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Tragedy of Violence from Protestors

Violence is ‘Disciplined'. Peaceful acts are ‘Rewarded'.

There is a vicious wave of destruction threatening many of our cities right now; and it is one, sadly, created by hate and violence. With the recent tragic and heart-breaking death of George Floyd, there have been a slew of hostile protestors looting and setting businesses on fire, scaring and threatening many. Their hate is a reaction to a recent crime, where a white cop killed a black man.

I was asked to share this message to discourage the protestors from continuing to act in this violent way, and why? And, also to remind you that every time you feel someone has committed an unethical crime, regardless of the discrimination - Justice Will Be Served.

A Message from Jesus:

“The answer to violence is never to meet it with more violence. As you can clearly see it will only continue to spread from city to city, to state to state, causing more pain and destruction.

The only solution to address hate; when you feel there has been an unethical treatment of another, such as acts of discrimination, is Only through Peaceful measures and Compassionate acts.

Hate breeds hate. Love creates love.

There is nothing to gain from destroying and threatening your world and your neighbor, when you feel there has been an injustice. What you have unfortunately set into motion, with those violent words and deeds – is only more pain and destruction.

Forgive your neighbor of his or her mis-conduct. Trust there are laws already set into your planet that holds each and every soul accountable for their deeds and acts, whether they are kind and loving or cruel and abusive. These laws, the Law of Karma, will reward or discipline each soul, according to what they have earned.

We, Jesus Christ, Lord Your Savior, and God, Your Father, are the Ultimate Judge and Jury. We are the Definitive Ones who create your Fate. We are the Ones who you answer too, when the real day of reckoning comes to you.

We are the Ones who hand out and serve each and every correction that We know is necessary in order to help someone evolve from a ‘destructive, violent temperament’ – into a ‘kind and loving one’.

We, as We always have, discipline the ones who commit brutal, unethical acts, whether it be because of skin color, sex, religion or race.

Think what can you do to take down the fires in your society; not on how you can inflame them. That is how We will reward you, rather than give you a long-lasting consequence, that you have to learn from for a very longtime.”  ~ Jesus Christ

Maureen Allan

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Full Time Oracle for Jesus


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