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Shocking Slaughter by Israel of Innocent Civilians Waiting for Food Aid

Hate Begets Hate...Peace is What Creates Peace

It is painful to watch how they are suffering in Gaza. Every time we turn on the news, there is more violence, more murder, more suffering… more horrific crimes against humanity being committed.

Have the Palestinians been harmed and discriminated against by Israel throughout history? Yes. Has Israel experienced suffering at the hands of Palestine as well, particularly with Hamas’s evil rampage in recent times? Yes. They both have inflicted extreme misery on one another. And now, here is where they are—continuing to suffer in their cycle of pain and destruction.

Not only are we having to watch and feel this horrific nightmare unfold, but as always—so is God.

I was given a message from Creator, who wishes to enlighten you about His feelings of misery regarding this atrocious war; one guilty of committing many crimes against humanity, which will only get worse… if both sides don’t stop their revenge.

I received this message shortly after more than 100 Gazan civilians who were waiting in line for food from humanitarian aid trucks were shockingly and tragically killed on Thursday —not by the hands of terrorist group Hamas, but by Israel (IDF). It was a disturbing massacre as hungry Gazans were murdered while waiting in a food line from a relief truck. In addition to the 104 innocent civilians who were killed, there were also more than 750 painfully injured ( Israel sniper attacks shot and killed them. In addition to this horrific massacre at the hands of IDF, some of the food trucks rolled over—crushing and injuring or killing more of the innocent civilians looking for food.

Deadly Times are Ahead for the Middle East

God said:

“Deadly times are ahead for the Middle East as a result of the continued, unnecessary killing that Israel is perpetuating in Gaza.

The recent slaughter of lives brutally taken during a humanitarian relief aid mission is the direct result of a severe karmic punishment because of the violence, murder, and crimes against humanity that the Middle East is guilty of.

Israel’s approach of seeking to destroy Hamas at the expense of knowingly and deliberately killing innocent Gaza civilians has created a much bigger karmic payment for their downfall. If they want to protect their people and country from more pain, the only solution is to end their killing.

Hamas’s approach of using terroristic attacks of fear, intimidation, manipulation, violence, war crimes, and murder is not freeing their Palestinian people. Rather, they are ensuring that more bondage of pain, suffering, and brutality will be sent to them in their future… near or distant.

Heed My warning. I do not want My children participating in any acts that can harm another. My wrath has been provoked. More bloodshed will spill in the desert until both parties put down their weapons and choose to stop violating their opponent.

Freedom from the extreme karmic consequences that they have created will only be achieved through atonement with Me by repenting for the grievous mistakes they have made, as well as a change of heart in conflict resolution tactics.”

Please help the Middle East. You can do something to help end their war. You can help move God‘s heart towards showing them more mercy. Please pray on behalf of the Middle East. Pray for the sins and mistakes that Israel and the Palestinians have committed to be forgiven—so they can be released from more pain and destruction. Help the Middle East end the horrendous tragedy that they have created, and pray they will be forgiven. You can also donate to charities, so that those innocent souls that are suffering can get fed and basic supplies to help them survive their tragic circumstances.

Holding only thoughts of peace—and not encouraging or justifying violence—is how you can inspire God to shift this horrific act of violence from our planet—so they can live in peace, finally.

Prayer to Help the Middle East From Ascended Master Kuan Yin

“Dear Almighty Creator… Source of all Divinity,

We weep for the pain and injustices that the Middle East suffers from - and continues to put in their society. Please forgive their downfalls. Please forgive the sins and mistakes that have caused this brutal battle over control and freedom. Please help them evolve to choosing wiser and more peaceful means to achieve the independence and quality of life they seek. Please intervene stronger and rescue them from the mistake of the war they have created. Please give them more mercy and free them from this violence. Please help them attain peace.


Oracle Maureen

Saint Mary of Bethany

Chief Principal Oracle for God, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary and Buddha Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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