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Message About the Pandemic

I received a message from our Heavenly Father about the pandemic and His desire and need for more Faithfulness – So He can release this hardship from us.  On Friday, August 31 at 4:45am, I was woken up to a message from God. Huge vibrations of energy filled me up, and I began seeing a mass of golden lights in my third eye surround my body. I then saw and heard “Father” written in white letters across my body. Next, I heard, “Pandemic. Message I wish for you to deliver.” God then continued to fill me with more blissful vibrations of His energy, until I felt my soul lift upwards until I couldn’t feel my bed anymore. He then gave me this message and asked me to deliver it: Tell my children the pandemic is a result of un-faithfulness to Me. I need to hear their cries for mercy. I need to Feel their Love in order to release them from this hardship, which is a consequence for lack of devotion to Me, as well as sins and mistakes that they still deny and wish to not atone for. It IS my wish to free them from this suffering, but I first need to Feel their Faithfulness, Love and – Trust in ME – Their ‘One-All-That-There-Is - Creator,’ and Respect for My laws of order; which I created to help them live in a state of peace and harmony with another – and with God. ~ Channeled to me from God Our Father in hopes of reaching those that still deny His existence and a Belief in Him. He wishes to release this advanced consequence from us…. But is waiting for the un-faithful to return to Him. If you want the pandemic lifted from us, do what you can and inspire God to release us from it. Keep asking. Keep praying. Stay Faithful, even when it is hard. We Are at His mercy.

Here are two prayers to help you achieve exactly God is asking of us: Prayer for Mercy  “Dear God,

I hear and see your un-happiness, please find it in your heart to forgive all the reasons that the pandemic has been sent to us. Please show us more mercy. Please release it from us. Dear God, please show us and all our mistakes more mercy. Please end the suffering of the pandemic now. Please grant us more mercy.”  

Prayer for Faithfulness “Dear God, I promise to keep myself in a higher state of faithfulness to You and Your laws and trust that Your ways are always the wiser choices for me and those I share this home with. I vow to rise above my will and respect Your order of wisdom that You created for us to live under, so that I may create only the positive karmic blessings that they were intended to help me experience. I promise that no matter how hard it is to always trust and believe in You and You wisdom – that I will do so and never stray from Your grace, but instead will live my life looking for how I can please you… my Heavenly Father, who created my soul with the desire to experience joy and love.” With Love,

Master Channeler Maureen

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Direct Oracle for God


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