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Mormonism Part 2

It was Not Created by Divine Intervention

There are many religious organizations in which to show your devotion to God. The one you choose will either help you achieve this desired result or hurt it.

I was asked to finish giving you a message about Mormonism by my Principal Guide, Jesus Christ, and by God. They wish to enlighten you about an organization that They do not deem worthy of being a true Christian church. It is the opposite. They want to warn you that practicing Mormonism will only end up creating negative karmic consequences.

If you have been reading the messages that I have received about Covid-19, you would know that right now God is looking for faithfulness from His children. As stated in the previous Covid messages, this deadly plague is a consequence for unfaithfulness to Him (you can read the previous messages here). How you practice religion or spirituality does matter if you want to show God devotion. They want to open your eyes regarding an organization that is not in Their favor so that you can pick the right places of worship - if you wish to show God your faithfulness.

Jesus, the Collective Group of my Guides, including Ascended Masters Kuan Yin, Mary, and Buddha, and God wish to alert you that embracing Mormonism is a mistake. These messages are from the Collective Group. I received them over several days during February and March 2021.

Mormonism Was Not Founded on Divine Intervention. It Was Made Up:

They have asked me to tell you that "the origins of Mormonism are not pure." It did not "begin on an honest and accurate formation" because the man who founded it, Joseph Smith, "is not a true apostle."

Jesus said: "He is a false prophet, who embellished a story about an angel visiting him and speaking my name, and then created a fictitious book intended to replace the one true word of God—The Bible… All so he could have glory and fame."

The Book of Mormon is the book that Smith created after claiming he received "revelations" and scripture from God. Smith then used the book in his organization, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and essentially replaced the real Bible.

God and Jesus are not just upset that Mormonism exists, they are angry. They are angry because it was made up from lies. They want you to know the truth about this religious organization. They do not deem it as true, nor did it get Their guidance or blessings. They did not help the founder create it. They wish to end this deception in hopes of saving anyone who is practicing it from making "further mistakes." They also want to clear Their names from being attached to a hoax that has deceived people for decades.

The story of how Mormonism began has several different versions. Here is a brief summary of the more commonly known version. While educating you about it, the Collective Group will also be enlightening you as to where there is dishonesty in this fable and show you how its origins lack credibility. They want you to understand that practicing anything that has not been given to us by God and Jesus is a mistake that will alter your existence both here and in your Afterlife. They want to help protect you from this unfortunate fate and from making an unwise choice.

Mormonism began in 1823 after an Angel named Moroni visited a young farm boy, Joseph Smith. Some versions say that Smith was 14 years old. Some say he was a late teen. On the Angel's third visit, Moroni promised Smith he would reveal a set of ancient gold plates engraved with important sacred history and gospel on it. Smith claims that Angel Moroni told him that the engraved plates were buried on a hill in upstate New York.

Around age 24, Smith claims he translated the gold plates that were written in Egyptian hieroglyphs. He said he could translate them into English because God gave him the "gift and power" to do so. However, to translate it, Smith had to use a magic stone, or seer stone. Smith claimed that when placed at the bottom of his hat, the stone allowed him to translate the gold plates into English. He said he created a portion of the Book of Mormon this way.

There are many contradicting accounts of how Smith made up the rest of the Book of Mormon. Many say large amounts came from the Bible because it is nearly identical, if not written word for word.

God told me to tell you: "There is no proof of the gold plates'" Smith never showed them publicly. He did not take or show pictures of them, ever. Smith has never proven the gold plates' existence. The only effort Smith went to was to call upon a few eyewitnesses. However, there is a lot of controversy with his witnesses.

Smith first got a group of three witnesses to claim they saw his gold plates. Many reports say they eventually found it too hard to lie and didn't want to keep his secret, so they stopped supporting Smith's hoax and the church. Smith then got a second group of witnesses. This time he got a few more, eight in total. They claimed they saw the translation of the Book of Mormon but were then all excommunicated after disagreements with Smith. These eight witnesses are reported to have signed statements claiming to have seen and handled the golden plates. However, it was later revealed that they had lied. There are reports that Smith may have forced or pressured his witnesses to lie for him.

The Gold Plates Never Existed. They are Fake.

I was told that "the gold plates are fake." Unfortunately, a lot, and I mean a lot, of people fell for this hoax. Some believed this lie out of innocence or ignorance. Others willing went along with the lie because the Mormon practices supported their agendas. We gave you one primary reason in the last message: Polygamy was a significant draw for many men back when it began. There are more reasons people went along with this organization which we will reveal later.

God wants people to be honest in their decision-making process. God said, "If there truly were 'gold plates,' there would have been proof of them."

Jesus said this about Smith and his story about "Angel Moroni" and the "golden plates."

"Moroni… plagiarism." Jesus explained that Smith made up the story about being visited by an "Angel named Moroni," who told him that he would lead him to "gold plates" and that God wanted him to start a new religion. It was a hoax.

I was told that Smith lied and deliberately fooled people to have an empire and give himself privileges. He also wanted people following him because "he wanted power and control."

"It is fictitious," the Collective Group said.

The "Book of Mormon" is Not True. It was Plagiarized.

One of the visions I received showed the Bible being dropped to the ground. Jesus said: "The Mormons are letting go of the (real) Bible."

God is angry because His Mormon children are not obeying one of His strongest wishes: to follow and obey His "One true Word. The Bible." He wants to remind His Mormon children that He created the Bible as a guide for us to use so that we could make the right choices and create positive karmic gifts for ourselves. Following another version of the Bible, or rather another Bible entirely, is considered an act of disobedience to God's wishes, and this does not show faithfulness to Him, your Creator.

God said to me, "there are No exceptions to the Bible." His Bible. His Word. The Book of Mormon is not God's Word. It is not God's Bible. It is a book that a false prophet made up and convinced many people was legitimate. Unfortunately, those who still want to believe and follow this brainwash will have to deal with God and Jesus on issues of unfaithfulness now and when they face Them in the hopes of getting through Heaven's Doorway. Please consider this message a plea to open your eyes if you or someone you know is practicing Mormonism because you are making a mistake.

We hope your eyes have been opened to the fact that the Mormon Church is not a valid church but a false organization that a conman created. God and Jesus do not want to see anyone make any more mistakes by practicing this charade. If you care to show God devotion, you now know where not to practice.

This was a very hard message to deliver since I am aware there are so many Mormons who stand by this organization. I hope dearly that you hear what the Collective Group has said and that you take it to heart.

Wishing all of you Enlightenment… so you can have a place Inside Heaven's Doorway.


Master Channeler Maureen

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principle Oracle for Jesus

Primary Oracle for Mother Mary

Primary Oracle for Buddha

Direct Oracle for God


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