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Is Your Church Helping Your Faithfulness or Hurting It

This one is hurting

I was asked to give you an important message about why Covid is becoming more dangerous with a new mutation of the virus, which is rapidly infecting and killing people.

When Covid first happened, God and Jesus called upon me to give you insight as to why Covid has been sent to us, which They said was because of a “lack of faithfulness to God.”

I have been given another message from God that Creator asked I share with you, to enlighten those who have become dimmed to what faithfulness means to Him. Obviously, atheists and those who have conditions or only believe in God when it benefits them are all guilty of un-faithfulness. However, a lack of faithfulness in God's eyes does not stop at just these very obvious groups of non-believers.

There are more who fail to show the faithfulness that God is looking for, and they exist in organized religions. Mormonism is one.

Vision About Mormonism and God and Jesus’s Disdain With It, January 2021:

I awoke to a vision with God announcing Himself to me and hearing and seeing “Mormonism” written out in front of me. I then saw a Mormon woman standing in front of her house/garage door that leads out to her garage. She was facing the open garage door that showed her driveway. She was wearing a half black and half white outfit. I was standing at the entrance of her garage. I then saw the lamps in her house through the windows. I saw that they were all turned off, and her house was dark.

When I saw the lamps gave her house no light, God said: “the lamps inside her house will not turn on, because they are not able to. No matter how hard she tries, God and Jesus will not turn on her Light.” When God finished saying this, He turned my face away from her house and towards her driveway. ‘Outside,’ suspended in the sky above her driveway, I saw visions of both Jesus and God. God was shown in the image of a loving father and was holding a long votive candle that was lit and glowing.

God said: “Because of her Mormonism, We are not able to turn on her lamps and give her light as We wish.” I looked back and saw that because the woman’s lamps were off, her house was dark. I then heard that “she lives in darkness because she practices Mormonism.”

The Discernment:

The ‘White Part’ of her outfit represents the good part of Mormonism that God and Jesus Are pleased with. Mormons do have a genuine belief in God, Jesus, and the Bible and embrace many of God's laws, as well as pray and meditate regularly. They also practice a more pure lifestyle by refraining from toxins and addictions, like alcohol and caffeine, to a high degree. They do humanitarian acts by volunteering in missions and help the poor in impoverished third-world countries.

The ‘Dark Part’ of her outfit represents the negative parts of Mormonism, as given to me by God and Jesus. They explained there are very harmful, dark aspects to Mormonism that people are still choosing to deny. They wish to bring the two most troubling ones to your awareness: Polygamy and greed. They want people to be aware that involvement in Mormonism is Not to be viewed as desirable in the eyes of God and Jesus, given its dark history of embracing plural marriages and adultery, as well as supporting additional untrue beliefs (which will be revealed later a in part 2). Because of its many harmful practices, Mormonism Fails to show God faithfulness and in fact, greatly dis-pleases Creator.

The ‘Lamps Are Not Turned On’ in her (the Mormons) house and her house has no light because God and Jesus will not be in her house giving her (the Mormons) any extra blessings and favors, beyond the limited level that they have earned. This is because they are have chosen to associate with an organization that has committed serious atrocities, which have harmed others through inappropriate repulsive sexual behaviors and financial protocols.

Mormonism is Against God’s Will Because of - Polygamy:

God told me that Mormonism “Began on an un-pure foundation. Polygamy was not God’s Will. Ever. It is an Abomination.”

Creator told me that the founder, Joseph Smith, “misconstrued a message that he received from an entity, which was not from a true angel of God’s, who defamed my wishes and rules and influenced Joseph to commit Polygamy and bring it into a community. This is the opposite of what I asked for and planned for - for my children. The entity did this so that others would cause harm.”

God explained that harm was created when men took their many wives in ways that broke God’s Laws. They often took brides without real genuine consent from the women. They also married other men’s wives. And the most heinous way they took wives was when they took under-aged girls and made them their brides and forced them to have inappropriate sexual relations with them. God explained that more harm was done when the original wife had to endure the jealousy and emotional pain that her polygamist’s husband put her through with his regular betrayals of on-going cheating.

I was then told that the founder, Smith, used the men in the Bible and their polygamist ways to further justify his decision to start Polygamy as a regular practice in his Mormon religion. I was told that this justification – was a mistake.

God told me that He did Not give “favors” to His Kings in the form of additional wives and that, in fact, this was a misinterpretation intended to benefit the men in the Bible who practiced it.

“I created man and woman to be with only each other exclusively. Any and all who have deviated going back to my Israelite kings, David and Solomon, among the many, many other men were misled in their beliefs that I ever “Gifted” them extra wives and looked pleasing upon plural marriages. I find polygamy nothing but an Abomination and one that deserves severe punishment. Mormonism has brought life to this misdeed and has mis-takingly given it my blessing! But it will not be so without retribution, my children.”

“I am your loving Father who wanted to teach you how to respect, honor, and cherish your chosen soulmate so that you foster kindness and love with one another and then extend those loving feelings outward to those around you… so that you create a harmonious environment to enjoy living in,” God said to me.

God continued, saying He created Adam and Eve as a role model for us to live by. He impressed the concept of one man for one woman when in a marital union. God said this part of the Bible is true.

Although the Mormon Church, which migrated heavily in Utah, renounced the practice of Polygamy in 1890, there are still secret practitioners around today. By the way, the Mormon Church did not stop choose to stop their polygamist ways on their own accord; they only did so because of heavy pressure given to them from the state of Utah. Utah was at threat of not being accepted as a state if Polygamy was an accepted practice there.

Mormonism is Against God’s Will Because of – Greed:

The other most significate reason that Mormonism is not in God and Jesus’s favor is because of greed.

The Mormon Church requires people to ultimately become members. Once a member, they are then required to give (typically) 10% of their income, called tithings, to the Church. God said this is “exhortation.”

Of all the membership fees and donations that the Mormon Church has acquired, not to mention making their members pay a fee for their missionary trips; usually, $8,000-$12,000 per trip – the Mormon Church has amassed quite a fortune. A very Shocking – and in the eyes of God and Jesus, a very offensive fortune. They have amassed $100 Billion to date! Here are some links so you can read about it:

Jesus said this is a dark part of Mormonism because it is “hoarding - instead of helping others.” The Lord explained to me that He is upset and very saddened to see an organization that claims to be a church associated with Him, which is truly not, and sit on and hoards an extortionary amount of money so that the leaders can create piles of wealth for themselves their heirs – instead of feeding the hungry and caring for the un-deprivileged. Jesus said he is “mortified” to be associated with Mormonism if this is how they are going to operate while using His good name.

I’m sure a lot of Mormons are so un-happy reading this, but I Hope someday that you will be glad that you did. I would guide you to re-read this and meditate on it and to do so – Honestly. Because, if you want God and Jesus to turn on your lamps in your house and give you Light today and in your Afterlife … you need to be in Their Good Graces… and now you know that in the house of Mormonism, you will not be blessed with Their Light.

Part 2 is coming, which will reveal more of its ‘dark side’ and why Mormonism is not the path to follow – If you want to show your faithfulness to God.

Hoping you find enlightenment in the channeling that our Creator and our Savior, Jesus, gifted to us.


Master Channeler Maureen

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principle Oracle for Jesus

Primary Oracle for Mother Mary

Regular Oracle for Buddha

Direct Oracle for God


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