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Message from Maureen About Blessings

Let Me Help You See Them

Do you know what it is like to be a ‘chosen one’ to be called upon by God to receive direct messages from Him – in long detailed paragraphs accompanied with vivid, equally detailed movie-like visions. To hear God announce Himself loudly and clearly before He speaks to you. To feel His powerful, thunderous vibrations fill up your body and mind and soul, as He surrounds you in the most powerful and glorious energy. To feel yourself being risen up, as He lifts you up, when He speaks to you… and then asks you to deliver the message to the people…? I do. It is an experience nothing on earth, that I have ever felt, can compare to the magnitude of its power and blissfulness. It is truly out of this world. As awesome as it is, when it is over, I am then left with the choice to honor and obey God and be responsible and do as He requested – deliver the message; or, chicken out, which means – to dis-obey. I haven’t dis-obeyed and I don’t plan to… even though what He asks of me to share – is not always easy…. Especially the last message – that we do receive consequences from Him.  But, I write down His words and I find the courage, and I share His messages – with you – fully well knowing that everyone is at different places in their beliefs and level of enlightenment.  When I post the messages from God (and Jesus) I have been surprised, and saddened, to see people “suddenly” un-subscribe. I know hearing in my last mailer God’s message that ‘Covid Is a consequence because of His un-happiness with so many who are un-faithful to Him’ – was something that they probably did not agree with or want to hear. It is hard to hear the painful truth sometimes. It is hard for me to hear difficult messages too. BUT – the reason God asks me to share His messages – IS to Help Us, by warning us of mistakes that we may not be aware that we are making. He Is being honest with us and giving us a chance to - ‘Do Something About It; So Our Fate Can Be Changed… for the Better.’ I wish those who threw in the towel so quickly had the patience and desire to want to expand their consciousness. Because today, He has asked me to help you see where He has also given us Blessings amid the Covid consequence – to Help Us survive this severe hardship: because He Loves us. Blessings Given During the ‘Covid Consequence’:

  • You are Not one who is sick and suffering from Covid; but actually healthy

  • You still have a job and income to pay your bills, in spite of the second consequence of our economic hardship

  • All we have to wear are masks; instead of a full  body suit covering Everything 

  • We are quarantined in the ‘comfort of our homes;’ versus held in a sterile facilities; OR in stricter isolation, such as less people to a home or forced to be completely isolated

  • We are not quarantined and held captive inside our houses solely. We get to go outside and feel the sun on our faces and breath the fresh air and grass and flowers

  • Most people have sufficient food and water; and for those who do not – many, many efforts are being made by kind, generous volunteers and donors who are helping get it. Earth angels are working hard to provide for those who are in need

  • We have more heroes helping: All of our essential workers, especially the doctors and nurses, who haven’t quit on us because of fear of contamination

  • During this pandemic, you are doing well with No health issues and can function perfectly

  • During this crisis you received the joy of a newborn baby that you have waited and wished for

  • You finally met your soulmate or are still happily in love with yours

  • You get to be with your soulmate during a very stressful pandemic and not feel the loneliness of being alone

  • Your beloved family and friends are not suffering from Covid or any other serious illness; so you are not in distress worrying about someone you love suffering

  • You have shelter, a home; and a bed to rest in; and for many us On Demand TV and movie channels

  • You have someone who loves you – probably more. You love them back 

  • You have all your senses and physical abilities and can still create something; in spite of  being, ‘limited,’ stuck at home

  • You have the support, guidance and love of your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels

  • You have the support, guidance, un-conditional love – of your All Forgiving, All Knowing, All Loving Creator – God

  • You have the chance to get up and make a different choice each and every day and continue to re-create your experiences – until You have created your life as happy and fulfilling as you wish. You hold the Wisdom that you are doing this With the help of your co-creator, God, the One who can give you the guidance and miracles to help create that happy life.

Sending you each my blessing for staying true and strong to receiving advanced messages and evolving ☺ With Love, Master Channeler Maureen Direct Oracle for God


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