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Darkness Has Inspired Hollywood

Know When to Put Your Remote Down

Have you had a hard time finding ‘good’ TV shows and movies to watch lately, and an even harder time finding ones to watch with your children? If so, you're not crazy.

I was given a message about how movies and TV shows available nowadays have lowered their standards - dramatically. They have been supporting poor ethics, violence, and an immature mentality. This decline in our media has Heaven worried about how it will affect the well-being of our younger generations by brainwashing them into thinking that these low virtues and violent behaviors are acceptable and normal. Heaven is equally concerned with the karma that we are creating – which will cost us. God awoke me with a vision showing His disapproval of this sad reality and how this decline will create a negative consequence for the people viewing the aggressive and mindless (Heaven even uses the word dumb) shows and more negative karma for the producers making them. God showed me He is “angry” with the TV and movie executives and producers putting full nudity” on TV shows (like HBO, Netflix, etc.) because it is now reaching a “form of soft pornography on the TV screens.” He explained that children and adolescents have easy access to these channels, which will re-wire their brains to think more immorally, leading to behaviors that will likely cause them to make more sins and mistakes. The same goes for adults. It is changing their level of purity and discipline as they live their adult lives here. God showed me He is actuallyoutragedthat the bar has dropped as low as it has with movies and TV shows and that people are still not intervening to help bring it back up to more suitable viewing for the youth. He said He is “outraged because of how it is exposing the younger generations to seeing it — the children in the house.” In the movie-level vision that Creator gave me, He showed me how TV executives and producers were covered in darkness and corded to dark entities. They were all in black, and the negative entities were influencing them to use unacceptable and inappropriate scenes, language, and violence in their movies and shows. They are being influenced by negative entities to think this is acceptable and appropriate media to create whereas if they were in an un-corded state, they would not. In the vision, God turned my face to a TV screen, where I saw an actor, fully exposing himself, naked, and saw that the actor was also “in darkness and corded.” I was shown that, just like the producers, the actor could not discern his judgment was being manipulated by a dark entity using him to cause harm by creating immorality here. God then turned me back to the producers and executives, where I looked them in the eyes and tried to warn them and the actor that the demons, ghosts, and negative aliens were using them to make God angry so that they would end up creating a consequence for themselves, and others. I tried again to convince them that they were making a mistake offending God by lowering the ethics of our world, especially for the younger generations, and that there would be more negativity here because they were choosing to promote immoral behaviors and violence on the screens. If you want to protect yourself from negative karma, do not watch these types of movies and shows. Stop supporting them by stopping watching them. This behavior has made God angry, which means you will create a painful karmic consequence for doing it. To me, it is not worth it. There are many temptations in our world, do take the bait with this one. Because there are sooo many inappropriate shows nowadays, when I start to watch something, I know it’s 50/50 that my Guides may shut it down on me. These days, I tune in and ask if what I am watching is allowed and wait for an answer. When I hear or see one of my “No’s,” I have learned to listen, obey, and move on to watching something else. So, have Non-R and Non-TV Mature options ready until Hollywood changes from being so dark and decides to come back up to the light. Do not support their violent and unethical pieces of dark-inspired ‘art.’ Creator has shown me some of the negative karma that He has been sending as a punishment for indulging in this ‘violent and immoral act.’ I can give you examples. Insomnia is one consequence. He has shown me that He will strike us with long miserable hours of insomnia that will go on for days, weeks, months, or even years. This is for a more mild consequence for the viewers. Stronger karmic ramifications can be sent in the form of bouts of painful headaches and loss of social and financial opportunities — so those who engage in watching negatively-influenced programs are stuck home feeling lonely, restless, unsatisfied and frustrated. They are forced to reflect on how they spend their time. This can also go on for weeks, months, and years depending on how much harmful media they are letting themselves taken. They can also become corded by the demons when they’re watching the shows that have demons in them which is a whole other level of pain and suffering for them and the people around them have to endure. The TV and movie executives producers, and writers who develop these shows have been, and will be, sent much more uncomfortable lessons, to the level of painful consequences. Hollywood wake up 😳. You are making movie night miserable 🤣. Remember ‘Rom Coms’? or the ‘Light-Hearted, Feel Good’ shows? There are so few of those now. Gee… remember cheerful 'Comedies'? Oh... and let’s not forget about the 'Inspirational’ shows where we actually learn something valuable and leave feeling happy and uplifted. The more wholesome, upbeat, and educational shows have sadly been dwindling away. The creators are not listening to the energies of Heaven. They have being guided by the lower realms and are bringing us down. The vision ended with me letting the producers and executives know that the ‘President,’ which meant God, will be getting a complaint about this. I was warning them that the 'President' will execute His authority and that it would be wise for them to stop influencing people with harmful media that is disturbing everyone who is viewing it and warping the minds of the young. God wants you to know that He is giving you this this message as a gift. It is intended to enlighten (and protect) you by teaching you that watching violence will create a negative karmic consequence for yourself. Please be wiser and more discerning than Hollywood. Heaven is unhappy that they are putting this out into the world. Please don’t make the mistake of embracing it. Turn away from the dark shows and turn your channels onto the positive, light-hearted, inspiring ones that will expose you to higher vibrational thoughts and behaviors so that you can earn karmic blessings 💝 from your Creator.

Oracle Maureen

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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