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Count More of Your Blessings

Even in the midst of a painful and threatening plague that we have to battle, we really are still receiving gifts from Heaven. Let me help you see more of Their blessings... • Suddenly, with no explanation, you ‘decide’ to change your mind and take a different route home. You come to find later that your normal drive home had a horrible accident on it, which would have put you in danger. You can Thank, possibly, your Spirit Guide for intervening and giving you that information to change your route – and rescuing you. • You are horribly sick with a fever, nausea, body aches and are just miserable. Suddenly, the fever disappears and the rest of the symptoms just lift off of you. You have your energy back and are surprised to be feeling good again so quickly. It is quite possible one of your Guardian Angels gifted you a miraculous healing. • For the life of you, you cannot find your car keys and are running late. Suddenly, you see a flash in your head of your keys sitting on your bed. You were gifted this vision and given this help by – either one of your Spirit Guides, Angels, loved ones or God. • You are very depressed because of a break-up. The grief is un-bearable, and you have thoughts that you don’t know how you’re going to move on. Then, suddenly the darkness lifts in your mind, and you can see glimpses of your future and of yourself being happy. You also have waves of love flowing into you, evaporating your sadness and filling you with hope. No doubt you have received ‘energetic hugs’ and shifts from one of your Guides or Angles, helping lift you back up, saving you from despair. • We are blessed with Eternity. No matter how long it takes to perfect our soul’s growth – God allows us as many lessons and incarnations as it takes – until we do. • We can make a mistake, and we can be forgiven: Because we have a Forgiving Father in Heaven. Always. • We each have been blessed with a family of Spirit Guides and Angels who help guide, heal and protect us – every day, as well as our Father Almighty. Knowing this will help you be able to connect with their blessings. Holding gratitude for this, will help you receive More of Their Blessings.

Sending each of you a Blessing,

Oracle Maureen


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