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Meadows Is Keeping Secrets

& Heaven Wants You to Know What They Are

Former Chief of Staff Mark Meadow’s shady behavior of first disclosing a lot of information to the committee investigating the January 6 attack, and then reneging on cooperating with them, is just that— Shady.

The Ascended Masters have a message for you. They want you to know the truth behind his confusing and dishonorable behavior.

The Ascended Masters told me that Meadows changed his position of disclosing information that would help identify who was responsible for the violent insurrection at the capitol, to suddenly blocking it, due to “coercion by Trump.”

I was told Meadows made a deal with Trump that would benefit his career if he kept quiet. And, also that Trump would claim Meadows was “complicit” in the capitol attacks if he did talk.

Meadows is avoiding exposing the people who helped Trump plan and orchestrate both - a dishonest voter fraud campaign and a deadly insurrection.

Meadows fears Trump’s revenge and is now trying to secure himself into being in Trump’s good graces, so he benefits from future career opportunities that Trump can offer him.

He also fears retaliation from the other representatives and aides involved and fears the damage that they may do to his image and career. This is especially concerning given Meadows knows that they are manipulative, deceptive, and cut-throat people.

The Ascended Masters said: “Meadows back-peddled because of fear for his future career opportunities and to hide his own involvement in both crimes – being complicit to the insurrection and by helping organize the voter-fraud deception scheme.”

Meadows is trying to keep his secrets to save his own skin and for opportunities.

Heaven wants you to know that if Meadows would speak the truth and reveal everything he knows, he would admit that Trump and Trump aides did plan and organize the deadly January 6 revolt on The Capitol. He could admit that they did it to overthrow the election, to take it away from Biden and to secure it for Trump and the Republicans. Meadows knows the truth and has the information that can support it.

It is only a matter of time before more representatives, aides, and loyalists are revealed. There is a deep panic running through them right now. Many are either deleting their communication trails, replacing their cells and computers, and/or changing their storylines. But when Heaven wants corruption revealed - it will be revealed…. and it will be punished.

Please don’t support any of this behavior, because supporting corruption will cost you. Don’t make excuses for them and minimize the voter fraud and deceiving America and the tragedy and pain of the violent insurrection that Trump and his loyalists orchestrated. Heaven wants to warn everyone that siding with them – will come with a price. Heavy karmic penalties are waiting to be served to everyone agreeing with the corruption, cheering them on, or supporting these harmful acts that. And many people are still continuing to do so to this day. In addition, there has also been a disturbing brainwash that has been accepted into their thinking and their excuses and ideals… again… embracing their behavior and thinking will end up with painful Karmic consequences, which the Ascended Masters, and I, are trying to protect you from. Please hear us.

Make sure you are standing on the right side of the fence, Heaven’s side. Don’t align yourself with their misguided and dangerous thinking and you will be safe from the heavy penalties that they face.

Meadows will be going to jail for standing on the wrong side of the fence and helping facilitate corruption and violence.

I love being here on the right side of the fence, where I’m in good standing with Heaven. Stay with me here …. Where the view is always beautiful and good :)


Master Channeler Maureen

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principle Oracle for Jesus

Primary Oracle for Mother Mary

Primary Oracle for Buddha

Direct Oracle for God


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