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My Messages: Give a Girl a Break...I'm Just Doing My Job. I'm a Guide. :)

Soo… I know my messages can be... hmm… a little … ah… challenging, given the more serious political and controversial issues covered. Because of the advanced content, my Guides have asked me to give you clarity on the true nature of my messages.

I am not someone interested in debating politics or engaging in conflict about anything, unless harm us being committed. I am pretty peaceful, and I keep my opinions more to myself, except when I see something that needs to be confronted. The truth is, I deliver the important current event messages because I have been given an assignment. I am a Guide. I am working on Earth right now, and one of my duties is working as a scribe for Heaven.

The messages that I give are not my own personal thoughts and feelings. They are not of me, rather, they are messages given through me. However, after hearing Their messages and reflecting on them, I always end up making the shift of embracing Heaven's messages – Their wisdom, if I wasn't already holding those beliefs from the start. The exception to this is when I sometimes give you a message directly from me, and in that case, I always state that, so you always know right away that it is from me.

Ever since I have been assigned (called upon) to deliver 'advanced' messages, affecting our nation, which are more serious in nature, I have seen people frequently unsubscribe from my mailing list, mostly after the political after ones. But, I have also seen more people joining it. I have even received some disheartening criticism, so far only concerning the political messages (just former President Trump's).

My messages are given to me from the Ones that I serve: God and the Four Ascended Masters (Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mary, and Buddha) who have summoned me to work for them on a full-time basis, as well as any other Spirit Guide or Angel who wishes to use me in order to help you.

All of Their messages are meant to guide and protect you, America, and the rest of the world, too. They are giving the Gift of Their help and wisdom, because They see and know that mistakes are being made and They are intervening to try to help stop those mistakes. My job as Their Oracle and scribe is to write down Their exact words, along with Their visions, and deliver it to mankind – to Their satisfaction.

As a Master Channeler, I am capable of hearing their words loudly and clearly through my Clairaudience (psychic hearing abilities) and through my normal hearing (my ears). My level of advanced psychic abilities allows me to connect and merge with them for long periods, which is why I am able to get paragraphs at a time as well as movie-quality visions, even multiple ones. I then work with Them when I write down Their messages, and I don't send them until I have perfected it to Their satisfaction and get Their approval.

Often, I am rewarded for bravery and commitment after sending the difficult, challenging ones. I have received Blue Ribbons that I have seen pinned on my heart and have heard I earned a badge of honor. I have received gold trophies that I have seen go on my trophy wall. I have received blessings from God by being surrounded in His Light (a large rainbow halo of light) and hearing Him say that He is blessing me while filling me with His love. Soon after I receive the blessing, there have been miraculous healings, like when He took a painful migraine completely away from me with the touch of His Hand in a second, and I got to see His large glowing white come down and hand touch my head. And the list goes on…

You need to know that I am not, nor have I just turned political or controversial. On the contrary, I was given a promotion and asked to undertake 'advanced' work.

My messages are not intended to be controversial or cause discomfort. They are the words from Heaven meant to inform, alert, or warn you about someone or something that will cause you problems if you don't protect yourself from it. Heaven wants you to know the truth about someone or something when the truth is being hidden from you. Their messages are intended to save you from pain and loss by warning you so that you can do something about it and help protect yourself from harm.

Quite simply, my messages are intended to guide and protect you away from the harmful people and circumstances so that you have the chance to make a change and follow the right ones, so you make choices that will create positive karmic outcomes for Yourself – and Your Nation.

I'm working 'for' you.

Jesus told me recently that not only would I be continuing to do "reporting" for Heaven, but He said that He was going to have me do more "investigative reporting on people and events." He said this is being given because He and God are "pleased with your successful execution of the missions."

Vision Showing Reporting on America

Here is the vision that Jesus gave me when He told me that the current events and political messages would increase. He showed me a: big magazine floating above my head in the sky (the Universe). It was the color blue like the sky. It said, "People" written across the top of it and had a picture of the American flag blowing in the wind beneath it. I saw small headshots of people along the edges and heard "a lot of political people." Jesus then said I would be reporting for Him and Heaven “on the people and events affecting America, to help – America."

Jesus said He wanted me to look at delivering messages about political people and any other person or challenging issue that affects America – And His world too - as an important job. He said warning and guiding the people will give them a better chance of creating a safe and happy nation for themselves. He also reminded me that I am protecting them from making bad choices and creating negative karma for themselves.

Jesus told me: "They might not always like what you have to say, but they will be glad you are here.”

He also said of my messages: "It is a gift for those who get to read it."

You need to know. There is nothing in this for me personally when I deliver political or controversial messages – other than completing my mission and pleasing my superiors so that they continue to keep me on as Their Oracle and consider me for promotions. Oh, and making sure you are informed because I care.

My Purple Ring

God rewarded me last year with a beautiful purple amethyst ring. It's rectangle in shape and surrounded by diamonds. When Heavenly Father woke me up with a ceremony giving it to me, He put it on my right-hand index finger and announced to me that I am a "Spirit Guide working on Earth" right now. Purple is the color for Spirit Guides. When He put His ring on my finger, He told me that He was anointing me to claim myself as who I truly am, a Spirit Guide currently working on Earth. He said He wanted me to embrace the transformation that He gave to me and speak about it publicly.

He went on to say: "the color purple represents you, a Spirit Guide, and the diamonds surrounding it represent God's love and protection surrounding you."

Heavenly Father had told me about three years ago that I am Spirit Guide and that I work on Earth 50% of my time and in Heaven the other 50% of my time (and that I'm working on earning more time in Heaven). When God put the ring on my index finger, He also said that He wished for me to wear it regularly and announce who gave me my ring and what it meant.

The next day, I asked Him why He put the ring on my index finger (because I was curious)? I was allowed the answer. He said that as a Guide, I have the "power, insight and wisdom ‘to point’ to where someone should go on their chosen path, as well as what they need to do to create positive karmic blessings for themselves and be in His Good Graces." He also said I can point to where they have made a mistake or sin and what their fate will be, and what they need to do to be forgiven by Him. He reminded me that He, along with my Guides, give me this insight and wisdom.

Now you know more about my messages… I'm not a political-seeking stir-the-pot person, tea drinking-spiller, or wants-to-make-you-uncomfortable-for-fun rebel. I'm a peaceful Oracle doing my job to help my superiors make America better. I'm a Guide…. just doing my job.

Ommm… May enlightenment find you now and always…

Master Channeler Maureen Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin Principle Oracle for Jesus Primary Oracle for Mother Mary Primary Oracle for Buddha Direct Oracle for God


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