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Mary of Bethany


Oracle Maureen Gifted More Messages from Heaven Announcing Her True Identity

She is Mary of Bethany

Oracle Maureen Receives Many Messages After Her Revelation– Showing Her that She is Mary of Bethany

Oracle Maureen received even more Divine Intervention after it was revealed to Her who She truly is—the Biblical figure Mary of Bethany. The next day was a very overwhelming one for Her. Maureen was put in a special state where She received more Divine Intervention throughout the day and waking Her up at night, every few hours, from Jesus, God, and Her Spirit Guides and Angels, who continued to happily and excitedly enlighten Her that She is Mary of Bethany—and Jesus’s bride.


They continued showing Her and reminding Her, in longer movie-level visions that offered incredible detail, the very close, personal, loving relationship that She had with Jesus when He was on Earth. Getting to see and feel His love for Her, as well as Her love for Him as a committed couple when They incarnated together, was beyond exhilarating. It was simply mind-blowing.


Oracle Maureen was allowed to have these memories given back to Her, as God and Jesus took away layers of amnesia from Her mind, heart, and soul, and She experienced sudden bouts of remembering and feeling these memories. It was an amazing experience, as well as a very emotional one for Her.


Heaven asked Her to accept this revelation and the ‘Gift of Clarity’ God and Jesus gave Her. 


After several days of giving Her more messages of insight, God and Jesus asked Her to announce it publicly and let people know the truth of who She truly is and that this is why She is a ‘Principal Oracle’ for the Lord. They explained that only Apostles and Saints are allowed to be ‘Principal Oracles’ for Jesus. They then told Her that this is “special and rare and that there are only several chosen for this position.” They said that of those, “there are a few that are called ‘special, intimate Oracles,’ who are His ‘wives.’” 


God and Jesus said the few (the three wives) who were at the ranking of being ‘special, intimate Oracles’ for Him and allowed to be Principal Full-time Oracles had been in personal relationships with Him when He was on Earth to the level of being committed to Him, as a wife. They explained that these Oracles and soulmates are the ones who serve Jesus at the “closest level possible.”  Jesus told Oracle Maureen-Mary of Bethany that He wanted Her to enlighten the world to this information because His wives were left out of the Bible and served a very significant role in His life and ministries when He was on Earth, as well as still serving Him today in the same positions in Heaven.


In one visitation, Jesus asked Oracle Maureen to “promise” Him that She would not "deny" who She truly is, but, instead, to "accept" who She is and to tell people. He said it was important to Him because He wanted them to “know that Jesus has a true living apostle working for Him on Earth that worked for Him long ago, ever since, and who has earned special privileges and rights by Jesus and God.” 


Jesus told Oracle Maureen-Mary of Bethany that when the chapter of Mary of Bethany being a significant relationship in His life, as one of His beloveds, was excluded from the Bible, that it was “one of many other chapters” of His life “that was not documented because no one included it.” He told Her that She “was not a secret,” but that She was purposefully left out (because of jealousy and discrimination), as was other important and meaningful information about Him and His life.


Jesus told His beloved Oracle that He wanted the world to know about Her and Her relationship with Him—so that they can know more about Him through what She can offer from sharing information about Her relationship with Him as His beloved wife.



♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ 

The Day After The Revelation

More Messages Oracle Maureen is Mary of Bethany



Maureen Receives Enlightenment that She is Mary of Bethany and the One Who Anointed Jesus’s Feet with Oils

  ~ February 20, 2023

The day after I received the revelation from God and Jesus that I am Mary of Bethany, I received this message from Them.


A few hours after I fell asleep that night, I was awoken by God and Jesus to the sensation of a massive energetic ‘Hand’ resting on top of My head. As I was being embraced by the powerful love and energy of the ‘Hand of God,’ I heard God announce Himself as “God.” Jesus then announced Himself, too.


I felt Jesus standing close behind Me. Then, I felt God’s Hand ‘Embrace’ the top of My head stronger. As the Creator embraced Me, He also drew Me ‘Up Closer’ to Him. He said in an authoritative and loving voice, very slowly:


"God Blessed You.”


My third eye was activated, and I saw “God” written out in ‘White Letters’ on a ‘Large Background of Blue Lights.’ As He said this and blessed Me, I felt extraordinary waves of energy and love come from ‘His Hand’ and fill My entire body. The vibrations started at the top of My head and flowed throughout My body to the point where I could no longer feel My body—because He filled Me with so much of His energy and vibration. 


At this point, I was filled with pure bliss. Then, I felt the sensation of being ‘Risen Up.’ While being ‘Risen Up,’ I saw Myself ‘Enveloped in a Halo of White Light.’ I then saw Jesus’s form start to become more clear to Me. 


As God embraced Me stronger and He rose Me up higher, and then Jesus said: 


“Bethany… My girlfriend." 


He said it loudly, slowly, and powerfully. As I lay there with God's ‘Hand’ still on My head, God said He “Blessed” Me “to be one of Jesus’s Beloveds… Mary of Bethany.” 


Jesus then said loudly, "Your boyfriend," and I saw these words written out on a large board.


