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Message from Blessed Mother Mary

...Concerning Our Current Struggles with Discrimination

I received a message from Mother Mary recently. She appeared to me in the middle of the night on Tuesday, July 22, 2020, and asked me to deliver a message for Her – about “hate.” I was surprised to receive the visitation and mesmerized. Mary appeared wearing a long, blue veil covering most of Her head, except for a trace of Her long, dark, hair that was parted down the middle, which framed Her beautiful face with long, soft, waves.

When I looked at Her, She said: 

“Tell the children (children means us = humans) to not ‘hate.’ Hate is like fences that go up in between people and divides them and separates them. Hate is where discrimination and prejudice are created. The only way to abstain from hate is to learn how to ‘accept’ and ‘tolerate’ each other’s uniqueness. The only to resist the urge to hate is to accept another’s differences.

When you hate, you judge; and when you judge - you discriminate. If you discriminate against one of your fellow brother or sisters, then you will have also discriminated against yourself and your Creator – because you will have then set yourself up to walk in the shoes as the one being discriminated against as your future karmic fate – that You Created for Yourself.  This act is against God’s Will. Your Creator does not wish for you to subject anyone or yourself to this horrific act and frowns down up on it with great pain and sorrow. What you feel and endure, your Creator – Also – feels and endures… each and every step you take…From All of You. 

I ask you to please show mercy on one another and give only to your fellow man what you wish to experience; and remember that the root of discrimination begins with - hate. So, please choose wisely and instead of hating… please choose – to Love.”

~ from The Blessed Mother Mary

Channeled to Maureen, a Primary Oracle for Mary, in response to the Black Lives Matter Movement against police brutality on African-Americans, as well as ALL the other forms of discriminations and abuses harming mankind


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