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Please Remember Christ This Holy Week

& Everything He Sacrificed to Help You

This week celebrates Holy Week, a time that Christians show their respect and devotion to Christ for all that He sacrificed and endured when He walked into His painful Passion on 'Good Friday'— to save us. 

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, which commemorates Jesus’s victorious journey into Jerusalem, where He was greeted by His devotees who welcomed Him by spanning Palm Leaves in His path—showing their respect and gratitude.

I know firsthand that Jesus did make this journey, and I have been asked to tell you. When Jesus and God revealed the mystery that They had kept from Me for eight years—before They finally gave Me the revelation that I am Mary of Bethany, currently incarnated to help Jesus and God, They gave Me many visions enlightening Me of My relationship to Jesus and showing Me at most all of His significant moments mentioned in the Bible.

Before Jesus made His triumphant ride into Jerusalem, where He was greeted by many who believed in His miraculous powers and wisdom, They showed Me how I put Holy Oils on His feet before His journey. I saw how I used My long brown hair like a mop to sweep the oils on Jesus’s feet while He sat in a chair. Jesus told Me that I did this to “comfort Him.” While I soothed Him with oils, I also saw I was visibly upset and silently weeping at His feet—because I knew He was heading into His death and His crucifixion. I knew this because, in another vision, I saw Him reveal this to Me. I saw how we were comfortable with each other and how agonizing it was for both of Us to know His fate.

When Jesus and God showed Me these experiences that I had with Jesus and took away My amnesia, They did so while also bringing back all the same feelings I had felt at that time. I was completely devastated recalling and reliving this memory, and again felt the despair of losing the love of My life... and I wept uncontrollably. 

They also showed Me when I brought a donkey to Jesus for him to ride into Jerusalem. I was wearing a long off-white dress, cloak, and headpiece, and my hair was down My back with long bangs. I was holding the reins of a donkey and walking toward where Jesus was standing. I could see from the look on My face that I was determined to help Him, even though bringing Him this donkey was going to change My life forever, and I was going to feel the tremendous pain of losing My best friend and husband. Although I knew I was going to suffer a heartbreaking loss, I also knew Jesus had to complete His mission—for everyone’s sake…. Humankind’s, God’s, and His… so I kept going, and I brought Him the donkey.

As you live your life this week, please remember the courage that Jesus had—And All that He Gave to Us—to help us learn how to live by making wiser choices so blessings can be sent to us and so we can learn that a Heavenly Afterlife does exist—but only to those who earn God and Jesus’s blessings…💫✝🌟

The Anointing of Jesus at Bethany

Mary of Bethany took a liter of costly perfumed oil made from genuine aromatic nard and anointed the feet of Jesus, and dried them with her hair; the house was filled with the fragrance of the spikenard oil. ~ John 12:3


Saint Mary of Bethany

Oracle Maureen


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