Jesus filled Me with so much love that I now felt eutrophic. 


He said: 


"You rinsed My feet and then wiped them with Your hair with Biblical scripture oils of frankincense, myrrh, cassia, and spikenard.”


Suddenly, I was shown a vision that floored Me. I saw Myself looking young (like age 19-20). I had long medium-brown hair almost down to My waist. I was wearing a simple dress and kneeling at Jesus' feet. Suddenly, I saw Myself flip My head downwards and grab all of My long brown hair, upside down with My hand—as to make a big ponytail at the very top of My head. I then saw Myself begin to wipe Jesus’s feet, holding all of My long hair with one fist—using My hair like a little mop.


I had no words…


Jesus said: 

“You wiped My feet with Your hair, with Your oils.”


He paused so that I could process this, and then He said:


“The people were jealous, and that's why You didn't make it into the Bible. The men were jealous because of Your close relationship with Me, which threatened them.”


He then said they wanted to be close to Him, at the same level I was. 


He added: 


“There was jealousy from the female Apostles vying for My attention and affection… Many people were vying for My affection. Some were platonic, and some were not, but You held the key to My heart. 


I was in love with You. You had My affection."


Jesus handed Me a large ‘Gold Key’ when He said this part. He gave Me a long vision, showing Me many people surrounding Him—because they wanted to be close to Him. I saw crowds of people all around Jesus, like a mob.


He said:


“Some wanted to be My friend or student, while others wanted to be My lover.”


I saw Jesus standing in the middle of a large crowd that wanted to be close to Him. I saw Him lift His hands and part the crowd by making a path in the middle of it with His hands so that He could walk through it. He then made His way out of the crowd and walked up a hill to Me, where I was standing all by Myself. When He got up the hill to Me, He embraced Me—like a boyfriend embraces a girlfriend, for a long time. 


Jesus then filled Me with more of His love and explained to Me that We were a couple and that We had to separate for a while at some point. I had to stay behind and care for My sick family, and I could not go on with Him when He left to teach His ministries and perform His healings and miracles in Galilee. 


He said, "We both had to make choices,” which caused Us to have to separate. He said it was “very painful for both of Us and that it was under circumstances neither one of Us had any control over.” Jesus said, however, that when I was able to leave My family after they were finally well, I did, and I spent the rest of My life by His side until His Crucifixion.


Jesus told Me that when I put the Holy oils on His feet—I was anointing Him to prepare Him, as a way to comfort Him, for what He was about to endure—His painful Crucifixion. 


Jesus said I was doing this because I knew of the horrific pain that He was about to enter. He said I was “taking care of His well-being and giving Him support.” I knew more details about the tragedy He was about to endure because He confided more information to Me than He had to the other Apostles—because I was His trusted wife. Jesus said that as His close, trusted wife, to whom He had revealed more information about the misery that He was about to face, I kept His details confidential, at His request, because He did not want the others to know how painful it was actually going to be for Him, yet… because He did not want them to suffer more than They had to.


Jesus said I anointed His feet with oils to bring Him “comfort and support to Him for the extreme misery and sacrifice [He] was about to endure.”


Jesus said that when I anointed His feet with oils, “Judas mocked and ridiculed” Me, and that Jesus “defended” Me “in front of everyone.” 

[John 12:1-8]

Mary of Bethany Anoints Jesus of Nazarath

12 [a]Six days before the Passover, Jesus came to Bethany, where Laz′arus was, whom Jesus had raised from the dead. 2 There they made him a supper; Martha served, and Laz′arus was one of those at the table with him. 3 Mary took a pound of costly ointment of pure nard and anointed the feet of Jesus and wiped his feet with her hair, and the house was filled with the fragrance of the ointment. 4 But Judas Iscariot, one of his Disciples (he who was to betray him), said, 5 “Why was this ointment not sold for three hundred denarii[b] and given to the poor?” 6 This he said, not that he cared for the poor but because he was a thief, and as he had the money box he used to take what was put into it. 7 Jesus said, “Let her alone, let her keep it for the day of my burial. 8 The poor you always have with you, but you do not always have me.”


He then said that I brought the Biblical oils with Me and that they were Mine to do with whatever I wished. He said that I wanted to share My gift of oils with Him and His “well-being.” 


I saw a vision of Myself carrying a basket full of oils into a house while Jesus said: 


“You brought them in for Me to give Me comfort for the suffering that I was about to take on.” He said I did not bring them in “for any other purpose, such as selling or making a profit from… They were Your gift that You bought with Your money to comfort Your husband with...”

♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱


Jesus Comes to Oracle Maureen the Day After Telling Her She is Mary of Bethany –

To Help Her Accept This Truth & His Gift 

~ Jesus: February 20, 2023


The night after the revelation, I received a visitation from Jesus. He appeared to Me by the side of My bed. 


Jesus said:


“Now, will You let My love in?"


When He said this, He held His hand on My heart and sent Me a powerful wave of His energy and love into My heart, opening and expanding it. I was caught off guard by this. It was amazing. 


I saw a ‘Large Halo of White Light’ fill My heart chakra and felt His love fill Me up, starting with My heart. It was incredible. It put Me in a state of pure bliss.


