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Chief Principal Oracle for Mother Mary

“Your years of service to Us has been rewarded. We bless You, Oracle Maureen-Mary Bethany. This astounding award is one that you achieved many generations ago when You were one with My Son on Earth.


I am pleased to witness You be awarded it again in this incarnation. My heart swells with love for You. As a proud Mother, I cherish Your achievement and am blessed to have You by My side as My Chief Principal Oracle again.”

– Mother Mary

October 2018:  Maureen Received Her First Visitation from Mother Mary and Was Asked to Become a Frequent Oracle by Her

I was in awe the first time I received a visitation from Our Blessed Mother Mary. She first appeared after I had finished working one evening. Exhausted from the drain of a difficult session, I had just laid down to rest. Soon after, I felt blissful vibrations as beatific feelings of love and peace washed over Me.

I looked up to see a beautiful woman surrounded by a large halo of white light. Appearing, life-sized, as a colorful apparition, She stood over My bed. White light illuminated Her. Her entire body radiated an ethereal, heavenly glow.

Amazed by Her saintly appearance, I began making the sign of the cross but couldn’t finish because I felt so stunned.


She was breathtaking to behold in a gown layered in white and blue. Cloaked in a white robe and hood covering the back of Her head, I could see Her black hair parted on the side and pulled back in a low bun. I was close enough to glimpse Her large brown eyes and the small round cheekbones of Her pretty face. Thin, delicate lips turned up to reveal a peaceful grin, putting Me at ease. She appeared very young; no more than 20-years-old with pure porcelain skin and a petite, slender frame. I couldn’t help feeling mesmerized as She stood so close to the right side of My bed, touching My hand.


When I looked at Her, She said, “Mother Mary.


Then She placed something in My hand. I recognized it at once as the Miraculous Medal. I felt it, strongly, go right into the palm of My hand. Gold and oval in shape, it connected to a chain Mary held. She turned it over to show Me both sides, allowing Me to view every detail. Drawing My attention to the “M” symbol on the back, She put Me in a deeper trance, and had Me stare at it for a long period of time.

As She did this, She told Me the medal has great power and meaning that many people do not understand. She said She wanted Me to teach others about the power of Her Miraculous Medal and how wearing it demonstrates an outward act of devotion, earning Mary’s blessings.

I just sat there, awed and confused.

She then said My name, “Maureen.” I was stunned to hear Her say My name. She continued, “I am pleased with Your work. I would also like to call upon You to deliver My messages.” She then asked if I would deliver this message about Her Miraculous Medal. She said She wishes for “people to understand the powerful healing and protection powers” that She “has been gifted with.” She said She “so desires” to use Her gifts to help heal people and wants them to understand how they can earn Her help. Her blessings.

She waited for My reply. Amazed, I finally said “Yes,” and agreed to deliver Her message.

Mary then said that because She was so “pleased” with My work, She asked My permission to use Me as one of Her oracles in the way I have been delivering messages for Kuan Yin and Jesus.

I was so overwhelmed; I could not talk. Then I felt one of My Guides lift My right hand up and tell Me to say, “I do. I would be honored.


She smiled at Me and said She was happy I accepted. I felt Her joy, which then spread to Me.


The whole time We spoke, She kept Her small hands on My stomach, sending healing energy into Me and re-energizing Me from the strain of working. It was so amazing to watch Her, to receive Her energy and Her blessing, as white light flowed out of the palms of Her hands into Me.

When She finished, minutes later, I wrote down every word She gave Me. Since She asked Me to deliver it on My social media to reach more people, I shared Her message the next day, despite My nervousness.


February 2019: Maureen Became a Regular Oracle for Mother Mary

Tired from teaching a class, I went to rest on My bed. As I was lying there, My third eye suddenly opened up. Blissful waves of energy enveloped Me as comforting heat registered on the right side of My body.


I felt someone hold My right hand. Looking up, I was surprised to see it was the Blessed Mother Mary. I saw Her vividly. She was wearing a white gown with a white veil. I was mesmerized as I watched Her standing by the side of My bed, especially because I could see Her so clearly.


When I looked at Her, She said She was “pleased” with My work, and that would “like to call upon” Me as one of Her “regular oracles.


I had noticed that Her visitations had become more frequent over the past year. I also recognized I had begun receiving many healings from Her, after work or during or after My prayers/meditations.


Yes,” I replied.

