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Hostile College Protesters Not Helping & Only Hurting Themselves

The 'Noise' that the pro-Palestine college protesters have been making since last month as a way to stand up to the violence being committed against Palestinians and the war between Hamas and Israel is not at all helping to end these tragedies, and God wants it known why it's making matters worse and what is a better choice to help those experiencing crisis.  

What are the college protests across the US about? The student protesters opposed to Israel's military attacks in Gaza say they want their schools to stop investing and funneling endowment money to Israeli-tied companies and other businesses like weapons manufacturers who profit from the war in Gaza. Campus Administrators are struggling with where to draw the line between free speech and safe campuses during these student protests over the Israel-Hamas war. 

Starting back in April, hundreds of students have been protesting at countless colleges across the country, including University of California Los Angeles, Columbia University, Yale University, Vanderbilt University, University of North Texas, George Washington University, University of Michigan, Brown University, University of South Florida, University of Minnesota, and many more. Things have now turned into a nationwide showdown between students and administrators over anti-war protests and arguing over the limitations of free speech. From the Ivy League to small colleges, students have set up encampments, participating in rallies and marches on campuses, and some have taken control and are occupying campus buildings. The protesters are demanding that their schools 'divest,' amongst other ultimatums, insisting they won't stop 'escalating' until their demands are met. 

Some administrators of impacted campuses have decided on safety measures like moving classes and final exams online, locking campus buildings, and some commencement ceremonies have even been canceled. A few trespass violations have been issued, expulsions have happened, and some arrests have also been made. Many students may also face potential future disciplinary actions after Code of Conduct investigations take place. Yet, other campus decision-makers and leaders have attempted to resolve the crossroads with a more hands-off and 'look the other way' approach and trust that the noise will fade into the background eventually. They have naively been tolerating the disruptions and have allowed occupations and disruptors on campus, not handed out consequences, and agreed to and promised no legal action when laws are broken. Some are giving in to some demands by students, and others are even handing out full-ride scholarships to try and soothe tensions with protesters. 

Many of these protest-participating students believe they are going to make a difference with their 'volume' and escalating aggressive approach. In reality, however, they are making no difference other than bringing negative Karmic debt and pain upon themselves. All this turbulence has only brought God to Anger. He wants you to know that those participating are only making this horrific circumstance worse when making demands or threats toward universities and people; disrupting and shouting out offensive rhetoric; making un-informed outcries; hurting bystanders with graffiti, words, or hands-on violence; taking over property through intimidation, force, or occupation; destructive hurtful vandalism; and disobeying local and God's laws.

God also wants you to know that many of these college protests “were Not individual-inspired events."  He said they were "pre-planned organized acts of rebellion initiated from 'pro-Palestinian groups, many considered to be 'hate groups' seeking retribution against Israelites." This means the sudden blowup at multiple colleges and universities, all happening at the same time, was not an authentic act of young adults seeking to use their power of free speech to stand up to discrimination and help make change authentically and genuinely. Rather, these were decisive acts of mostly "non-peaceful thinking pro-Palestinians looking to insert their power over Israelites as a way to dominate them, retaliate, and continue their long-standing conflict over here."  Many of the participants (not all) came into their protests with hateful hearts and were not actually seeking Peace. Some students have even engaged non-student outsiders who have intentionally agitated and inflamed things to create more chaos and spread more misinformation to fester anger and hatred. For this reason, God said He has turned a deaf ear to the fairness students want, and because they chose to act with both hostility and an impure intention with their standoff... God will instead be sending them the Karmic consequences that they have created. 

The students are not the only ones who are guilty of making this tragic mistake against humanity. Many staff and faculty who teach students their personal views contrary to the mandated curriculum, show support, or physically participate in this 'movement' are also guilty in God's eyes. And so are school administrators and those in law enforcement who were (and still are) standing back, allowing the rebellious students to conduct themselves in abrasive, aggressive, and combative ways, giving protesters a platform to behave in harmful or destructive ways instead of immediately shutting down their harmful and disruptive behaviors, making it impossible for them to act in a disgraceful manner. 

God said, “The wise choice would have been for the schools to immediately demand and ban these protests as soon as the students behaved combatively and negatively toward one another.” When students (and staff) refused, then law enforcement should have intervened on the spot and not only have issued warnings that they would arrest anyone who did not obey the school's instructions, but they should have followed through without hesitation or backtracking later. The Police should not have hesitated to go in right away and dismantle encampments and detain and arrest defiant students who argued back or were in violation of the governing rules and laws. 

