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President Trump’s Decisions

Greed vs. Safety; He is Choosing – Greed ...& Heaven has Spoken… & IS Displeased

I received a very vivid vision about President Trump on March 28, 2020. I wasn’t planning on doing anything about it…. until Jesus came to me the next day and asked me to “publish it.” He told me that He wishes for people to know the “truth;” given we are in a serious global crisis – that is “affecting the safety and health of mankind”…. And that “‘President’ Trump has ‘Powers’ that he can choose to use or not use to help facilitate – SAVING LIVES.”

I was woken to a vision that was announced to me that was from God. I was shown a movie of myself sitting at a desk. I heard God say: “You work for God. Your boss is God.” I then saw President Trump sitting at his own desk, directly across from my desk. The desks were Facing each other – and lined up even …. Like head to head. I heard: “Trump is the President and he is also a boss. But, he isn’t doing anything… except wanting to get fat.” I then saw Trump’s jacket open up and his stomach got fat. I heard “Fat;” meant get ‘Rich’ (fat) with money.

God then filled me with the feeling of anger and made me get up out of my desk and walk over to him to talk to him. God said he wanted me to remind him how he was using his power; which is was doing to make himself rich (fat). I was then standing by Trump – and ‘looking down at him’ - telling him this; while holding up ‘Four Long Swabs’ at him. I then explained to him: “that he has the power, as the boss – to help Many People- Instead of getting fat;” and I told him how to do it. I also said that if he chooses money over compassion – and chooses not help people in danger of dying – that I was being sent to warn him that he will suffer severe consequences.

The Four Swabs Represent: 1. Choosing to open up the economy to soon; when the world is still threatened with too many contagious people with a virus that has no cure right now. 2. Coronavirus Tests that he can have made. He can and should put money into having them made; to Save Lives by keeping people responsible – so that they don’t go back to work and into society, if they are contagious. Heaven considers this “selfish” and “reckless” – to put others in danger. 3. Buy ventilators that are in Need. He can and should put money into buying them and saving people’s lives. 4. Protective gear, such as masks and gloves and other supplies that can keep people safe. He can and should be finically supporting these; so, we have more of them, especially to the hospitals.

How we use our powers - Will determine….. our Karmas. I Hope he makes wiser decisions for all of us, as well as for himself. Because we don’t take the money with us. But, we do earn the gold stars for when we – choose honorable ethics, such as compassion and …. Saving Lives. I hope our ‘political boss’ President Trump makes ‘Wiser’ choices for Us - and Chooses to help protect the health and safety of our lives - over getting rich.

Maureen Allan Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher Full Time Oracle for Jesus Christ Primary Full Time Oracle for Kuan Yin


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