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Special Message for Your Salvation

We are where we are and experiencing what it is… For a Reason… Which is – Fate.

We are where we are and experiencing what it is… For a Reason… Which is – Fate.

You can look at this message in two ways. One is by perceiving it feeling defeat, which we Hope you don’t. The other way, the one we are Hoping you choose – is to perceive it as a gift of helpful guidance… so that you can know better what to choose, or help others do better, because you know better. This is the view that one who desires to evolve would choose to see. Please try to look at it through this lens.  Because… I was given a Very advanced message on Sunday, October 25, and was asked to deliver it.   I was out for a walk and I received a message from God. As I was walking, I started to fill with the vibrations, my third eye opened up and I heard “Father. God” loudly…. all around me and in me. I then felt energy surround me like a strong cocoon and I saw a rainbow close above my head, in my third eye. I was opened up psychically and put into the trance, as energy surged through me like rivers of bliss. I then heard God speak very quickly, asking me to give this message.  “Warn them. Impending danger awaits them. Warn them to follow My Laws, My rules, or they will face more wars, famine, disease, drugs and more violence.” He then said: “I will give Satan more reign over earth as a consequence, and he will seek to conquer and destroy My children through such atrocities.” (Satan and his followers are the main influence behind these harmful acts. God is the One who give us protection from the destruction Satan causes.) “Their only hope to protect themselves of the impending dangers is to have a Belief in Me and to show Me Loyalty and Respect… by obeying My commandments and living a Peaceful life.” “Dear sweet Oracle of mine, please warn them everywhere you are, your classes, events, blog... your voice.” “I rely on you... My Chosen One. Please say. Father Almighty. Supreme Being. The One. The Only One Who Should Be Adored." I was so taken aback after it was finished and filled with so much worry and sadness – about our future Fate.  Unfortunately, God has still not seen the level of loyalty that He seeks, even after humbling us with COVID and the economic decline. Sadly, God has now given us (His Children) an even stronger warning. This has been the Hardest message that I have been asked to deliver so far… you have no idea. But, God explained to me that If I failed to do my job because of fear of upsetting those that do not believe in this truth… then it would be an injustice to all of those that do need to be educated… in this truth. He said they need to learn or be reminded that there is a God, who has the Ultimate power over the Universe and that there is a negative force working against God, who is trying to ruin our world and our lives… and the only way that God will protect us from dark one’s ruin – is by showing God Loyalty.    What You Can Do: I will be saying The Rosary tomorrow and holding the intention of asking “God to please forgive the sinners and atheists and to help All reach the level of loyalty that He desires.”  Please join me in doing this tomorrow. The more voices sharing a prayer – the Louder our prayers are heard. We need Him to hear that we Believe in Him and that we want His Protection – ALWAYS.

Blessings … and Amen to you, Master Channeler Maureen Direct Oracle for God Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin Primary Oracle for Jesus Christ  Primary Oracle for Mother Mary Regular Oracle for Buddha


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