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"A Crime Scene"

I have been given a message about Trump and Mar-a-Lago to share with you. I received this a long time ago, when it first made headlines. I am behind in getting it to you because I had to shift my focus on getting my YouTube channel up and running. God has asked that I give you His message now about the truth behind the mischief at Mara-a-Lago. Trump Took Home (and, Umm, Hid) Tons of Classified Documents Former President Donald Trump took home numerous top-secret White House documents to his estate, Mar-a-Lago. The Department of Justice (DOJ) seized more than 13,000 documents in his Florida compound. Wow... Like come on… that number alone wreaks of suspicion. According to court filings, 103 of these documents were Classified and 18 were labeled Top Secret ( More suspicious behavior. The DOJ opened its investigation on Trump in February after discovering that he brought these classified documents to his Mar-a-Lago compound. They eventually served Trump with a subpoena for additional materials in June. They then searched Mar-a-Lago in August when it appeared Trump did not turn over all the documents. The Justice Department has been investigating whether Trump violated three (3) federal statutes when he did this, when instead he should have turned them over to the National Archives as required. Trump is now trying to cover his tracks by outright lying to the public and trying to sway people by making false claims that the FBI planted evidence in their investigation against him. A claim that even his attorneys are not indulging in for him. Trump’s choice to take top secret documents home with him after he was released from presidency is a dishonest act in itself and very concerning. The other alarming factor is that Trump brought home thousands of documents, including hundreds of classified materials. It has been discovered that some of these documents have the most top-secret designations, including details of other countries’ nuclear capabilities (Source: The Washington Post). Additionally, the government claims that there’s evidence Trump and his team “concealed and removed” documents from a storage room at Mar-a-Lago, obstructing its investigation, and has accused Trump of storing classified materials in unauthorized locations (Source: The Washington Post). Soo… back to the message that God has asked that I deliver, especially since Trump is now spreading more lies on social media. Too many people have shown that they are still able to be tempted to be sucked in by his lies and manipulation for ‘whatever’ reason- some out of innocence, but many who have shown an ulterior motive for wanting to support him. We are trying to warn and protect you that following a liar is a decision that will always lead ‘downhill’ for you to have to struggle with. This is the direction where you will end up walking down a rocky and uncomfortable path in your life, because the gifts of comfort and support will eventually be taken from you, somehow. This is the fate your Karma will create for you when you align yourself with someone who lies and betrays. God awoke me with a long vision and message about Trump’s actions and intentions behind taking documents to his home. In a powerful and clear voice, Heavenly Father said "Mar-a-Lago is more than a questionable situation." He said "it is fraud.” Mar-a-Lago: Trump is Hiding Secrets God continued: “Mar-a-Lago is a crime scene.” He said this part in a very angry tone. I was then told that many of the documents that Trump chose to take home and keep for himself are, in fact, documents that could implicate him in legal crimes during his presidency. I was told he took the documents because he wanted to “protect himself and keep his secrets.” Trump Had Self Motives & Took Advantage of His Position – to Gain Wealth One area I was shown was that he had a financial interest in Russia and wanted to use his presidency to pursue real estate deals. I was told, “Some of the documents revealed damaging information about Trump regarding his involvement with Russia. He was in negotiations with Russian political officials that he was working with. He was aligning himself with Russia to benefit his own corporation earnings, thus benefiting himself at the cost of protecting the people of the U.S. - that he swore under an oath of the United States - that he would work for and protect.” He was making business deals at our expense (that served him) and not thinking and acting in terms of what was for our greater good and how he could and should be protecting us and our Nation that he promised to honor and protect. I was then shown that he was also interested in doing the same thing in North Korea- making money by expanding his (already lofty) real estate company. Trump took advantage of his position as president to forge a business relationship with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un so he could make real estate deals – and continue to expand his empire. Some documents show Trump giving special privileges to Kim Jong Un by attempting to negotiate deals with him – who made promises to Trump of opening doors for him to real estate development in Korea, such as giving Korea diplomacy and protection, in exchange for his cooperation. ** I was stunned to hear this part of the message, so I wanted to see if any articles would show this. And dang… it took me a whopping 20 seconds to find some. Here is one piece on each topic to show you where reporters figured this out and busted him on wanting to develop in these areas - having self-motives, not neutral, objective intentions for us, the nation he was supposed to take care of. Russia Article: Korea Article: Trump Planned Riot - Guilty God also said that Trump took the documents because he is guilty of spearheading the deadly and violent attack that transpired at the Capitol. “Trump is compliant in the Capital riot.” There are documents, mainly email strings, proving his involvement that implicate him as the primary one who planned and orchestrated the attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. I was told Trump’s motives behind his decision to plan a revolt was for his self-gain. Creator said that he “did it to ensure his presidential term for the next election by eliciting voters to riot against Pence and Democrats- because he knew there were many out there, the gangs (hate groups), that like to behave aggressively and fight and just needed a reason to fight.” In the eyes of Heaven, Trump's hands are dirty of having self-motives, attempting to create more capital and business opportunities for himself while president. He took advantage of the opportunities and relationships to find ways to develop real estate, continue to grow his company, and become even richer. Trump was deceptive and narcissistic and has influenced many people in harmful ways- creating another problem for our society. He did incite a mob to attack innocent people at the Capitol and caused them harm for his self-motives - trying to secure the position of president. His intentions to be president were not pure, far from it. He did try to use that privileged position to help grow his wealth and real estate empire. The DOJ is investigating whether Trump violated three federal statutes, including the Espionage Act, which broadly deals with the mishandling of government and national security documents and carries potential punishments of fines or maximum prison sentences between 3 and 20 years, depending on the statute (according to the Washington Post). What You Choose- is What Will Be Sent to You: Universal Law of Karma As a result, Trump is facing dire consequences from God for his highly unethical choices and behaviors of dishonesty, manipulation, and failure to honor his vow of protecting this nation’s people. His karma will come here on Earth and in his Afterlife. I was asked to tell you that the people who have chosen to support Trump also face undesirable and painful karmic consequences for aligning themselves with someone who has and still is causing our nation harm by keeping his lies circulating in our environment, because it is causing disharmony among us. God is very unhappy and wishes you to know this. This message is intended to enlighten, warn, and protect you. If this message pertains to you (or someone you know), God wanted to reach you so you could make different choices – wise choices – and protect yourself from accumulating negative karma. If this message does not pertain to you, God wanted you to know this so you can have peace of mind in knowing that turning away from dishonest leaders is the wise choice that keeps you safe from creating negative karma – and instead blesses you with positive karmic gifts from your Almighty Heavenly Father.

Namaste and Blessings to you,

Oracle Maureen


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