard. He is very well groomed, more so than many pictures and statues depict.


Taken aback so monumentally, all I could do was stare. Thinking at first, He would soon disappear, instead, He told Me I was to deliver a message concerning His Resurrection. Wishing to enlighten the people, He asked Me to channel a message for Him by posting it to My social media.


I was really stunned now. I repeated His words back, truly baffled that He wanted His message to appear on such a controversial platform.


He answered back, reiterating He did indeed wish for Me to communicate this way. Why? It would allow Him to reach a wider audience in today’s world. He also explained this would be a new way for Me to serve Him as well as the many other Spirit Guides and Angels calling upon Me. “Your social media will become a bigger outlet, allowing Them to teach more people.”


Sitting there in complete awe in My pajamas with My coffee cup still in hand, I couldn’t move. Words failed Me, too. Although somewhat used to being visited by Him, He had never asked Me to deliver a message for Him, let alone to the public, using social media.


But when He asked Me again, I said yes, wholeheartedly.


He next requested I get one of My notebooks and a pen. For the next 10 minutes, I wrote down every word Jesus told Me. When finished, He thanked Me, asking that I post it that day. Pleased with My work, He said He would call upon Me again. He then blessed Me, filling Me with His love and gratitude before leaving.


Immediately, I went to My computer and typed His message. I sent it to My social media assistant who posted it that afternoon. This wasn’t easy for Me to do. I felt extremely nervous about submitting a message from Jesus Christ on social media. I didn’t feel it was a platform Holy enough for Him. Worse, I worried people would not take it seriously, given how un-serious and silly social media can be.


Fortunately, My Guides helped Me, assuaging My fears. With Their assistance, I felt braver and calmer as I focused on simply obeying His wishes. That night, I was rewarded with a blue ribbon from Jesus for honoring His request and “doing it well.”


Since then, Jesus continues calling upon Me regularly to channel and deliver His messages. Every time I am allowed to serve Him, it is truly an awe-inspiring experience to be in His Grace. My hope is you find enlightenment learning from The Master and His priceless wisdom. He wishes for everyone to have a place in Heaven’s Kingdom. His teachings are the surest path to paradise in the afterlife.


November 15, 2018: I Became A Full-Time Oracle for Christ

On November 15, 2018, I received a great reward when Jesus appointed Me the honor of being His full-time oracle. Thrilled and surprised to receive this position, I was told this is one of the highest honors a messenger can achieve. (Jesus, Kuan Yin, and God said this to Me during the ceremony and in several subsequent visitations.)


They also told Me They needed Me to fully comprehend the “extraordinariness” (Their word) of this achievement. The fact that Jesus decided to give Me this close and trusted position as a full-time responsibility is not to be taken lightly, They said. Rather, I am to help “around the clock, each and every day at any given moment while living in a state of close proximity to Christ, serving Him.” (Again, Their words).


Jesus impressed upon Me that this is exceptional. Both Kuan Yin and God also told this to Me several times following the initiation ceremony. They said, “It is rare for an oracle to make it to a full-time position with Jesus.


Wishing to help Me understand the true level of honor and responsibility I was given, They also said with this higher level of responsibility, I would be required to be more dedicated, pure, brave, and devoted.


The ceremony was long. Several others followed throughout the month. The visions I received in these moments revealed greater insight into how something like this happens (or rather, doesn’t). I was allowed to know more concerning My true state before I came into this incarnation. I also learned more about My true nature as one of Jesus’ close working oracles in Heaven. So far, He has given Me six vivid, lengthy visions explaining this and requested I impart a couple.


By requesting I share that I am “a true living oracle for Jesus Christ,” He told Me He wanted others to understand the significance of this position. He said “those whom He chooses are different” than those representing Him in their own pursuits. Jesus said, “The ones chosen by Me are far different than the ones not chosen by Me.” He also said, “The level of messages and words do not compare. The ones I choose receive paragraphs’ worth of words and messages. Meanwhile, those who are well-meaning but that I did not chose may receive only a word or a sentence here or there.


Ultimately, Jesus works tirelessly for us by healing, protecting, and guiding us away from harmful behaviors. He intervenes to shift us toward making choices that will earn us a place in the bliss of Heaven’s afterlife, as opposed to a painful existence in the lower dimensions.


He wants people to know the identities of His real oracles chosen to deliver His messages so that those wishing to learn have access to His teachings. Knowing what will get people into Heaven, He has the power to open the door so people can live in the glory of God’s Kingdom. This is His wish. This is His Passion. He has also taught Me the only way He can fully open the door to Heaven for someone is if they follow His teachings.


November 16, 2018: Jesus Announces He is My Principle Spirit Guide

The day after My ceremony, Jesus visited Me again. He put one silver link around My waist. Directing My attention to a silver linked bracelet, He said, “We are now connected by only one link.


He then explained there are no other Guides working as intermediaries between Us any longer.


You now work directly for Me,” He said while standing right behind Me, next to Kuan Yin. Jesus also announced to Me a few months after My initiation ceremony that He is now My Principle Spirit Guide, in addition to Kuan Yin, who still remains My (other) Principle Spirit Guide. (They stand side by side, but Jesus stands much taller, as He always does compared to the other Guides and Angels.)

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