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Jesus’ Resurrection “I Will Come Again”

“I died to show you the way. My wish was only for you to listen and apply what I taught so you could secure yourself a home in Heaven’s Paradise. My sorrow is that so many of you chose not to want to listen and obey God’s Will – But instead to insert your own desires over your Father’s and Mine. We wanted to tell you the way to your Salvation so you could be ready for the hour that your fate will be determined. It was and Is Our wish that your fate will find you Grace….. so you can be Blessed with the Doorway to Heaven being Allowed to open all the way for you to be welcomed in. I will come again to finish my mission and hope for all of God’s children to seek the path that will allow them a blissful Afterlife. If this is your wish then follow me… follow my ways… seek the choices I taught, when I was once here, and choose the path Christ gave to you. It is This that I wish for you to remember and reflect on this coming Sunday (April 4, 2021). Amen and God Bless to each of you.” ~ Channeled to me from Jesus Christ, my Principal Guide, in hopes of helping you achieve Nirvana. Blessings, Master Channeler Maureen Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin Principle Oracle for Jesus Primary Oracle for Mother Mary Regular Oracle for Buddha Direct Oracle for God


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