Jesus knew I was overwhelmed with trying to accept all the remarkable information I had been receiving for years—that I was His beloved from back when He was on Earth.


Jesus continued to send more of His love into My heart chakra while He told Me “to keep working on accepting this truth.”  He then opened up My heart chakra even more (our heart chakra is our energetic, psychic channel near our hearts, which is how and where we give and receive the vibration of love). 


Jesus then put His other Hand on My stomach, My core chakra (our feeling channel, our Clairsentient channel). He did this to open up My feeling channel to help Me feel His feelings and vibrations of love at an even stronger degree. He said He wanted Me to receive His messages more fully and to have more courage to bring down My walls of defenses and fears because I had been a little dismissive, even attempting to deny Their messages somewhat… showing Me that I was His girlfriend back when He had His lifetime on Earth. 


He said:


“Stop pushing it away and denying the truth… Try to work harder on accepting the truth and overcome Your fears of finding out something so unbelievably fantastic.”


Jesus continued to use His powers on Me by helping Me accept My past and who I am—and His ‘Gift of Clarity.’ 


Jesus worked on clearing away My fears so I could fully accept His gift. He kept shifting My fears from Me until I could finally shift a significant amount of worry out of Me—because I was nervous that it wasn’t in the Bible. 


Jesus kept opening up My heart and core chakras wider to Him, taking out My fears and hesitations—until I could finally make Him the promise He asked for… which was… let His love in and stop denying this truth and His ‘Gift of Clarity.’ When I made this promise to Jesus, He filled Me with more of His love and happiness.


After this incredible experience, I soon had another one.  


I was doing My daily meditation, and when I was done, I went to lie down because I was too out of My body to function yet. 


Suddenly, I saw Jesus appear. He was standing by the side of My bed. He was wearing a ‘White Cloak with a Large Gold Cross’ on the back of it. He took His white cloak off and wrapped it around Me. He said He was “protecting and embracing” Me “fully” with it. While He did this, He also filled Me with His love. I felt waves of His love flow into Me, starting with My heart chakra, then My core chakra, until His love flowed into all My other chakras, and I was filled with the bliss of Jesus’s love. He held Me in this state for a while. 


Then suddenly, it changed. All of His vibrations of love soon turned into a different kind of love. I felt Him change the sensation into the feeling of ‘being in love’ with Me. The whole sensation and experience shifted dramatically. I was stunned. It was extraordinarily powerful. I felt more of My walls drop when Jesus sent Me the sensation of Him ‘being in love with Me’ … and then He asked Me to tell you of this experience. 


I laid there wrapped in His ‘White Cloak,’ receiving vibrations of His feelings of ‘being in love’ with Me, in complete awe. When this happened, Jesus called Me His “ girlfriend.” He showed Me a vision of Me as ‘Mary of Bethany’ and said, “Mary of Bethany in Jerusalem.” I was dumbstruck. She looked just like Me when I was around 20 years old, except with really long, thick brown hair. I suddenly became overwhelmed when I felt His feelings that He was sending Me and saw this vision. A memory surfaced from inside Me, and I remembered feeling this before from Jesus. I remembered that I used to feel this feeling from Jesus—that He used to give Me the feeling of Him ‘being in love with Me.’ Then, I felt the feeling shift, and I remembered the feeling and the memory that I used to feel this same feeling for Jesus—the feeling of ‘being in love with Him.’ I was so taken aback that I suddenly became very emotional and almost started crying. I lay there mesmerized, in awe, feeling the sensations of ‘being in love’ and suddenly remembering that—that was what I used to feel for and from Jesus. I couldn’t even speak… 


Jesus then said He would always be right by My side while I was here (on Earth) and asked Me to keep letting His love in.


He said He wanted Me to tell people who I truly am to Him—because He “wishes for people to know whom Jesus chooses to work through.”  He said that because of Our close relationship, He wants people to know He works through Me at an “advanced level.” 


He said: 


“I want people to understand that because I chose You and loved You as a close trusted partner, to the level of being a wife, You are someone whom I chose to have by My side at the closest level possible—and that this is why You serve Me as a Principal Full-Time Oracle.”


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱


Oracle Maureen’s Spirit Guides & Angels Surround Her,
Chanting “Mary of Bethany” to Help Her Accept Who She is

 ~ Oracle Maureen’s Collective Group of Spirit Guides & Angels: February 20, 2023


In addition to receiving ongoing Divine Intervention from Jesus and God the day after My revelation, I also received many visitations from My collective group of Spirit Guides and Angels. 


Every hour or so, They would visit Me giving Me more messages showing Me that—I am Mary of Bethany. 


I was surprised when They surrounded Me and started chanting My name, “Mary of Bethany,” in very loving, happy voices. As They did this, in excited tones, They told Me that They had been waiting to tell Me who I really am and that They were excited to finally be able to tell Me that I am Mary of Bethany. 


They said They were excited that They were finally allowed to tell Me this and that They were there also to help Me “accept this truth about Yourself.”