Educational institutions have a responsibility to all enrolled students not only to protect them and keep campuses free from vitriol and violence but also to make sure students whose educational pursuits would not be disrupted by the protesters' highly negative behaviors. By catering to demands instead of taking immediate actions to remove agitators from campuses, those in charge have instead brought more harm to all students. If college and universities' consequences failed to be a substantial enough warning for students who behaved with hostility, then God said that President Biden should have intervened long ago to put a stop to dangerous student protests and encampments that spread across the US like wildfire, once they chose combative behaviors. 

Had these steps been taken sooner than later, what was defiant and vocally argumentative would most likely not have turned into hostility and then, ultimately, violence, causing bodily harm to many people involved. I was told that the students failed God's test to choose peaceful means when faced with feelings of painful adversity and frustration. The school administrators failed their test by not teaching and reminding students to use kinder ways to express themselves so Peace and kindness to others could be created. Law enforcement also failed their test by being weak and failing to help guide young adults who are still in a state of evolving by helping them understand that only Peaceful behavior creates positive change. President Biden, who had the ultimate power and authority, also failed this test when he chose not to use it to help and publicly condemn the descension and harm that was being caused. Biden also failed our young adults by not telling them sooner what is not to be tolerated and that there will be legal repercussions when behavior turns hostile and violent. 

All of the people in places of authority should have chosen ethics over the guise of 'free speech' to help guide and teach young adults that there are better ways to handle frustration, discrimination, fear, and conflict. Except for the school administrators, faculty, and staff who chose to disconnect and pray in silence, many people now face God's more significant consequences of Karma. Those in charge need to be a stronger voice in setting a visible example of how young adults and protesters should behave by not disrupting educational facilities and making demands, but rather encouraging harmonious discussions, which, in turn, would have resulted in a more positive focus on the message protesters were trying to deliver. 

When I first saw the college protests happening on the news, Creator intervened right away. He gave Me a message and asked that I enlighten you on what will—and what will not—help end painful circumstances. He said to remind people that they must EARN His Grace and His Divine Intervention in order for pain to be lifted from those suffering. Aggressive behaviors, manipulation, and violence are not the way to receive His mercy and Divine Intervention. 

God's Message in Response to Aggressive College Protests:

"Know that their voices have only succeeded in falling on 'deaf ears.' When I see My children behave in any other way than humble, kind, and respectful, I tell them that I Do NOT grant wishes. It is only un-welcomed noise to Me that will not get Me to turn My heart to their needs and wishes. Instead, I must muffle out their 'noise,' their wants, until they learn to seek help …. in only peaceful ways.

I do not reward aggression or violence, ever. On the contrary, I must discipline it. Please enlighten those in protest that how they choose to use their power, their voice, their time, and their energy has not succeeded in motivating Me to want to intervene more and grant them what they wish for—which is to bring relief to this most horrific painful cycle of an extreme Karmic punishment that the Middle East has created for themselves.

Sadly, protesters' hostile behaviors have only put Me in a position to have to line up the negative consequences that they have now created with Me for choosing aggressive behaviors that have offended Me.

The only way I am willing to listen to your voices, to your wishes, your wants, your needs—is when you speak to one another in a kind and peaceful manner.

Tell them that if they genuinely want to help those suffering in Gaza, they should be holding a Group Prayer Vigil praying for them instead, asking for relief and Peace to be sent to Gaza and the Middle East. It is only through asking for help, intervention, and Peace—in a kind and sincere manner—that they will ever create the freedom that they seek for others.

Teach My children the lesson of humility and behaving only in a Peaceful way. This is the path that will inspire Me to help them with the wish that they desire. Teach them also that it is always only going to ever be through My Will and My Hand that any transitions on your planet are given. Teach them to gain My attention, My mercy, and that My ultimate act of intervening and rescuing is a gift that I give to those who are willing to speak and behave lovingly and kindly to one another… as well as to Me, their Creator & Heavenly Father."

You have heard God's message. Hopefully, this will open the eyes of those who need a higher perspective so that college students, school administrators, and law enforcement do not continue to participate in, condone, justify, or look away from aggressive protests from young adults. 

As God and the Ascended Masters have taught Me, Peace is the only path that will ever result in being successful in receiving the help and healing that needs to be sent when we experience any pain and suffering.


Oracle Maureen

Mary of Bethany

Chief Principal for Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mary, Buddha & God

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher 


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