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Chief Principal Oracle for Kuan Yin


Goddess of Mercy & Compassion

“Your soul, created from a ray taken from the Rainbow Rays straight from My rib.


Nothing gives Me, Your Mother, more happiness than to see You achieve that which You were made for.


My heart flows boundlessly with love for You, and blesses the gift that God has granted You, again.


You succeeded in Your goal and accomplished, yet once again, becoming God’s Chief Principal Oracle, and Mine—and I celebrate Your success and the gift You are to Us.


May You be filled with knowing My happiness for You, and My eternal Love, Daughter.”

– Kuan Yin

Goddess of & Compassion. Principle Spirit Guide for Maureen

2005: Maureen Learned Kuan Yin was Her Spirit Guide from the Very Beginning

I learned Ascended Master Kuan Yin was one of My Spirit Guides about a year after I was activated. My Guides also called this period a “Miraculous Experience,” when They appeared to Me for two months and activated My psychic abilities to a high level and called upon Me to serve Them. Kuan Yin was the very last Guide I met at the end of My Miraculous Experience.


2014: Kuan Yin’s Message to Maureen, “You are Kuan Yin's Essence

I had just completed one of My radio shows, which was focused on spiritual enlightenment. By this time, I was working almost exclusively with Kuan Yin in a longer, advanced channeling state instead of My other Guides and Angels. As I was getting ready to leave My desk, Kuan Yin appeared. She said:


“You are Kuan Yin's essence.”


At that moment, I witnessed a vision of a beautiful swirling rainbow. Then She filled Me with powerful vibrations of love and a sense that We were interconnected through the rainbow.

I had never had an experience like this with Her. It was very moving because of the strong feelings of love that She gave to Me when She showed Me the rainbow. I spent several days pondering the meaning of the experience. What was it that She wanted Me to understand? I was a bit dumbfounded and at the same time fascinated by how personal it was and how much love She gave to Me. I asked Her and My other Guides for more clarity.


2014: God Announced to Maureen, “You Were Created from a Ray of Light from Kuan Yin’s Rainbow

A few days later, right before the next radio show, My questions were answered. I was sitting at My desk, just finishing My meditation in preparation for the show. Suddenly, I received a tremendous vision.


I heard a powerful voice announce Himself as God. Then I saw the word ‘God’ spelled out in front of Me in My third eye. A large, colorful rainbow appeared, and God said, “You were created from a ray of light of Kuan Yin. Your soul comes from one of the rays of light from Kuan Yin’s rainbow.


I then saw a ray of light, it was mostly purple with some white, come out of the middle of the rainbow and float directly into Me. I saw it go into My heart and stomach. Next, I watched the whole rainbow come down and go into all of Me.


I was stunned. It was so amazing. My questions were answered. Both God and Kuan Yin encouraged Me to continue to work on being stronger and braver for Her sake so that She could channel Her teachings and knowledge through Me and help enlighten mankind. They reminded Me then, and still do today, that My ability to let Her use Me at the advanced level and stand up for every single word that She channels through Me is pivotal in Her ability to be able to deliver Her teachings—to help people here evolve.  

April 5, 2020: Kuan Yin Revealed to Maureen She was “Daughter of Kuan Yin

This morning, I received a message from Kuan Yin giving Me more details concerning the true nature of Our relationship. I was in the shower, and suddenly, I felt a surge of energy radiating in My stomach. Then Kuan Yin appeared to Me. She put Me into a trance and opened up My third eye. I saw the image of a large rainbow start to develop in My stomach. I then saw a vision of Kuan Yin’s face form in the middle of the rainbow with a halo of white light surrounding Her face. The ray of white light came out of the rainbow and then filled up My stomach.


I realized that now the vision was manifesting by seeing it with open, physical eyes. As I watched the white light fill Me up, I felt overwhelming feelings of love wash over Me that I felt for Her. I was given the most powerful sensation as if I suddenly remembered a memory—of how much love I have ‘for Her.’ The feelings of remembering this love were so overwhelming I had to hold back tears. I stood there, spellbound, wanting to cry as I handled being overwhelmed by this feeling of deep love that I just remembered I have ‘for Her.’


I continued to stand there under the shower water, stunned, for a while, while I processed this extraordinary experience with My Principle Spirit Guide that She gave Me. Kuan Yin wanted to show Me and help Me remember the depth of My devotion to Her and the truth of our relationship and how connected We are.


As I was remembering how much I truly love Her, She said this to Me:


”You were created from Kuan Yin… from the light of My soul. You were created from a ray of My light, like a ray from My rainbow.”


I saw the rainbow in My stomach with Her image in it start to fill Me up. Then I saw Her face and the rainbow (Her soul) come out of My stomach. I felt the sensation of a strong energy leave Me as She did this. She stood facing Me and created a second, separate rainbow. She explained that the second rainbow was My light (My soul) which was created from Hers. Then She filled My body with the second rainbow, comprised of My own light, and surrounded Me in a halo of its light, Her light. As She did, She said, Daughter of Kuan Yin.


May 24, 2020: Kuan Yin Revealed to Maureen She Has Been a Full Time Oracle For Her Since Maureen’s Soul was Created

The evening before I was to begin writing this section on Kuan Yin, I was reviewing My notebooks and organizing My messages that I’ve documented. As I was going over the history of events that had taken place over the previous fifteen years, I was trying to figure out a way to consolidate it. What milestones would Kuan Yin want Me to include? While deep in thought, Kuan Yin appeared and gave Me this message. I was astounded by how long it was and by its content. I was also grateful that She wanted to share all of this with Me. I began writing Her words down.


“You have been a full-time oracle for Kuan Yin since Your inception, since birth… not just in this lifetime, but in all of Your lifetimes. You came into creation as one of My full-time oracles, as one of My daughters—the day God created and birthed Your soul for Me, as well as the other Guides, Angels, and Saints You serve.”


“You have a special relationship with Me… that being one of My Primary oracles. You have not fallen from grace in any of Your incarnations and have served Me with full commitment, love, respect, honor, devotion, faithfulness, and loyalty. This has graduated You to being one of My Principle Oracles, a title You achieved many lifetimes ago.” 

God created You primarily for Me and Jesus, to serve Us at an advanced level. We are Your Primaries, and You are Ours.

 – Ascended Master Kuan Yin

When I sat down a few days later to begin work on this page, I was only going to include a paragraph of Her message. However, suddenly Kuan Yin appeared and asked Me to please include all of it. Then, I saw Jesus appear next to Her and repeat Her request to publish the entire message. They explained that They wanted people to understand that there are true messengers on earth who work for the Guides, Angels, and Saints. Upon hearing the truth, they can choose either to listen to and heed their messengers or not, but at least they knew the truth.

It is a great honor to serve Goddess Kuan Yin. I am blessed to be able to live My life in a state so closely connected to Her. Her wisdom is priceless. Her vibration of love that She surrounds Me in is heavenly. The courage and strength that She fills Me with are incomparable.


I feel blessed and special each time Kuan Yin appears to Me with a message that She wants delivered, or one intended just for Me. Her prayers and teachings give Me insight, clarity, and wisdom that I would otherwise not have. I love Her with all of My heart and soul.

I hope that you too, can cherish and benefit from Her words of wisdom. Kuan Yin, the beautiful and wise Ascended Master, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, wants only to give knowledge to you, to help you evolve and ascend.

April 13, 2023: God awarded Oracle Maureen the position of Chief Principal Oracle for Kuan Yin

To read more about My ceremony of being appointed Chief Principal Oracle for God, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mary, and Buddha, please visit Chief Principal Oracle for God.  



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