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Biden Isn't Helping Gaza Or the US

I recently came across a message that I was supposed to deliver back to you in November of 2023. My delivery was delayed due to the many other important messages I've been channeling for you regarding this unfolding tragedy of war. God has now asked Me to deliver this older message even though some time has passed... because the message is still relevant right now - and unfortunately even more relevant - given how many people are tragically still dying in Gaza.

God's Message

I was awoken to this message from God 6 months ago. His vibration was powerful, and things felt ominous. I knew right away that He was upset. In an angry tone, God delivered this message to Me:

God first showed Me a vision of President Biden. He showed Me Biden standing with his arms hanging straight down, dangling at his sides- and 'just standing there.'

While I watched Biden standing with his arms hanging down and not moving, God said:

"The bodies keep stacking up, and Biden is doing nothing."

God frustratingly then explained to Me that as an ally to Israel, and with the power that Biden possesses, along with the extraordinary amount of money and military resources that the US has - Biden could and SHOULD have put life-saving conditions on Israel to earn the support of the United States.

God said that instead, Biden put no demands on Israel (when this all started back in 2023), requiring them not to harm or kill innocent Gazan civilians as a 'condition' in order to receive money and support from the US. If Biden had stepped up right away, then it would have prevented so much suffering and many deaths from occurring, including those who are now dying from forced starvation. Instead of giving Israel conditions that could have safeguarded humans in Gaza - for months, Biden has done nothing as far as making Israel agree to non-negotiable conditions that could have protected innocent civilians from brutal, senseless killings and starvation that continue to happen. The vast majority of casualties have been in the Gaza Strip.

Biden's Choice of No Rules Has Them, and Now Us Suffering 

The United States failed to set up what was to be expected before Israel received our help. This oversight ultimately is what started things going in the wrong direction because of Biden's unwillingness to draw a line in the sand about not harming people. To this day, He has not made an unwavering decision to set up rules regarding help in order to save innocent lives. He had much advisement on this matter of US involvement, and many voiced their concerns early on that 'President Joe Biden must immediately instruct Israel to stop its bombing of Gaza, declare a ceasefire and help it negotiate a peaceful solution with the Palestinians. He can and should use the weapons and money that the US gives Israel as persuasive levers. Otherwise, there shall be blood on his hands as he endorsed Israel's drastic tactics retaliating against Hamas's invasion of Israel on October 7 that, at that time, slaughtered 1,200 mostly Israeli men, women, and children.' SOURCE: The Hill 

Now there is blood, and yes, it is on Biden's hands, so much so that he cannot simply wash clean of the mistakes that have cost lives. Israeli Defense Forces have killed at least 33,800 men, women, and children in the Gaza Strip, and 76,575 people have been wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7, 2023, and the death toll of innocent people keeps rising. Biden should have demanded a peaceful solution long ago, so it did not get to this point.  

Biden has a lot of power as a United States President, and how he used his power and leadership in this war to form an 'Iron Clad' alliance with Israel is a devastating mistake that we here in the US will have to suffer from when God determines it is time to give us that Karmic consequence. Karmic Consequences Mean Many More Will Suffer

Why should this concern you? Because a devastating Karmic consequence leads to Many people who will suffer. The ones who truly suffer have their Karmic consequences that are being collected. Those who do not suffer directly from it - are fortunate. No Karmic debt will be collected from them. But, just like 9/11, most all of us (anyone with a heart) have felt the pain and misery for all of those who suffered and were killed and their families who had to mourn. 

Let Me remind you that we are One shared Consciousness meant to learn and grow together to help each other evolve. We also do not know when, where, or to whom this severe Karmic punishment will be sent or how many it will affect. For all of these reasons, We wanted you to have this wisdom so you learn what your Creator wishes for... and what He does not. Think 'Pleasing God and honoring His wishes' is how you protect yourself from being one of the ones who will directly suffer. Let God know again and again what you do not support - when He has spoken His warnings…. and earn His Grace. Always and Forever.

What God wants you to learn from this is to look for leaders who make the right decisions that protect and save people - always. Presidents who use their power recklessly in regard to human rights and ethics will always cost us. The balancing act of experiencing a highly negative Karmic debt that we will have to clear up with God is the price we have to pay.

Instead of making decisions based on seeking political gains by securing an ally, Biden should have chosen instead to save lives. This challenge on what to do has been a test that Biden failed and a lesson that God wants you to learn from… so that you don't make a mistake and accept Biden's way of thinking more about what was in it for him over protecting people's lives. 

Supporting anyone who causes others harm will always lead to the creation of negative consequential Karma. Doing this at a mass level means it will be a massive punishment- so God is heard.


Oracle Maureen

Mary of Bethany

Chief Principal for Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mary, Buddha & God

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher 


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