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Message from Jesus

“I Am the Light of the World”

Jesus said this to me a few months ago. The vision that He showed me with His statement was: I saw Jesus standing high above Earth, suspended in a big, beautiful blue sky, wearing a white gown. He had a large golden-white ray of light emanating out of Him. It ran vertical, up and down His body, and horizontal, across His body through His arms and hands. The light ran through His body and out into the blue sky – in the form of a cross. It was beautiful.

Jesus asked me to share this with you and what He meant when He told me that He is “the Light of the World.”

“I came to teach, preach, heal, guide, protect, inspire and save you from your mistakes… that you lost sight of; or never clearly saw, because you had not been educated. I came to help you make wiser choices, so that you could have life-ever-after in the paradise of Heaven and exist in its Bliss.

I still help you. I continue to perform miraculous acts now on my own and through my chosen ones – my personal helpers, who I have deemed worthy and qualified – to carry out my work and help me continue to rescue you from suffering and save your souls from an un-desirable afterlife.

So, my dear sweet children, as you can see… I Am still with you. I have never left. I Am and I Always will be the Light of the World. Please follow me and let My Light of mercy, grace, and love - guide you… now and forever. Amen.”

~Given to Oracle Maureen on 12/24/20 (and the first part, a few months earlier) from Jesus Christ, Her Principal Spirit Guide, who hopes to inspire you to embrace His teachings… so you can earn His help and Blessings.

We are still living in a very difficult time, battling a deadly plague that has caused an alarming loss of jobs, income, and food for many. Now is when you need a miracle. Now is when you need help… and if not for you… then think for ‘Our’ world, that we share. Here is a prayer that you can do to help yourself get relief from one or more of the challenges that we face. Or you can say it, not for you, but with the intention of helping those who are suffering in the world. I do. I pray for help and relief for the those who are truly suffering nearly every day. Here is a prayer you can do to help you and others.

Prayer to Jesus for help with COVID and Economic Hardships

“Dear Lord,

Please show us more mercy and send us everlasting relief from the painful and deadly COVID as well as economic hardship. Please forgive all mistakes that have been made, which have caused COVID and loss of income to be sent to us to have to learn from.

Dear Jesus, please help us learn the lessons that we need to learn – so that these painful experiences can be lifted from us. Please intervene and guide us now. Dear Lord, Please forgive all mistakes behind COVID and lack of finances and release us from these painful consequences. I promise to devote myself to being a better follower of your ways. I promise to follow your light… now and forever. Amen.”


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