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Image by Raimond Klavins

Chief Principal Oracle for Buddha

“It was through hard work, dedication, bravery, sacrifices, and so much more- that You achieved the top ranking possible for an Oracle.

I am pleased for Your accomplishment and blessed that I can stand by Your side at the closest level allowed—because I chose and cherish Your soul to represent Me, Buddha, to bring My enlightenment to Earth.  

I trust in You—My Chief Principal Oracle to deliver for Me—My wisdom to help others evolve—and am blessed to call You My own, My niece… Oracle Maureen-Mary of Bethany.” 


August 4, 2019: Maureen Became a Primary Oracle for Buddha

I had just finished My meditation and was resting on My bed. Suddenly, I felt somebody holding My right hand. Blissful waves of energy started pulsating through the palm of My hand, up My arm, and then throughout My body. Being very familiar with this heavenly sensation, I knew immediately that I was being visited by a Spirit Guide or an Angel.  

I then heard a very clear male voice saying, “Siddhartha.” I heard it again, and as I did, I saw it spelled out in front of Me, in My third eye in large letters. Next, I heard “Gautama.” Then I heard and saw “Siddhartha Gautama. Buddha.”

Enveloped in the cloud-like vibrations of peaceful energy, I was taken aback when I looked up and saw a Tibetan monk dressed in a classic orange monastic robe standing by the right side of My bed, holding My hand. He stood so close to Me that I could clearly identify His features. He had black hair pulled back into a bun on the top of His head. He had brown eyes and tan skin. I was mesmerized by His presence and astounded that I could see His stomach and belly button uncovered by His robes. I recognized Him immediately and was rendered speechless. It was Buddha.


Still holding My hand, Buddha said that He would like to call upon Me to deliver messages for Him. Again, I was stunned. 


He said, “You are one of My students. You are one of My advanced students.” He raised His hand up to Heaven when He said the word “advanced.” Then He said My name, “Maureen.” 


He told Me, “Maureen, You are one of My advanced students. You have worked for Me before. I cherish You and Your commitment to Me and to Your other Guides in the Higher Realms.” 


He then waited for Me to answer.  I replied, “Yes. I would be happy to deliver messages for You.” 


He then thanked Me and said, “Teach them to meditate… everywhere. Teach them that they can meditate wherever they are: at a traffic light, cooking, waiting at a doctor’s appointment, exercising, showering, walking, etc. Tell them that even doing it like that (brief meditations) is better than not meditating at all.”


August 17, 2019: Maureen Became a Primary Full Time Oracle for Buddha

I received a miraculous experience with God and Buddha. I was awakened at 2 a.m. by the pleasant vibrations of warm, ethereal energy that radiated inside of Me and then all around Me.  The waves of energy were so blissful that as they filled Me up, I experienced the sensation of rising higher and higher until, eventually, I could not feel My body. 


My third eye opened, and I saw an array of small, golden, round lights hovering all around Me. They started to engulf Me, cascading until I was surrounded by a shining golden halo. After I was wrapped in this golden halo, I heard a powerful voice announcing Himself as “God.”


God told Me that I had passed the initiation to serve Buddha as one of His primary oracles. 


God then said: “You have earned the privilege to serve the Four Ascended Masters: Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mary, and now, Buddha.” 


God went on to say: “You are a special, advanced oracle. It is extraordinary and very rare to be able to serve all Four Ascended Masters.”


He continued: “You have earned this privilege, and You are to announce it on all of Your social media.” 


He told Me that He wants people to have convenient access to Their teachings and messages, which, in today’s world, social media provides.


God said that for an oracle to get to the level where they are allowed to work for all Four Ascended Masters collectively is “exceptional,” and He wants it announced—so people know where they can have access to Their teachings. 


When He gave Me this message, He also gave Me gifts. I was handed four ring boxes, which floated in front of Me. They opened up and revealed wedding rings inside each box. God said that He was giving Me His blessing and marrying Me to Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mary, and Buddha. He said that I live and work in a committed partnership of love and devotion, serving each of Them full-time for the rest of My incarnation and when I return to Heaven.

April 13, 2023: God awarded Oracle Maureen the position of Chief Principal Oracle for Buddha

To read more about My ceremony of being appointed Chief Principal Oracle for God, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mary, and Buddha, please visit Chief Principal Oracle for God.  

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