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Special Message about Tragedy at Capitol

on January 6, 2021

Wow! I think we have all been saying “Wow” since last evening. What a true tragedy to see what happened at the Capitol. Heart-breaking.

I was given some insight this morning, given how serious the situation is with Trump right now. In the eyes of Heaven, Trump’s influence and behavior is what caused a door to open for a mob to infiltrate and ran-sack the Capitol, scaring innocent, hard-working people, and then resulting in the tragedy of Four Deaths! The people who seek an excuse to be violent, the terrorists, the mob, are also guilty, clearly. But the real perpetrator behind this crime is Trump because of how he refused to accept the truth, and instead fought, manipulated, and kept orchestrating a fantasy for himself to end up being the star in – keeping his prestigious title as president.

Now is the time we pray for intervention, so no more people get hurt, and no more money gets wasted.

By the way, intervention is happening. Heaven is removing Trump from his place of power and authority soon: Trump will get impeached.

Here is the message that I was given by my Guides:

“Trump’s Influence has been disastrous for your nation. He has used his power and authority, not for the greater good of the masses, but rather to satisfy feeding his ego by holding onto and claiming the title of the President of United States.

He had a choice to graciously step down and was unable to do so. He took many on a ride with him, where he wasted tax-payer’s monies to indulge his fantasy. The pursuit of power, greed, and wealth are his down-fall. Please learn from this, that a leader who is so invested in himself will only lead you into ruins.

Next time pick your leaders more cautiously. Look for the qualities of honesty, law-abiding, humble, hardworking, modest, generous, and kind.

Remember this was a lesson, intended to mirror back to you – elements of your ethics and qualities. Show-casing and under the table favors will always burn you. Choose a man or woman who you really would trust, like your best friend. Look closer at their ethics and choose kindness and honesty.”

~ Given to Maureen, from the Collective Group of her Guides: Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary & Buddha on insight as to why things have deteriorated at the Capitol & what They Wish for us to look for in our earth leaders


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