I was starting to shut down and push this incredible information away a little, this amazing gift because it was so extraordinary and unexpected. I worried about it not being mentioned in the Bible and not having that validation to support it. I also worried about the persecution that I intuitively feared that I, and Jesus, would inevitably face from those who may mock Us (either those who fear Jesus and God, the non-believers, or anyone else with dishonorable motives).


But, as soon as I would start to have those worries, Jesus, God, or My Guides and Angels would come through, almost immediately, and embrace Me with Their love and resume telling Me in strong, delighted, enthusiastic voices, again, that I am “Mary of Bethany,” reincarnated—and Jesus’s other beloved wife.


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱

More Messages Given to Oracle Maureen

Showing Her She is Mary of Bethany and Jeusus' Beloved Wife


Jesus Showed Oracle Maureen How She Exists Especially Close to Him—Because She is His ‘Wife’

~ Jesus: February 20, 2023


The next night, after I received My Mary of Bethany revelation, I went to go to sleep, and when I turned over and saw Jesus right by My side. I was stunned. He was very close to Me. He was wearing a long white robe with a high collar. 


He telepathically told Me that He was showing Me—again—that I “exist living in a very close state” to Him because I was an actual wife to Him when He and I were on Earth, and that I still am when I am in Heaven.


He also told Me that I exist at an even closer level to Him now that I achieved advanced another level in My ascension process—when I was awarded the gift from God of being allowed to know that I am Mary of Bethany. 


By showing Me how I exist so close to His side, Jesus said He wanted to show Me that He is present in My life at an even more advanced and intimate level… guiding and protecting Me. 


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱


“Let My Love In”

~ Jesus: February 20, 2023


Later in the morning, Jesus appeared to Me. I was overwhelmed and shutting down because I didn’t feel worthy of such an incredible gift—to be chosen to be His beloved and be in a relationship with Him… because it is Jesus and it is something so extraordinary. 


When Jesus appeared to Me, He filled Me with His love and said, “Let My Love In.” Then He filled Me with more vibrations of His love. It was blissful and I felt levels of My fears start to shift out of Me. He was sending in His vibrations of love—the love He was holding for Me—which were big and powerful; and suddenly I felt My feelings of holding back and not allowing Myself to receive His love start to wash away. At the same time, He ignited feelings inside Me where I felt ‘in love’ with Him. I was stunned when I suddenly had a memory come over Me where I remembered having this feeling for Him before. In an instant, as though He flipped a switch, I suddenly remembered feeling this type of love for Jesus and from Jesus. I wasn’t prepared for this when He took away amnesia from Me and restored this memory. 


I was in awe and, again, overwhelmed when this memory was returned to Me. He then asked Me to promise Him that I would stop denying this truth and work harder on accepting who I am, which is Mary of Bethany. He asked Me to “let His love in” and stop denying Him the gift that God gave Me when He gave Me the remarkable revelation to know that I am Mary of Bethany, His “betrothed".


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱


“You Serve Jesus & Kuan Yin in Heaven”

~ Jesus: February 23, 2023


I received a message from Jesus a couple of days after receiving My revelation, who told Me that I am, in fact, His beloved… His wife… and Mary of Bethany. He came to tell Me more about My life in Heaven and what I do. 


I awoke to receive this very long message from Jesus. First, He woke Me up by filling Me with vibrations of His love and His feelings of ‘being in love’ with Me. He said:


"My girlfriend. We have been together since the very beginning when Our souls were created as boyfriend and girlfriend."


My other Guides and Angels held Me to help Me receive this powerful message. I was astounded.


He went on:


“I worship the ground that You walk on.” 


He then showed Me a long vision of Me inside the Royal Mansion in Heaven. 


I recognized it immediately from several other visions They gave Me, showing Me that I live with Them in the Royal Mansion and work for Them full-time.


Jesus showed Me in the vision—Me standing ‘closely’ to Him and Kuan Yin. He said: 


"In Heaven, You work closely alongside Kuan Yin and Me, tending to all of Our needs."


I saw a vision of Myself walking into a room, and He said: 


"You prepare My room for My services and My lectures." 


As He said this, I saw Myself entering a gorgeous room. I was wearing a purple dress (purple is the symbolic color that shows someone is a ‘Spirit Guide’). My hair was the same medium brown but very long and styled beautifully and professionally. I looked like I was around 20 years old. I had a clipboard with a list on it that I was making sure I got accomplished. I was walking around and ensuring that all the furniture was in the correct positions that He wanted and needed them to be in.


He said: 


"You make sure I am fed and have all of My meals exactly how I want them and need them. You make sure I have nourishment, as well as Kuan Yin. You look after Me like a wife, and after Kuan Yin like a mother. You tend to all of Our needs at the closest level possible so that We can work—as well as Our well-being. You make sure that others do not interrupt Us when We need Our rest, and You manage Our personal affairs."


I then saw Myself entering other rooms in the mansion and, again, ensuring that things were perfect for Him. 


