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Prayer from Kuan Yin…for protection

When Jesus spoke about Praying for Protection from Coronavirus; Protection is given to us from Them – in Every Way possible. Kuan Yin has offered a pray that you can say to help you earn more protection.

“Dear God, Please grant me high immunity to protect me from Coronavirus. Please grant me high immunity now. Please grant me more Guardian Angels to shield and protect me from anything or anyone that could cause me illness. Dear God, please guide my every move so that I only walk in the direction that will lead me to good health. Please grant me more protection from All the sources that could cause me illness. Please surround me in your love and grace, even stronger now, and please protect me from everything that could cause me illness… now and forever…. And so, it is. Amen….”

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher Maureen Allan Full Time Oracle for Jesus Christ Primary Full Time Oracle for Kuan Yin


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