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Some Were Heroes…and Some Were Not

It takes courage and bravery to stand up to danger to protect others from harm. It takes selflessness to overcome the fears that stand in one's way when choosing to put yourself in harm's way for another person. These are the qualities that make a hero, and this is who Heaven rewards. Thank goodness we were lucky to have had the heroes that helped rescue us from the Capitol attack and the one who orchestrated it, Trump. Thank goodness we were lucky to have had the heroes that we had to help rescue us from the Capitol attack - and the one who orchestrated it, Trump.

The Heroes The politicians who used their courage and sought justice to protect people from harm by impeaching Trump. They did not let fear and intimidation, or their self-interests, cause them to fail in their jobs to protect our nation and its people. Instead, these people fought to stop the possibility of more violence continuing by disabling Trump and worked to keep us safe. The police and guards who fought in the attack protected many in the fight.

Message from Jesus for the “Unsung Heroes” I received this message from Jesus on Monday, January 18, 2021: "Actions have consequences," Jesus said to me. "The unsung heroes will be praised by the Lord…with gifts." "Gifts are circumstances that advance the level of happiness… enjoyment of life on earth. They include but are not limited to increasing well-being, health, being sent higher quality soulmates, or improving the status of existing relationships. A Gift could also stand to continue into the next incarnation if it is large enough."

~ Given from Jesus Christ to me, Oracle Maureen, to share with you and praise the ones He deemed as "unsung heroes" who protected us. Please know that for those who chose to stop the danger and protect us from harm, your good deed will be rewarded by the Lord. Please know that He considers you an "unsung hero," and that's a big deal! I have been called upon to let you know this. Bless you.

The Ones Who Chose Not to Be Heroes Everything is a lesson, and everything is a test. For the politicians who did not use their power to protect the people by impeaching Trump, you will not be rewarded. If the souls in this experience were under the test to see if they could step up and achieve a higher level of courage and bravery, then that is why they were in the situation. Our lessons are eternal until we pass them. If a person decides to play it safe and lets their fears or self-agendas stop them from protecting others, then they will have the chance to act bravely again... and again… until they finally achieve it. So, for the non-heroes, if you want to receive a Gift, you will want to achieve being a hero the next time you have the chance - because heroes are the ones rewarded. To the unsung heroes who helped stop the violence and save us from future harm, please know your Heavenly Father and Son have recognized you… and Thank You and Bless You from me.

Master Channeler Maureen Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin Primary Oracle for Jesus Christ Primary Oracle for Mother Mary Principle Oracle for Buddha


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