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The Tornados Come with a Message

From Our Creator

God has spoken. Creator has given me a message about why a slew of deadly tornados has been sent to Earth, causing major destruction and death.

Sadly, this past weekend, multiple tornados slammed through eight states, causing devastation and a death toll of 74 so far; but possibly 100 given the still missing people. There were at least 50 tornado reports from Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Tennessee (according to the NOAA Storm Prediction Center.)

It is devastating to see the destruction that the tornados caused to so many homes, businesses, schools, and people’s lives throughout so many states – and all at once! This kind of destruction can leave us feeling so helpless and confused. But understanding why a tragedy happens can help. It can help us heal quicker because we have clarity on why it really happened. Knowing what caused it and having the wisdom to make different choices can also help us prevent another tragedy from happening again.

God gave me this message on December 12, 2021, when I was watching the news coverage of the tornado disaster. Within just a few minutes of watching, I was put into the trance and had my Third Eye and other channels activated and heard God announce Himself. In a strong, powerful voice, God said in a very serious tone: “God’s wrath. Tell them.” At the same time, I saw the words spelled out in front of me and felt God’s anger ripple through me as He said it.

Unprepared for this message and nervous about receiving it because it was a difficult one, I obeyed my Heavenly Father. I got my notepad and did as He asked.

God said:

“The tornados were sent to express My anger with the lack of progress being made in their ability to still seek and choose faith in times of crisis. Covid was meant to accomplish this—to re-instill their willingness to choose faithfulness, when in a humbled state.

But My children still deny Me and think they can succeed all in their own efforts. They still refuse to recognize that I AM the One who helps them with every successful invention, cure, and rescue. It is only through My grace, through the Hand of God, that life-saving-grace miracles are sent into the minds and hands of the ones who make and create them (on Earth)—given from my inspiration and permission.

Tell them I am still looking for their faithfulness in Me—their Heavenly Father; and I will not stop expressing Myself until I receive it….. because correcting their behavior here is easier on them than it will be when they go into their Afterlife.

My wrath may be loud and painful, but it is only because you have chosen not to listen when I spoke to you sweet and gently – through the thoughts and feelings I flood you with, through My wishes in My Book (The Bible), through My Prophets, My Messengers.

Please hear Me now. Please hear My wishes. Do not forsake your Heavenly Father and My Son, Jesus…. show your faithfulness to Us, and you won’t ever need to worry about seeing or feeling My wrath—just My joy.”

God first sent Covid to teach us this lesson – He is looking for faithfulness from us. When we did not accomplish it, He then sent in Delta. Our collective group has still not attained the level that God seeks, so now comes Omicron… and natural disasters.

Let Me Help You Better Understand – Faithfulness

What Creator is referring to is that first, one must have a True Belief in both God and Jesus. Period. There is no exception. Secondly, to truly be Faithful, one must not forsake God And Jesus during their tough times. Life on Earth is hard. We are constantly being challenged by having to live through difficult periods, such as painful relationships, poor health, lack of career, lack of money, etc. It is in these dire times that one is tested. One must not pull away or condemn God or Jesus or ever blame Them for their hardships. If one does, then that is an act of unfaithfulness. It is during our troubling times that we are humbled and can show faithfulness if we turn towards them, not away from them – and humbly ask for Their help: This is Faithfulness.

Now you know something vital that you can do to protect yourself from the tragedy of natural disasters – save yourself from God’s Wrath. Don’t waiver. Don’t ever doubt His existence. Humble yourself to your Maker’s Will. Show Him undying devotion and be spared God’s Wrath and instead…..receive His Glory.

I know most of my subscribers are already at a Faithful level. If you have loved ones that are not, you may want to share this with them – to help our collective group on Earth so we can stay safe from natural tragedies.

Help Them Recover

I was also guided to encourage you to help the people now struggling to recover from the tornados that destroyed their homes and businesses – by giving a donation.I was asked to make a donation to the Red Cross. Please help them too! Also, you can help them more by praying to God (prayer below) to send them relief. Our prayers can give them more help and miracles, if they are in alignment to receive them.

Kuan Yin & I send each you of a blessing as you rise on your path to enlightenment.


Master Channeler Maureen

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principle Oracle for Jesus

Primary Oracle for Mother Mary

Primary Oracle for Buddha

Direct Oracle for God


“Dear Heavenly Father,

Please send relief to all the people and animals devastated by the tornados destruction. Please send them more resources to help them recover and re-build their lives. Please grant them more mercy and grace. Also, please forgive all sins and mistakes that have created this consequence. Please forgive those who have displeased You. Please hear my devotion to You and spare us from any more tragedies. I promise You my undying faithfulness now and forever. And So It Is. Amen.” ~ Channeled to me from Kuan Yin in hopes of bringing help to those in crisis.


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