I felt this tremendous feeling come over Me as I slowly recognized how much I have been entrusted with and how much I do for both—Jesus and Kuan Yin. I was blown away to see that I have a tremendous job in Heaven, serving both Jesus and Kuan Yin—at the closest level possible and at all times. I also recognized that I felt and looked happy the entire time. I also felt a deep love for both of Them when Jesus showed Me what I do in Heaven. It was truly amazing. I felt so much gratitude to be allowed to see all of this and to know that this is what I do in Heaven—and that this is what I get to go back home… to Them.


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱


Jesus Reveals Mary of Bethany was His Other Girlfriend, Second to Mary Magdalene

~ Jesus: February 24, 2023


I received this message from Jesus a couple of days after He and God told Me that I am Mary of Bethany. 


Jesus said:


“I worship the ground You walk on.”


Jesus then went on to tell Me about My life in Heaven. He said I live with Him “as a wife,” but I have the freedom to go and be with any of My other soulmates—because of free will. 


He said:  


“Although You have the freedom to come and go as You wish, You don’t go very far, and You hardly ever leave. You stay with Me by My side, almost always, and Kuan Yin's."


Jesus then explained that when We are apart, such as when I am on Earth in an incarnation (like now as ‘Maureen’) and He is in Heaven, it is “difficult” for Him—because We are each other's soulmates. He also told Me, before the Mary of Bethany revelation (when He had given Me years of messages that I was His girlfriend when He was on Earth), that when I have boyfriends, it is difficult for Him. He said that when I am with boyfriends, “it hurts Him” and He has to “turn away and step back” from watching Me closely so He doesn’t have to see everything. I was shocked to hear this. 


He then asked Me:


“Now, do You understand that You are My girlfriend?"


I was so overwhelmed to find this information out that I would sometimes deny it and push it away, saying I wasn’t worthy of such a privilege and gift. I would go back and forth, trying to accept His and all the other messages My Guides, the Saints, and God gave Me—who were bringing Me more validation about the reality that I was, first of all, Mary of Bethany and secondly, Jesus’s girlfriend, who was not mentioned in the Bible. That is why He gave Me this message. 


He continued with this message to help Me stop denying the truth—and the ‘Gift of Clarity’ that I was lucky enough to receive from God.


“Now, do You understand that We are boyfriend and girlfriend and that it hurts Me when You have other boyfriends?"


Jesus then showed Me a vision of how He has to turn away from Me and take a step back—so He does not have to look at My life when I have a boyfriend. When I saw Him turn away and step back, I also saw and felt His sadness. I was blown away… really blown away. It was like I just got a little kick on My butt to wake up—and this is when I finally stopped going back and forth on denying this incredible insight. I chose to be strong and do what He and God wanted Me to do: accept it. Seeing and feeling His sorrow made Me not want to make Him sad. This is where everything changed for Me, and I finally crossed over that hurdle of worrying about what people will think and decided that I would not deny Him or who I truly am—because I love Him.


Jesus then showed Me that He ‘steps in’ and protects Me when I have boyfriends—if they hurt Me. He showed Me a vision of Him ‘stepping in’ to a situation and dealing with the person who has caused Me harm. When He showed Me this, He said, “I am overly protective of You.” 


Later that day, He gave Me another vision that showed Him stepping toward a group of people. While He did, He said He is “so devoted” to Me that “when people hurt You, they will have to contend with Me.” He told Me that meant when people hurt Me on any level, such as betrayal, slander, abuse, defamation, etc.—He will be giving them a consequence because they created a negative karmic consequence for themselves by harming one of Jesus’s beloveds, God’s chosen One, and a Saint. Harming a Saint holds a much higher level of punishment than a non-Saint. Jesus and God want to enlighten people about this karmic rule—so they can have the wisdom to make wiser choices and protect themselves from creating negative Karma.


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱



“Now You Know Why You are Holy”

~ Jesus: February 23, 2023


A couple of days after receiving the revelation, Jesus visited Me.


He said:

“Now You know why You are Holy.”


This was meaningful because I had heard from God, Jesus, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, and My other Spirit Guides and Angles tell Me that I am “a Holy one” for years. 


They had given Me many visions over the past few years, not just saying I am a Holy One but also showing Me wearing a white nun’s habit. Eventually, They revealed that I was a Saint, which is why I am a Holy One. They told Me I am not in a convent because I earned special rights and privileges from God to experience earthly pleasures—and not have to live as restricted as Nuns do.


God told Me in several visitations that I earned the privilege of being allowed to live in the mainstream world and get to have earthly experiences but that I also had the burden of using much more “discipline” than the majority of people to make sure that I don’t lower My level of purity and ethics with the temptations and toxins in our world. 


Jesus and God said that being a Holy One allowed to live in the mainstream world to serve Them is a prized position to hold. They said that My work for Them in past lives, as well as in Heaven, awarded Me this right. 


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱


Jesus & Oracle Maureen’s Guides & Angels Chanted “Bethany” to Her at Church—to Help Her Accept Who She Is

~ Jesus & Her Collective Group of Spirit Guides & Angels: March 12, 2023


I was at church, and about 15 minutes into the service, I heard Jesus say, “Bethany,” to Me. He was standing behind Me and said it loudly over the top of My head. He said it repeatedly. I saw it written out in My third eye, “Bethany.”


