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One Voice is Good; More Voices are Great

I have sent many, many, many prayers to God and Jesus – asking for Everyone to receive Protection from Coronavirus; and more prayers asking for it to be Released from Earth. I have included these prayers in my daily prayer list. I am committed to keeping this up for all us until this pandemic over.

If you Join me and also say these prayers ….

… asking for “Protection” and for “Earth to be Released” – Together Our voices will be Heard Louder. Please pray with me – so we can be heard louder and released from this challenge.

“Dear God,

Please send every person and animal more protection against Corona and its affects. Please gift us protection and relief now. Please release us from this disaster. Please release earth of Corona. Please forgive all mistakes that have put us here. Please release all humans, animals and the planet of Corona now. Thank you for listening to our prayers for any and all of your mercy. And so it is… Amen.”


Maureen Allan

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher

Primary Oracle for Kuan Yin

Full Time Oracle for Jesus


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