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We Can Change Our Fate... A Plea from Jesus & Blessed Mother Mary

Sadly, our existence of battling a deadly plague will intensify as COVID and Delta spread throughout our environment. I received a visitation from Lord Jesus Christ and Blessed Mother on 8/8/21, asking me to give you a message. They are very concerned for our well-being and wish to bring us advice that can us help get us released from this brutal disease that continues to take lives. Please hear them.

The plague of illness you are suffering in - is God speaking His disappointment with the disharmony on your planet and the lack of true believers (the atheists, those who do not believe in Both God and Jesus, those who do not respect and worship Them, those who do not live by obeying Their wishes and commandments).

Please, We beg of you to change your destiny and shift your fate. Pray regularly; fast and show you will sacrifice your comfort; worship and show your devotion, and do more kind acts … help the sick, the homeless, the poor, and the starving.

For those who still choose to deny God’s eternal existence, We shed more tears for you and plead to you to convert. Your quality of living now and in your Afterlife depends on your choice to show Faith. We want to save you from the painful sufferings that you will feel in the lower levels if you choose not to show Devotion and Respect to your Heavenly Almighty Creator. You are also putting your health and life in danger right now and those with who you share your Earth Home. Please save yourself and those around you and hear Our message. We wish for this consequence of illness to be lifted from you. But you must do more to earn it.

Please listen to Us. This is the only way you will be forgiven and released from this chastisement.

We pray and weep for you every single day. Please hear Our wishes and change your destiny.”

~ Channeled to Maureen from Jesus Christ & Mother Mary on 8/8/21

Don’t Listen to Saboteurs

Many reckless people are hurting our chances of being released from COVID/Delta soon and causing it to be dragged out longer! Politicians, news show hosts, governors, and anyone who has opposed wearing masks, social distancing, and getting vaccinated.

I was told that the governors who have been speaking out against having schoolchildren wear masks to protect themselves from getting this deadly illness will face extremely painful consequences.

Three governors who have adamantly opposed the mask mandate in schools are Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, and South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster. They will receive negative karma for putting children in danger and influencing parents to think that masks are not necessary. They will have to endure a painful lesson to learn that one of the main goals living here is to help “save and rescue one another and not put your fellow man in danger.” They, and all other people promoting this negligent behavior, will be fighting for their life somehow, whether through an accident, injury, or disease, and will someday need someone to save them.

Please don’t let these reckless and negligent people influence you or your people. Protect yourself from their way of thinking. Their Spirit Guides and Angels are not guiding them in their dangerous rebellion. They are being influenced by the lower realms.

What Do We Do Now - Jesus & Mary Have Advised that:

  • Mask mandates be reinstated nationally

  • Masks and vaccinations be required for children to attend school (and for everyone!)

  • Vaccinations be required for all employees (I was told President Biden needs to take a stronger position in commanding this and let businesses know they will lose their license and school, government, and health care institutions will lose funding if they do not comply. Support This!)

  • Pray, fast, and do kind acts. Show your Devotion to God

We will be wearing masks and social distancing through October. After that, we have a chance of earning back some freedom – BUT only if God is pleased with a significant change in His children.

So, please take Their advice above and – Pray, Fast, and Do Kind Acts. Oh, and Get vaccinated and Wear Your Mask!

Namaste & Well Wishes to Each of You…. in Peace & Love…


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