Then, I heard My other Guides and Angels join Him and start saying, “Bethany,”  with Him. It was so cool, and I was extremely caught off guard. They surrounded Me in a circle and said it loudly and clearly, repeating it slowly to Me. I knew They said They were helping Me accept who I am and ultimately gain the courage to speak about it.


As They stood close around Me, telling Me who I am, I felt Their love flow into Me the entire time They chanted “Bethany.”


Then They said They were “helping [Me] accept” that I am “Mary of Bethany and helping [Me] be strong in announcing this—because it was Jesus and God’s wish [that I] announce it on [My] biography on [My] website.” They said doing it would be doing it for “Their glory—because You belong to Them—and They work through You.”


God and Jesus had already asked Me to announce it on My website several times. They actually required Me to. I had been procrastinating because I was worried about dealing with the negativity from the people who would act dishonorable towards Me, and towards Jesus, by trying to discount or persecute Me or Jesus because of their fears of God and Jesus. Atheism, sins, and mistakes will often cause people to betray those who work for God and Jesus, which has been the case for Me since I ascended to a full-time Principal Oracle for Them, and was allowed to live in a much closer state to Them. 


I was given warnings and prepared that there would be even more betrayals after I would share this stage in My ascension process and let people know who I truly am. So I was working on getting up the courage to obey Their request and announce it when I received this message —to help Me finally complete My mission of announcing it on My website. 


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱


“You Kissed My Face When I Was There with You” 

~ Jesus: March 16, 2023


I awoke to hear Jesus saying to Me:

“You kissed My face all the time when I was there with You [on Earth].”

I saw His face. It was surrounded by a halo of white light. 

He told Me again that I was Mary of Bethany in one of My previous incarnations and that We were together as boyfriend and girlfriend when He was on Earth. He said that when We were together on Earth: 

“You kissed My face all the time.”

He repeated this sentence to Me multiple times, and when He did, He sent His love into Me simultaneously. He also opened up My Third Eye and showed Me these words written out. They were written in black letters on a whiteboard—so I had to see them at the same time I heard them—all while I felt His presence by My side and His love flow into Me.

It was an incredible experience.


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱


“I’ve Been Wanting to Tell You… I’ve Been Dying to Tell You… You are Mary of Bethany” 

~ Jesus: March 29, 2023 


I was sound asleep and suddenly woke up to hear, “I need to tell You something.” At first, I thought—uh oh… what did I do… lol… Did I get Myself into trouble (ex: swearing, being behind on a deadline, etc.)?  


Then I heard Jesus’s voice in My right ear. He said: 


“I need to tell You that I have been waiting to tell You that We were… We are lovers…  when You were Mary of Bethany… and still are today in Heaven.”


He then filled Me with His love. It was an overwhelming love that fills you all up inside your entire being and felt like the sensation of ‘being in love.’  I was stunned to feel His love given to Me in this way (again)—to feel Him sending Me the feeling of Him ‘being in love’ with Me. 


I had received this experience from Jesus before, during the weeks before He revealed to Me that I am Mary of Bethany, to prepare Me for the revelation—but it is such an astounding experience every time He has given it to Me, and just so incredible to feel.


As He held Me in His embrace and this state of feeling His love for Me, He said:


“I have been wanting to tell You. I’ve been waiting to tell You… that We were lovers. I’ve been dying to tell You… that We were lovers when You were Mary of Bethany and still are today in Heaven.”


Then, He blanketed Me with another wave of His love that felt like pure unconditional love and, again, the love of someone ‘in love’ with Me. He continued: 


“You have no idea how much it has been killing Me having to wait to tell You”


He held Me in this extraordinary love that only lovers feel the whole time He spoke to Me. I was speechless.


The next day, Jesus said He wanted to remind Me that I was and am His “other wife.”  


He said: 


“You were My second beloved, other wife when I was there on Earth—when You were Mary of Bethany then. Magdalene was also My beloved other wife. We have been together, as husband and wife, for Our entire creation in Heaven and when We were on Earth together.”


He then said He wanted Me to keep working on “accepting the Gift of Clarity” that I have been given—and not to deny it—and to be honest about it with others.

♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱


“We Have Been Waiting to Tell You” 

~ Oracle Maureen’s Collective Group of Spirit Guides & Angels: April 1, 2023


About a week after God and Jesus revealed that I am Mary of Bethany and am currently re-incarnated as Maureen, I received this very cool message from the collective group of My Spirit Guides and Angels.

I was standing in My bedroom, getting ready for the day, and I felt a powerful halo of energy start to circle Me. It felt blissful and loving, so I immediately knew it was from Heaven. Suddenly, I was stopped in My tracks as I was surrounded by the presence of My collective group of Spirit Guides & Angels, who, after announcing Themselves, said:


“We have been waiting to tell You. We have been waiting to tell You. We have been waiting to tell You that You are Mary of Bethany.” 


As They said this, They filled Me with Their enthusiasm and excitement. Then They telepathically told Me that They “have been wanting to tell [Me] for many years, but that [We] were not allowed to until God allowed [Us].” They then said They were so “happy and excited to finally be able to tell [Me]” that I finally “earned this Gift of Clarity.”


