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Troubles in Texas

I received a message this morning, Tuesday, February 23, about the hardships happening in Texas. I was asked to give you insight as to why Texans have experienced so many challenges such as bizarre weather with a severe winter storm where snow fell up to 9.5 inches (according to NBC), causing not just freezing temperatures and bad driving on icy roads, but much more dangerous – a serious power outage.

Texas lost its power, causing homes and businesses to lose electricity and water for more than a week. Most had no electricity or other necessities, including running water, in freezing or near-freezing temperatures; something Texans are not prepared for. Food soon became an issue for them, as grocery stores were unable to stock shelves, because the power outage caused delays in their ability to receive food deliveries. The people in Texas have suffered. They have endured great stress, anxiety and hardships.

Some have asked why has this happened? Early this morning I awoke to receiving a message telling them, ‘Why?:’

I awoke to hearing a loving voice saying, “Thank you for helping me.” The strong fatherly voice is a familiar voice to me. I knew it immediately to be God. Creator than announced Himself gently, but powerfully, to me. Soon He opened up my third eye and I saw a heart and I saw a ray of white light fill my right hand and arm (I am right-handed. I write with my right hand). I was confused upon hearing Him thank me, because I wasn’t aware of anything special that I had done to deserve being thanked for, so I politely asked God, “what do you mean?” He said: “for serving your contract with Me.” I then saw a vision of myself standing, wearing one of my work dresses and black combat boots, in front of the most magnificent and the most massive display of rays of light. They were in the colors of the rainbow. Inside the rays of light were a living energy. It was gold and it was alive. I could Feel it and it felt like love. I was allowed to stand up front close to it. I was standing in front of God, when I was in Heaven, when I made my contract with Him to be one His Direct Oracles. This is the second time that He has shown me this. It was truly breath-taking. (PS: the black combat boots symbolize taking on the difficult missions that He needs me to stand up too, that require more courage.)

Then, immediately, God said: “Crisis in Texas. Power Outage. God is displeased with the atheists in Texas. They will hear me.”

He asked me to share this so the Texans would know why they are being put in a suffering state. Now you know “why.” God’s hope, and mine, in telling you this is so that you now have the knowledge to do something about it, if you wish to change your fate. He Does Wish that you make another choice, because Nothing good waits for you in your Afterlife, in addition to your circumstances here, If you choose to be disloyal to the One who created you, your Father, your God. He is giving you a gift by alerting you to how important loyalty is, and that He has no tolerance for dis-loyalty. Atheism is the ultimate act of disloyalty to Him.

It is with ah heavy heart that I send this message, because I know it’s not what people want to hear. No. The power grid did not “just” fail. God corrupted it and put the Texans in a ‘frozen state,’ putting them in a very vulnerable position to help them become more humble and recognize that there is a Higher Power that supports them, and that Higher Power is the Real source of Light and Energy that sustains them. Hopefully the ones that need to go inside of themselves to figure this out, will do so, given the experience they had to help them figure it out.

Guided Meditation on Strengthening Your Intuition Class We Can Help Texas; Donate to Relief Fund

Texans have suffered multiple hardships and are still and need our help. I was asked to help them by contributing to the Red Cross Relief Fund.

I am doing a Guided Meditation on Strengthening Your Intuition to help raise funds to get Texas food and water. In the meditation, Ascended Master Kuan Yin will channel through me a beautiful mediation intended to help you connect with and enhance your intuition, so you can make better, wiser choices.

DATE: Thursday, March 18, 2021 TIME: 6pm to 6:45pm (past) LOCATION: On-Line Virtual RESERVATIONS: Register HERE and look for this event on Maureen’s page. If you need further assistance, please call HeartSpace at #949-752-5272.

*Please also let Maureen’s office know of your attendance by emailing us at RECORDINGS AVAILABLE: If you are interested in attending this class, but cannot make it to a session, or the whole series - you will be able to purchase a recording/s of it.


Oracle Maureen


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