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Focusing on Gratitude

… to Overcome Fears

With this unfortunate hardship that is being put upon us right now… battling the Coronavirus; We also have to fight feeling anxious and fearful… often. My Guides have taught me that one way to cope with these lower level vibrations that weaken us and can cause us to make bad choices or become sick or depressed; is by actively focusing on Gratitude.

When I have been in “anxious” chapters in my life, They have shown me how concentrating on and giving thanks for the things in my life that are positive and good – calm me down and bring me back into a peaceful state and make me feel strong again.

When They first taught me this, They would flash me visions of things in my life that I loved; such as my pets, and I would get filled with the love I have for them; or, that I had a house that kept me safe and was nice; or, that my children were healthy; or, that I had all my senses; or, my car, that had air conditioning; or, certain friends, that either made me laugh or I knew were trustworthy; or, my strong connection to my Guides and Angels ;) …. Etc. You get the idea.

So, with the on-going panic and fears vibrating through our environment, this would be a Very Good practice for Absolutely Ever Person to do… often.

Here, let me help get you started. Sit in a chair. Focus; and now ask Your Guides and Angels to Please help show you things in your life that you have to be Grateful for… and then trust what you see and feel – as the happy visions or knowing’s and feelings start to come in…. reminding you what else to Focus On. Oh… and then ‘Thank’ them for the gifts. 😃

Maureen Allan Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher Oracle for the Higher Realms


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