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Murder Is Murder Is Murder. Even Using the Vigilante ‘Excuse’ to Kill.

What will it take for people to accept that the only path that leads to Heaven is the peaceful path? Heaven is intervening to remind those that continue to find ways to justify killing. Carrying on and supporting violence, harm and killing is not what will not get you through Heaven’s Doorway – and it will cost you with very painful karma to have to suffer from to learn why not to choose violence.

Please hear this message and become enlightened about the danger of embracing the mentality of excusing committing murder because of undertaking the title of being a ‘vigilante.’

Kyle is a killer.” This is what Jesus said to me November 11th, after Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense rested on Thursday until the judge and jury decides his fate on Monday.

Kyle Rittenhouse, 18, was on trial last week for shooting and killing two male protestors at a Black Lives Matter protest and harming a third man, in Kenosha, WI., when he was 17. His trial has sparked a debate over whether his actions should be seen as ‘justifiable and vigilante-like,’ excused on the basis of protecting himself and others, or not.

The nature of Kyle’s presence at BLM situation is complex because Kyle was present at the protest with the goal of protecting a car lot against loiters. Kyle was even equipped with a gun that he claims he bought to protect himself and others. Bu the way, he spent his own money, $1,200, and bought his gun under-aged. Clearly, he wanted it really bad. He didn’t just pick it up off the street somewhere. He bought it. He owned it. He invested in it – and he couldn’t even wait until he was at the legal age….

Kyle bought an AR-15, a high-velocity rifle, which is a favored weapon by both mass shooters and sporting shooters.

Some of the complexity lays in that one of the men that Kyle killed did aim his gun at Kyle, and this is where Kyle justifies why he shot him to protect himself, killing the man. This aspect is what has been giving a lot of people reasons of excusing Kyle’s behavior, of committing murder. Heaven is responding with a resounding … no excuse.

However, what is not complex is that – Kyle did not have to shoot to kill; and Heaven wants you to know there is more to the story. Kyle did not have to buy a gun; let alone the type of gun that many mass shooters are drawn too (Heaven wants you see this.) Kyle did not have to hold the attitude that he would shoot someone – if necessary. Kyle’s actions showed he was ready to shoot a gun at someone. Kyle is not innocent. He was not just trying to protect himself. Kyle had an urge to use a gun and he found a reason to – and he did it … and killed two people and harmed a third person.

There has been a lot of debate over is Kyle and whether is he guilty of murder or is he innocent because he was protecting himself and was also acting as a vigilante that night? Because many people are aligning themselves with the type of thinking of justifying Kyle’s acts of murder—in both our legal and civilian systems - Heaven is both upset and concerned about this dangerous and harmful perspective; and has intervened with a strongmessage.

Jesus visited me and in a very powerful and serious voice, with much concern about our future, said this:

“Kyle is a Killer. There are no vigilante actions that are justified in Heaven. Killing is killing, and this act will reap great, painful Karmic consequences—always.

There is no justifiable reason to kill. If someone is truly in danger, they can act to ‘disable,’ which means to cause injury to someone threatening them so they can escape.

Kyle was NOT in eminent danger to justify pulling the trigger. He shot to feel the adrenaline rush and the power over someone else’s life.”

Jesus said if Kyle wasn’t looking to shoot a gun, he wouldn’t have brought a gun. Jesus said that Kyle held a secret desire inside to execute this act on someone and he created an opportunity to do so- by participating by ‘policing’ in this march. Or, he would have stayed away from a place of conflict where guns were a threat.

Jesus wants to open your eyes that this perspective, the ‘vigilante way of thinking’ – allowing civilians to use weapons to police, hunt, and kill others—"will be the downfall of our society.”

He also wants to remind you that there are many people who are walking around here and have a dark or sadistic side to them, who are psychopaths and sociopaths, and who are also being influenced by the evil entities (who try to get them commit harm and destruction.) All these factors will cause more people to get hurt and die, if we accept “vigilante” behavior.

Kyle was not in grave danger and even if he was, it still does not excuse his actions of committing murder. Kyle could have injured a knee and escaped. He could have used his gun to pin the men helpless with a threat, while asking someone to call the police while containing the men, so he could escape. He could have tried to walk/run away.

Heaven will not be excusing his murders. He will be facing a very hefty and serious Karmic Punishment to have to experience either in this lifetime, in his afterlife (purgatory), or in his next lifetime—and so will all other vigilantes who feel they are justified to commit murder.

Life is sacred. Please remember we are supposed to treat it as such. This is one of our lessons that we are meant to learn and pass: Do Unto Others, as You Would Have Them Do Unto You.

The beginning of Kyle’s karmic consequence will begin soon. He will be found guilty of homicide, in addition to other charges, and will face a lengthy prison sentence. We should pray for him.

Hoping everyone finds the path to peace – for everyone’s sake…

Master Channeler Maureen

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principle Oracle for Jesus

Primary Oracle for Mother Mary

Primary Oracle for Buddha

Direct Oracle for God


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