They said Their message loudly and cheerfully and embraced Me with Their uplifting and loving energies.


They said They were so happy that I earned this ‘Gift of Clarity’ of being allowed to know that I am Mary of Bethany because achieving this level in My ascension process has earned Me more privileges—with Them because it would allow Me to have an even greater, closer connection to Them. 


“We are so excited that You get to know the truth now because You'll also be able to communicate to Us on a completely different, much more intimate level. We will be allowed to give You more advanced insights with this new development.”


My Guides and Angels filled Me with Their excitement again while They said this. 


This experience inspired Me to not deny such an incredible revelation that I was lucky enough to receive—because of My fears of how some people may behave unkindly towards Me (and Jesus) because of their fears or jealousies. Hearing and feeling Their enthusiasm helped Me begin to conquer My fears of those who will attempt to discount Me—and Jesus—by trying to deny the truth that Jesus does exist—and does have a true living Apostle who is a beloved to Him, a close, personal chosen one, currently working for Him on Earth right now. 


My Guides and Angels gave Me priceless motivation to get over My reservations by showing Me that I also get to look forward to living in a closer state to My Spirit Guides and Angels—receiving more advanced communications from Them. 


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱




God Called Oracle Maureen “Mary of Bethany” While He Handed Her a Bottle of Oils

~ God & Jesus: March 21, 2023


I was praying the Rosary for My daily meditation, and suddenly I heard a firm, authoritative voice say, “Bethany. Mary of Bethany.” 


It was God’s voice. He then enveloped Me in a ‘halo’ of energy as He said this and merged the name ‘onto’ Me. I saw ”Bethany” written out in front of Me and come over Me. I was caught off guard and a little overwhelmed, especially when God’s energetic embrace, which felt like a gigantic hug that squeezed My entire being, happened. 


When I was embraced so powerfully, along with hearing the words “Mary of Bethany” being repeated, I stopped praying the Rosary and gave God My complete focus out of respect and obedience to Him. It was so amazing and powerful that I couldn’t continue praying even if I wanted to. I was taken over and put in an altered state, which feels beyond amazing.


God then said it again, “Bethany. Mary of Bethany. Bethany.” As He did, I saw an amber-colored glass bottle with a black top appear directly in front of Me.  


He said: “Bottle of oils.”


It was huge, like two feet tall, floating before Me when He said: “Mary of Bethany” while embracing Me. I was taken aback. 


God said that He was reinforcing that I was the one who put the oils on Jesus’s feet and that I was Mary of Bethany. He said He was also helping Me get the courage to speak about this publicly—for His and Jesus’s sake—and not back down when those who want to discredit or mock Me start to slander Me.


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱


Jesus Asked Oracle Maureen to Speak to Him “Like Her Husband”

Like She Did When She Was on Earth as Mary of Bethany

~ Jesus: March 2023 


I received a visitation from Jesus about a month after He revealed that I am Mary of Bethany and was in a personal, romantic relationship with Him, to the level of what He calls His “other wife” when He was on Earth. 


He appeared standing behind Me and said, “Talk to Me like Your husband.” I was completely caught off guard. He then explained that He and God have ascended Me to the level of being allowed this knowledge because I earned it. He now wanted Me to talk to and treat Him like a ‘husband’ and ‘close personal partner’—like I do in Heaven. He said that We get to exist now at that level, being in that type of relationship. He said He wants Me to start bringing down My defenses and allow Myself to receive the gifts and level of love that He can now give Me, which is much more advanced. 


He said He wants Me to use the personal names that I used for Him before when I was Mary of Bethany (and that I use when I’m in Heaven with Him). He reminded Me of some of the names that I used to call Him: “Beloved;” “Dearest Jesus;” “Jesse;” “Yeshua” (which is Hebrew for 'Savior' or 'Lord of My Salvation'), “Rabboni” (which is Hebrew for 'Teacher'); and others… 


He said that because He and God have given Me this tremendous gift—the “Gift of Clarity to Know Who You Truly Are,” which is His “beloved Mary of Bethany,” He does not want Me to speak to Him in such a formal, rigid way anymore. Instead, He wants Me to talk to Him like I did when I was Mary of Bethany and like I do when I am in Heaven, as His wife—which is in a personal, endearing, and sweet way, but still very respectful. 


He said He is bringing Me back to more of My natural state of who I really am, which is one of His wives and close personal Oracles, and that I get to live the rest of My incarnation now in this state of having access to Him at an “extraordinary and unique, intimate level.”


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱


Jesus Showed Oracle Maureen He is Wrapped Around Her Finger and She is Wrapped Around His 

~ Jesus: March 27, 2023


I received a visitation from Jesus during My daily meditation. While I was sitting in My chair, I saw Jesus appear by My side. He held My pinky finger with His pinky finger. He wrapped His little finger around Mine and, while holding it firmly, sent His love into Me. 


He held our fingers together for a long time. He told Me that He is reminding Me of a message that He gave Me a few years ago when He was letting Me know that We were in a close, personal, long-standing, committed relationship when He was on Earth. He showed Me that I was a girlfriend to Him.