Later, Kuan Yin helped Me understand what a big deal it is to be asked by the Blessed Mother Mary to work for Her on a regular basis. She told Me that Mary is a Queen like Her. Kuan Yin said They have both been created and anointed by God to be Queens in Heaven, and They both serve Jesus Christ and God at a close and advanced level. She showed Me how Mary typically stands on Jesus’s right side, with Kuan Yin on His left side. This is also how I have seen Them the majority of the time, as well as always noticing They stand extremely close to Jesus.

February 22, 2020: Maureen Became a Full-Time Oracle for Mother Mary

Jesus visited Me, announcing I had passed an initiation and was allowed to work for the Blessed Mother Mary as a full-time oracle. I was both surprised and thrilled. He then told Me He had been preparing Me for this position for a while.


He said, “I have spent the previous year raising Your vibrational frequencies to prepare You for this privilege. I also put You through more tests to earn You the privilege of serving Mother Mary full-time.”

Soon after, I received a ceremony. God announced His presence before surrounding Me in His Light. His White Light. I then saw Jesus stand directly before Me. Mother Mary suddenly materialized to the right as Kuan Yin appeared directly behind Me.


I felt immense vibrations of love and energy at the same time all three Ascended Masters surrounded Me in a circle. I saw Them send white light that emanated out of Them and merge it into Me, holding Me. I felt the sensation of being risen as They did this and of being embraced.


As They held Me up, God said, “You have achieved a higher level of connectivity with the three of Them.” He then blessed My new position of serving Mary on a full-time basis and filled Me with blissful energetic waves, raising My vibration higher. As He did this, I watched the Trio merge stronger with Me, holding Me, in Their Grace for a time to accept Their revelation, My reward and promotion.


I continue to see Mary stand behind Me on a regular basis now, typically on the right side, beside Jesus. She is very present in My life and I am devoted to serving Her around the clock, twenty-four hours a day, for any and all of Her wishes.

April 2019:  Maureen Became an Exclusive Full-Time Oracle for Mother Mary; Mary Becomes one of Maureen’s Primary Guides

During My daily mediation, I received a visitation by Jesus. He announced I had advanced another level. “You have earned the privilege to work exclusively for Jesus, Kuan Yin, and Mary.

He told Me I had “completed many tests,” allowing Me to work at a higher and closer level to the three Ascended Masters. He said, “You are now Corded to Three exclusively: Jesus, Kuan Yin, and Mary.” Upon hearing this, I saw three very large cords of white light start to wrap around My waist. Suddenly, filled with racing vibrations of energy and power, I was taken aback to witness Jesus, Kuan Yin, and Mary appear in life-size apparitions. They all glowed in the most beautiful, pure white light. It was mesmerizing to see Them so vividly and large.

That’s when I observed the three large cords of white light that were wrapped around My waist came from Their stomachs (Their ‘cores’) and Their chests (Their ‘hearts’). I marveled at how these rays of white light, “Cords of Light,” connected Me to Jesus, Kuan Yin and Mary.


Jesus then gave Me a vision of a wedding cake and said, “You made it to the top.” He said I have ascended to a higher level and I “now work exclusively for Jesus, Kuan Yin, and Mary. We are Your Primary Guides.

Next, I then saw Myself standing atop the wedding cake right in front of the three of Them.

He then said My other Spirit Guides, the ones I had been working for over the past fifteen years (in addition to Kuan Yin and Jesus), shall now work underneath Them, as He showed Me the cake’s lower level.

You will no longer see Your other Guides or take Their requests and orders anymore.” He continued. “Instead, You will live the rest of Your life exclusively serving Jesus, Kuan Yin, and Mary. You are to direct all of Your questions to Us from now on. We will be answering all of Your questions from now on.

Kuan Yin later explained to Me that in My Family, Mary is My “Aunt.” In My other initiations, Kuan Yin claimed Herself as My “Mother,” and Jesus announced Himself to be My “Husband.”

It is an honor and privilege to work for Mary and to be in Her Grace, bringing Her essence and teachings to Earth. I am humbled and blessed every time I see this beautiful Saint, full of purity and love. It is My honor and privilege to be entrusted with this responsibility. My hope is you, too, feel blessed, to receive Her messages She has asked Me to deliver.

April 13, 2023: God rewarded Oracle Maureen with the position of Chief Principal Oracle for Mary

To read more about My ceremony of being appointed Chief Principal Oracle for God, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mary, and Buddha, please visit Chief Principal Oracle for God.  

Master Channeler Maureen

Primary Oracle for Mary

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