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He Came to Save You

Please Thank Him this Easter Sunday

He did so much for us, and He still does. Jesus endured tremendous pain and suffering for us when He was crucified and sacrificed His life for us. He did it to help us evolve so that we could have a better quality of life here on Earth and in our Afterlives. Jesus told me long ago that He did this because He loved mankind and God so much.

I want to bring your attention to how much The Lord endured through His painful crucifixion, and ask you to reflect this Easter Sunday on the sacrifices He made for you - and to Thank Him.

Please know that showing your gratitude to Jesus for all He did when He came to teach us and suffered all the pain that He did – will mean more to Him than you may realize. He will be very grateful to receive your gratitude for all He sacrificed, and I know it will open His heart to helping us more.

I awoke to a message from Jesus who said, “I have not received enough validation and gratitude for my generosity,” a few days before Easter, on April 7, 2023.

The next day, Jesus gave me this message for you.

The Lord said:

“Please think of Me this Easter Sunday. I came to enlighten you and save you from your mistakes; so that your life on Earth could be filled with gifts and blessings… instead of pain and sorrow.

I came to show you that your life goes on beyond Earth, and how to create a joyous Afterlife and achieve a place in the Paradise of Heaven.

I taught you what you need to know to accomplish this most precious gift - valuable beyond any Earthly, material object.

My teachings are the way. They are the only path for you to find true bliss- here on Earth and in your Afterlife.

Please remember, I came to you on Easter Sunday to show you, and to prove to you, that we are all eternal beings, whose souls live on.

Let My resurrection be a reminder to you of My existence, then and now, so that you follow My ways and create a Heavenly home for yourself.

Peace I give you. My peace I leave you.”

~ Jesus Christ on His Resurrection, April 7, 2023


Oracle Maureen

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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