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Special Message to Help You Protect Yourself

A Plague, Loss of Jobs & Now Fires Sent God is Speaking… and Louder

Love has many aspects. When we please someone we love, we feel their happiness. When we dis-please someone we love, we may feel their sadness, disappointment or even anger.

I was asked by God, in early August, to tell His children (that would be us) the truth. Father woke me up and said: “Tell them God does have a wrath.” He spelled out the word “wrath,” reinforcing His message and desire that I say this word, which He said in a very serious tone.

I laid there feeling the dread of having to deliver a message that – I know so many people do not want to believe and hear (me either ☺, even though I have already been enlightened to this truth) and/or are in denial about.

This ‘sudden’ serious outbreak of fires happening right now throughout the western states: California, Oregon, Washington - Are another consequence from God. He said to: “Tell the people that the fires – Are His Wrath.”

God’s Unhappiness - Is Because Not Enough Has Changed Father said: “They did not listen, when I sent them illness through Covid. They did not listen, when I took their jobs and money and humbled them more through financial hardship… Now, I will make them feel my un-happiness in their atmosphere.”

Vision of Why Fires are Happening Two nights ago, 9/10/20, Father woke me up to this vision-movie. He asked me to deliver the message to help His children understand that - because not enough has changed with the lack of devotion to Him and with the harm being committed, He has gone from unhappiness to wrath – as a means to correct the ones, who need to be corrected. He also said, His wish is Not to express Himself with “Tough Love,” but rather His desire is to hold His children in a “Soothing State of Love.” He said: “But that is up to them to create, and they need to know this.”

The vision-movie showed an adolescent boy (which represents an ‘immature’ child, rather than a mature adult). The boy was standing in a hilly, wooded, grassy canyon, holding a ‘white scroll’ that was rolled up closed in his hand (The 10 Commandments). He was facing a group of other adolescents (people) and he said to them: “I don’t have to follow these, if I don’t want to.” Immediately I heard rumbling all around me and felt the earth move under my feet. Suddenly, I saw a very large White Hand came right out of the blue sky (Heaven above). The hand was so big – it looked bigger than earth, and I felt intimidated by its size and strength. I was ‘fearful.’ The bigger-than-life White Hand then touched (touched by God) the grassy wooded area where the boy was, and in a split second, I saw the whole grassy, wooded, canyon area light up in a blaze of fire. I felt shocked and devastated, as I watched it happen so quickly – with no warning.

The boy and the group were stunned and unprepared, because: “they didn’t see it coming or thought that something like this could ever happen to them.” But, there was a small path of green that they could use that the ‘hand’ (the touch of God’s hand) made for them to escape, to save them. The boy said. “I know what to do” and he ran down the path and up a hill nearby and ‘opened up the scroll’ (The 10 Commandments) and said: “I will keep asking for a miracle until the fires stop, and I will promise to obey these laws. I changed my mind. I will obey.”

As soon he said this, the fires immediately stopped blazing. He was saved. The group of people, however, that chose not to follow him - and the scroll - were not save, because they chose to ‘not follow the scroll’ - and do nothing.

God and Jesus woke me up yesterday morning at 7:30am and insisted that I find the courage to deliver His messages and help people understand that Although God IS a LOVING God; Love also involves ‘tough love.’ He said that when His children fail to listen to His messages, when they are given soft and soothing through His messengers here, through the Bible, through their own intuition – then He is forced to speak “louder” in an attempt to be heard to correct behaviors that He sees are harmful to His other children and His planet, because they have broken His laws. They want people to understand that God has gone from un-happiness – when He sent Covid; to anger – when he sent economic decline; and Now to Wrath – when he has just sent fires to our communities.

I was Not allowed to do Anything today, until I agreed to sit down deliver His message. He is desperately trying to reach His children and wake them up to their mistakes and help them understand the importance of being faithful to Him and His Commands. God Does Not want to keep putting more hardships on us. It’ the opposite, God said He wants to send us joyful experiences. But, if His children fail Him, He wants them to understand that He does have a wrath and He will use it – is He has to, to help them learn their lessons.

He asked me to share this message, because He is: “un-happy because still not enough of them have learned to be faithful to Me and My Son; And they still turn away from Us – instead of towards Us – when they need help.”

He also said, He is “un-happy to the point of feeling wrath because of the level of greed happening (and He showed me President Trump’s face and held it there a long time, making a strong impression on me). Specifically, He is referring to a message He gave me warning me that Trump was not using his power and was not focused enough on saving lives, when Covid began, by not giving the money and relief that was needed to protect people from the deadly disease. Instead Trump was more focused on sustaining businesses, including his own. (Read previous "President Trump's Decisions" message here)

Then God said He is, also, sick-end with the filth, such as sex trade and porn.” He said: “porn has become a chronic addiction in households, causing men to turn away from their Queens, seeking attention outside their sacred union.”

God Is Expressing His Unhappiness… And Now - His Wrath “You did not listen to My warning when I sent Covid – that showed I can and will humble My children…. so I have caused more of My rumblings in your atmosphere… in hopes that you Will Hear Me and My unhappiness in how so many of My children still forsake My laws, as well as still not hold a real, true, belief in your Heavenly Father and My Holy Son… who I sent to you long before - To Teach You This.”

“Listen to My unhappiness and hear My sorrow, so that you create changes and show Me loyalty and respect.”

Father continued: “For those who already do show me loyalty – Look for how much protection I have given you from the deadly plaque and job-finance crisis you are in. Look at how you get to feel happy with your many blessed circumstances and privileges. Look and see that faith and obedience will always be rewarded.”

God said firmly and loving: “Seek God’s Love. Seek every day for My approval and you WILL be Blessed.”

~ Given from God (your Father) through His Direct Messenger, Master Channeler Maureen in hopes of helping His children understand His world and ways are to be respected – OR… we will feel His wrath…

You know, here, what will save you from pain and suffering, which is Faith and to follow God’s 10 Commandments. It’s Hard… I know! Do the best you can… and when you make a mistake…

1. Recognize Your Mistake.

2. Swallow Your Pride Ask for Forgiveness For It.

3. Ask For as Long as it Takes - Until You are Forgiven.

4. Believe In and Stay Faithful to Your Father and His Son... Even in Your Darkest Hours.

This advanced message was given to you to help understand what you must do to protect yourself. Sending you each my love and hoping you continue to enlighten. Blessings, Master Channeler Maureen Direct Messenger for God Primary Oracle for Jesus Christ


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