Jesus then replayed that vision and said:


“Wrapped around Your finger, and You are wrapped around My finger.”


I was astounded to experience this message again.


Jesus then stayed with Me during the rest of My meditation. He filled Me with more of His love and gave Me a miraculous healing by completely removing a severe headache and making Me pain-free.


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱


Mary Magdalene Pours Holy Oil on Oracle Maureen at Church While Telling Her She is Mary of Bethany

~ Mary Magdalene: April 9, 2023


I had an incredible experience with Jesus, where He woke Me up by kissing Me and telling Me I was “Mary of Bethany.” 


The next day, I went to church and had another miraculous experience. I was sitting at church, and right away, when the priest started talking, I was stunned to see a large ‘Vase of Holy Oil’ float down from the ceiling. After He announced Himself to Me, I heard God say, “Vase of Holy Oil.” I saw it with My physical eyes. It hovered right over the front of the church, suspended above the altar.


God then surrounded Me in His powerful vibrations and said He was “giving everybody a blessing who showed up at Church on Easter—because it was the day Jesus ascended and was resurrected.”  


God said that He was pleased that the people at church that day—showed up to honor the pain, misery, and sacrifice that Jesus endured… all for the sake of helping teach and save us from our mistakes. God said that He wanted to show Me that because the people showed up at church on a particular day devoted to honoring His sacred Son, Jesus, who endured extreme torture and sacrificed Himself for mankind, everyone would receive a more significant blessing from Him that day. The Creator said He wanted to show Me so I could teach people this.


God then showed Me everyone receiving a blessing as He took the ‘Vase of Holy Oil’ and poured it over them. 


Then, when the priest talked about Jesus, His resurrection, and how Mary Magdalene found Jesus's clothes in the tomb, I saw Mary Magdalene appear. She floated right in front of Me, very close. She was so beautiful. She appeared right when the priest said Her name and started talking about Her.


Mary Magdalene then gave Me a personal message. She said They were showing Me the 'Vase of Holy Oil’ for another meaningful reason… a message for Me. 


She said: 


“The Vase of Oil is also meant for You. You are Mary of Bethany, who put Oils on Jesus's feet to prepare Him for His trials and tribulation—His Crucifixion.”


She filled Me with love the entire time She said this to Me. 


It was an incredible experience. I could barely concentrate on the rest of the sermon after that. 


♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱


“We are Eternal Soulmates”

~ Jesus: February 2023


Shortly after the revelation, Jesus told Me that though being told I was Mary of Bethany and His other wife and the one who anointed His feet with Holy Oils was such an extraordinary announcement to receive—I needed to stop doubting that I was worthy of His love in this unique way. He often came to Me with this message, asking Me to accept My worth and who I am to Him. My other Guides and Angels also worked with Me to help Me accept the ‘Gift of Clarity’ God had given Me.


In one visitation, Jesus appeared and said: 


“We are soulmates. We have been together since God created our souls, and We will always be for all eternity.”


He also explained and showed Me in visions that We are still together when I am on Earth and He is in Heaven—and that once My mission on Earth is completed, I get to go back to living with Him in His Royal Mansion in Heaven and be by His side, His right-hand side, and serve Him full-time as His wife… because I am a “special, intimate Oracle” created for Jesus by God, who made Us to be “eternal soulmates.”


Jesus said:


“We are eternal soulmates, and You are of the wife level. You will always be My betrothed. You will always be My beloved… for all of eternity.”


And More Messages Give to Maureen

Showing Her She is Mary of Bethany and Jesus' Beloved


Oracle Maureen Now Commonly Called “Mary of Bethany” by God, Jesus and Others From Heaven

~ God & Jesus: March 21, 2023


I was praying the Rosary for My daily meditation, and suddenly I heard a firm, authoritative voice say “Bethany. Mary of Bethany.” 


It was God’s voice. He then enveloped Me in a ‘Halo’ of energy as said this and merged the name ‘onto’ Me. I saw ”Bethany” written out in front of Me and come over Me.  I was caught off guard and a little over-whelmed, especially when God gave Me an energetic embrace, which felt like a strong gigantic hug that squeezed My entire being happened. 


When I was embraced so powerfully, along with hearing the words, “Mary of Bethany,” being said repeatedly to Me, I stopped praying the Rosary and gave God My full focus. I was taken over and put in an altered state (which by the way feels beyond amazing!).


God then said it again, “Bethany. Mary of Bethany. Bethany;” as He did, I saw a very large amber-colored glass bottle, one that would be used to hold oils, appear directly in front of Me.  


He said: 


“Bottle of Oils”

It was big, like two feet tall floating in front Me. When He said, “Mary of Bethany,” He kept embracing Me. I was so taken aback. 


The bottle was an amber-brown color bottle with a black top.


God said that He was reinforcing to Me that I was the one who put the oils on Jesus’s feet—when I was Mary of Bethany. He said He was also helping Me achieve the courage to speak about this publicly—for His and Jesus’s sake. He said that He did not want Me to back down when the ones who will discredit or mock Me because of fear and jealousy. It was a very powerful experience.   

♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱

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