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Count Your Blessings

We may be living in a highly-challenged state right now… But… that doesn’t mean that you haven’t, also, been sent Blessings during this difficult time – allowing you to endure it better.

I was asked to “Open Your Eyes,” by my Guides, and help you see your Blessings; so you can focus more on them and hold gratitude for the gifts that you have been given. Everything is given to us and everything is released from us, under God’s Will – and for a reason. It’s that simple. Take a moment and concentrate on what is, or what may be, blessings in your life. Trust your intuition or psychic channels as your Guides or Angels or God show you what they are. Be honest, as information flows in your thoughts, your mind’s eye, your hearing, and your feelings… showing the gifts you have been given. Your Blessings May Be: • Living in good health right now. • Not testing positive for COVID; or your family members. • Not suffering in a hospital with the disease; or a having a loved one inflicted with it. • Not having a beloved family or friend die from the disease. • Being able to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner with someone – versus being completely alone. • Having the privilege of convenient access to food; many people do not right now. Aside from COVID, the homeless and third world countries are ALWAYS challenged with going hungry. • Having a best friend to turn to for love and support, whether that be a friend or spouse. • Having the privilege of living in a warm house and sleeping in a bed; people in third-world countries and the homeless do not. • We are confined in the ‘comfort of our homes’ with our toys and luxuries; not held hostage against our will somewhere truly un-desirable. • You have not lost your basic senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, walking. • You can continue to evolve and learn through the help of computers and webinar classes. You do not need to stop learning and manifesting. • You can take this quiet time to re-organize your life, home and career. You have a chance to really think and re-create and improve how you want to really live your life. • You said you would learn to meditate ‘someday,’ when things slowed down and you weren’t so busy. Guess what? That time has come, and many of us spiritual teachers are teaching many valuable classes and lessons that are easy to attend – On-Line; and they are easy for you to attend, because you are sheltered at home, slowed down, and not so busy now ☺ • Love; look all around in your life and see who loves you and who you love. • The Love and Help that your precious and priceless Spirit Guides and Angels give to you. • More Love – that your Heavenly Father gives to you and all of His Blessings that He sends – helping you through this tough time.

With my Love ~ Oracle Maureen Principle Oracle for Jesus Christ Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin Primary Oracle for Mother Mary Regular Oracle for Bud


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