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Messages From God & Kuan Yin

A Message from Creator

“What will protect you from the robbers, vandalizers, arsonists, looters - hoodlums – trespassing and setting fire to your buildings and cars, and using their weapons of rocks, bottles, fire-works, tear gas and rubber bullets to scare and intimidate you, so they can steal from you?

Your authority, the police, has helped, by containing. Yes. Did they stop the crimes quickly and not allow them to loot and steal, ruining another man’s business – no.

You need more protection. What will protect you? Your belief system. You also need your Higher Authority? These criminals running rampant, taking advantage of the frenzy of a protest, are not working alone. They Are being led by negative forces.

Show me your Belief in Me, so I can show you Protection. Ask Me for Protection to keep you safe from all harm that these criminals could possibly cause you and others, say it genuinely and heartfelt. Show Me your Belief, so I can surround you in My Rainbow and Shield and Protect you from any and all harm.” ~ God


A Message from Goddess Kuan Yin

“Until they see no color, there will always be conflict. The goal with evolution in humans Is to evolve to the point of loving and accepting every man and woman, regardless of their skin color, sex, race, religion, and age.” And She said, “another goal with discrimination is to not punish, but inspire, those who struggle with this lesson.”

“When someone is prejudicial, they are at a lower level in their development, think in a lower class grade. Instead of approaching them with aggressive tactics to make your point and bring awareness to their mistake, using a Compassionate approach is the Only Way God will open a door that will allow change for you and them and your society.”

“Address the discrimination, but to do so in any other way than with Grace and Kindness will result in only more experiences of the discrimination that you are trying to erase…. It will repeat itself in your world, until you learn to address it the way that God wants you to address your concerns – with Grace, not aggression.”

Kuan Yin has given some Solutions that we can do to address our concerns of discrimination in a way that will not create a negative karmic consequence:

  • Implement laws that make all policeman/women be tested to reveal any prejudices; and if they show any, they are deemed undesirable for hire.

  • Implement laws that make policeman/women go through special training to ensure they are not prejudicial. Ask for regular evaluations be done to prove that they are not.

  • If you see discrimination happen, express your concerns in a clear, firm and kind manner to the proper departments, and don’t accept a defeatist attitude. Be persistent and patient, not angry, and follow up.

  • Do Not participate in aggressive protests or speak and act out with hostility or anger. You will Not create a positive change for you and your world. You will only create negative Karma and more drama.

  • Pray For Change. Pray to God for change. Keep praying to the Guides and Angels and Saints for help, for intervention. Ask Us to intervene and help the lesser evolved ones - to evolve.

Prayer for Enlightenment

“Dear Divine,

You created every being in your likeness. Please help those who are still mis-guided remember this truth. Please help everyone accept one another just as they are, perfect in how you created them. Please take the blinders off those who still cannot see the truth and beauty of all your children. Please help those who need help seeing that everyone was born equal and worthy and deserving.” ~ Ascended Master Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy & Compassion

Maureen Allan

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Full Time Oracle for Jesus


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