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Special Message About Our Quality of Living

Pandemic Surges Again Lack of Cooperation is to Blame

We have another fight in front of us… big sigh here. I am sad to inform you that the 'consequence of illness' will now spike again. I have been told that we "have fallen short of pleasing God's and Jesus's wishes of raising our vibration (evolving) to a higher level by becoming a more compassionate, humble, and devoted society."

They have called upon me to deliver a special message to help you better understand why COVID, and now the Delta strain, are here… and why the virus will become more aggressive again.

Jesus said: "The ones who have rebelled against wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and getting vaccinated have cost you further suffering – by creating negative karma for you because they are not cooperating and completing the lessons and tests."

Jesus woefully said the act of rebellion has saddened God and Jesus because They were waiting and hoping for those souls to achieve more "humility and grace by being forced to think of – 'How to save lives from death.' But, instead of learning the value of sacrifice and giving and compromising – to protect others - they chose to be uncompromising, stubborn, narrow-minded in their thinking… and negligent to the needs of others."

Jesus and God said that Their "ultimate goal" with this pandemic is to help the people who still doubt Their presence and power - Believe in Them, all of The gifts They offer and that our souls are eternal. They said: “We needed toforce those who still needed to learn to Believe in Our existence – by finally breaking their hard exteriors so that they would truly accept Us into their lives and hearts, unconditionally and permanently."

With sadness, They said They needed to "humble the children of Earth so that They would finally understand and accept Our Ever Presence in Their lives and the Universe; and the magnitude of Our power and the lengths that We will go to – To Save You from an Afterlife filled with pain and sorrow, because of your lack of devotion." They continued: "Your choice to Believe in Us and show Us respect is the only way that the Doorway to Heaven will be allowed to open for you. If you do not believe in Us, We cannot let you in, and you will be forced to exist in the lower dimensions, commonly known as purgatory. COVID and Delta is Our act of desperation to wake you up before it is too late for you."

They said They "want nothing more than to open the Doorway to Heaven, Nirvana, for you." But Heavenly Father requires devotion and respect for that to happen.

"Let COVID and Delta speak as a message to wake you up to the truth that there IS a Higher Power that governs your existence… your conditions… who is The One who gives you every single joyful event you get to experience. The One who performs miracles for you... who heals you and who protects you from every crisis in your time of need."

They said the pandemic happened to force you back to Them, “so you could drop to your knees and pray for mercy and help from Us… So you would have to pray to Us to be saved…. And so you would live the rest of your life with Us and not against us, alienating Us, but rather, with Us - so you could receive the Gifts that We can give you."

They said: "It is Our wish to embrace you, but you must first ask for Our Love & Grace and do so with a genuine heart. Please let Us in, so We can save you from this consequence and a painful future - a difficult Afterlife. We wish only to be united with you now and when your day comes when you stand before Us at the Doorway to Heaven."

I hope the people who need to hear this – hear this – and make the wise, compassionate choices to get vaccinated, wear masks, practice distancing and show God and Jesus their loyalty – so we can be released from this hardship once and for all. Please do what you can to wake up any of your people to Their messages, so we can be free from this painful fate.

Wishing all of you Enlightenment, Protection, and Grace from Our Loving Lord and God Almighty… in this lifetime and in your Afterlife. Amen

Master Channeler Maureen

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principle Oracle for Jesus

Primary Oracle for Mother Mary

Primary Oracle for Buddha

Direct Oracle for God


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